Airobic Quill Mouse (Discontinued)

The Airobic Quill Mouse features easy-to-use USB connectivity

The Airobic Quill Mouse has been discontinued. For a similar product, please visit the Ergonomic Mouse page.

Workplace injuries are no joke - switch up your mousing style and feel the benefits of ergonomic living instantly with the help of the Airobic Quill Mouse.

Designed to keep your hands in a neutral position for comfortable computer work, the Quill Mouse by Airobic is one accessory that'll save you from arm and wrist strain before it starts.


  • USB connectivity
  • No need for special drivers (Mac drivers are available)
  • Optical tracking allows for low maintenance and high accuracy
  • 3 button mouse design
  • Scroll wheel
  • CD included offers PS/2, driver and other informative material


Connectivity USB
Tracking Optical
Buttons 3 button mouse design with scroll wheel
Warranty 2 years

Airobic Quill Mouse

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The Airobic Quill Mouse is available in a right or left-handed model.


Quill-Well Extra Large Mouse Mat

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The Quill-Well Mouse Mat has a surface that works with the special material of Aerobic Quill's high glide feet. This mat requires less effort to move the mouse, and it provides ample workspace to use with your Quill Mouse.

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  • 3
    LOVE this mouse

    Posted by Sue on Jul 3rd 2014

    as soon as I started using this mouse pain in my shoulder, neck, arm and hand literally went away! I've been using this mouse exclusively at work for 5 years and my second mouse just died. The only reason I don't give it a 5 star is that they are expensive and should last a little longer than 2 1/2 years. Absurd! and really? it still has a wire?

  • 1
    Airobic Quill Mouse

    Posted by Jeffrey on Oct 10th 2012

    I have not been able to use this third mouse much since over time because my computer began not recognizing as a USB device and hence the mouse stops working. When the mouse was initially working it did not respond that quickly or smoothly. The mouse failed to make small precise movements as it either over shot or undershot where I was trying to move the cursor to and a natural response to grip it tighter made my wrist pain worse.

    Although the hand position was nearly perfect for me, it did make the heel of my hand sore after several hours. The biggest drawback I believe is the poor quality of the components used to make it since my first two didn't last. The first two mice didn't last long because something plastic inside broke.

    The company owner was very nice and offered to replace it for a discount, but neither I nor my employer are willing to pay for another one. For $100 one deserves to get a quality mouse or a decent multi-year warranty. The company had a great idea, but skimped on the construction and materials quality.

  • 5
    Relief from wrist pain

    Posted by Karen on Jul 28th 2012

    I started using the Airobic mouse a little over a year ago along with an egonomic curved keyboard. It has not totally eliminated wrist pain, but there has been a significant reduction. I too am on the computer 8-10 hours a day. I have these items both in my home office and at work. It has been well worth the investment! I did have an issue with the mouse about 2 months after purchase, but the company sent me a new one, and it has worked perfectly since. It does take some getting used to at first. The tendency is to more too fast because you are using larger muscle movement. And you do still try to use the wrist at first. It's all a matter of re-training yourself to use it properly!

  • 5
    Airobic Quill Mouse

    Posted by Jay on Jan 18th 2012

    I have used the mouse for over 2 years. It has eliminated the pain I had in my arm and wrist. I use the mouse for 7-10 hrs every day.

  • 4
    Relief from Pain

    Posted by Karen on Jul 18th 2011

    I received my AirObic mouse a little over a week and and have already seen noticeable reduction in my wrist pain. I agree with one of the other writers about the top button being a little tight, but you can compensate for that by keeping the finger straight and tilting the arm slightly to click. Once you get used to how to move the mouse and use the whole finger to click, it is easy to use. I absolutely recommend it.

  • 1
    Airobic Quill Mouse

    Posted by jack on Aug 20th 2010

    I was hoping this mouse would relive some of my Carpal Tunnel pain. The concept is great, but the small sliders on the bottom work too well, and the mouse doesn't have enough weight to be stable as it moves; I can never get the cursor to move precisely (it always overshoots or undershoots), which causes me to grip tighter, causing MORE pain, rather than less. This doesn't work for me.

  • 1
    Unable to Use

    Posted by Sandra Harrell on Feb 22nd 2010

    I have not been able to use the mouse as my computer does not recognize the software. We have purchased several drivers from Microsoft but none have worked. It would have been a good tool if it were usable.

  • 4
    Airobic Quill Mouse

    Posted by Lorna on Feb 8th 2010

    I am on my second Quill mouse. The first one lasted about 2 1/2 years. I had significant wrist and shoulder issues before getting the first one. Those issues cleared up. Then during the two weeks after my Quill mouse recently died my shoulder started hurting again. I finally realized it was because I had stopped using the Quill mouse. I bought a new one and the shoulder problem has already cleared up. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because I don't think the mouse lasts as long as it should. One of my coworkers has had similar experiences. The company usually does same day shipments, they'll give you a new one if it fails within the warranty period. I'm very happy with the company and with the mouse.

  • 3
    not bad at all

    Posted by Lynnette on Jan 17th 2010

    I don't mind using this mouse unless I'm playing a game. It doe not respond quickly or smoothly enough yet. May be me, may be the mouse. I'll find out. I've been using it about three weeks now but gaming only a little. Oh, and it acted weird one day, the pointer didn't move with the mouse but after re-syncing it seems to work fine.

This product comes standard with a 2-year warranty.

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