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Non-Electric Standing Desks

When shopping for a desk, there are three main adjustment categories. Electric desks, our most popular options, are easily moved with the push of a button and offer the heaviest weight capacities. These desks are powered by motors that are discreetly located within the desk bases and make little noise while operating. If you plan on adjusting your desk frequently, we strongly recommend an electric adjustment mechanism.

If you are unable to place your standing desk near an outlet, we also offer pneumatic and crank adjustable-height desks, shown below. Pneumatic desks function with a hydraulic gas cylinder and lift easily by hand. Crank adjustable-height desks operate with a mechanical crank lift turned by hand. We do not recommend crank desks if you plan to adjust your desk height often.

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Adjustable height desks offered by The Human Solution help you combat fatigue, poor respiration, blood clots, obesity and more. Standing and changing positions while you work burns more calories than sitting throughout the day. Standing at your workspace also helps prevent back pain and injuries. Using a sit-stand desk helps decrease loads on the spine, which can help prevent work injuries.

Standing at your workstation for the recommended amount of time can also help improve focus, promote respiration and increase productivity to help you get through your workday with confidence and comfort.

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Curious about how an electric desk stacks up against a pneumatic or crank adjustable desk? The video below shows our new UPLIFT 900 electric desk in action:

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