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CPU Holders and Mounts

CPU holders are a useful accessory for any workstation as a swiveling computer tower storage solution that keeps your tower close at hand for quick access to ports. It also gets your CPU off the ground, keeping it cool and clean.

We highly recommend using one with a sit-to-stand workstation, since they let a CPU travel up and down with your desk without a catch. This will allow you to change your desk's position throughout the day without the risk of stretching or pulling out accessories plugged into your computer tower.

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Game On!

Our selection of CPU holders work great with a variety of workstations, from standard office desks to sit-stand ergonomic workstations, but gaming computers often need something biggers and sturdier. With a weight capacity of 50 pounds, and the ability to fit towers as small as 3.75'' x 12'' up to 8.25'' x 20.5'', the UPLIFT CPU Holder works for 99% of towers. Need to mount your gaming rig? We recommend the Humanscale CPU555 CPU Holder for larger, heavier machines. It will fit towers up to 9.5" wide and 22" high, and boasts an impressive 70 pound weight limit. If your tower is larger or heavier than that, we recommend that you keep it on top of the desk for safety.

Visit our blog to learn more about the benefits of a CPU holder:

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