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For sitters with broad shoulders or users who prefer a seat with less contouring, the Neutral Posture NPS6000 Series High Back Ergonomic Chair has a smaller lateral curve than other Neutral Posture chairs.

The NPS6000 offers exceptional back and lumbar support, making it an excellent choice for those who sit for long durations. You pick the seat, arms, and features that best fit your comfort needs and sense of style, with an option to add a headrest to your setup for even more comfort where it's needed.

The Neutral Posture NPS6000 Series High Back Ergonomic Chair features a thickly padded and optimally supportive chair back, while medium and highly contoured seats disperse your body weight more evenly than a traditionally contoured seat, reducing the pressure points in your legs simultaneously. Change the way you sit and change your life, one chair at a time.


  • A high back for exceptional upper back and lumbar support
  • Air adjustable lumbar support
  • Adjustable back height and angle
  • Adjustable arm height, width, and 360° armpad rotation
  • Plastic outer shell on back can be upholstered
  • Forward tilt-stop standard on multifunction mechanism with seat slider


Back width 23"
Arm height range 7"-11"
Seat depth range 2"
Chair weight capacity 275 lbs
Warranty Lifetime warranty


Neutral Posture offers a variety of seats and seat contouring to suit your needs. The reason for considering a more contoured seat is that a contoured seat better fits your bottom, better distributing your body weight, reducing the chance of pressure points. Contouring also encourages you to sit back in your seat for better posture and reduced upper body stress. We recommend that most users select at least a moderately contoured seat.

If you'd like a softer seat or a further reduction in seated pressure, your seat can be ordered with a layer of N'Dulgent memory foam. If you're ordering one of the minimally contoured seat, we strongly recommend adding the N'Dulgent foam.

Medium seat Minimal contour 21'' W x 19'' D
Moderate contour 23'' W x 20'' D
Deep contour 24'' W x 19'' D
Large seat Minimal contour 23'' W x 21'' D
Deep contour 25'' W x 22'' D


A variety of armrest options are available to suit your unique needs. Choose the arms that best match your daily habits, tasks, needs, and posture changes.

Neutral Posture Arms

5-way 360° Arms [0]

The 0 Arm offers height, width, depth, and pivot adjustment. The arm pads also slide in and out, as well as forward and backward so that you can find the perfect position to rest your arms. The 0 arm also features 24 positive-lock angle positions in a 360° range.

360° Swivel Arms with Oversized Urethane Arm Pads [3]

The 3 Arm features 360° swivel range with 22 positive-lock angle positions. Height, width, and pivot adjustment will allow you to find a good working position in relation to your desk or keyboard tray. Oversized, urethane arm pads offer a larger support surface.

Swing-away Arms [4]

The 4 Arm swings down and out of the way when not needed. In addition, this arm offers height and width adjustment. This is a great option for chairs that will be used by multiple people, some of whom may not want to use arm rests.

Oversized Black Vinyl Arm Pads [6]

The 6 Arm offers the same features as the 3 arm, just with oversized black vinyl arm pads instead of urethane arm pads. Height, width, and pivot adjustment in addition to 22 positive-lock angle positions in a 360° range will make certain that you find the perfect resting spot for your arms.

Oversized Fabric/ Leather Arm Pads [7]

The 7 Arm offers the same features as the 3 and 6 arms, just with a fabric or leather covering to match your chair upholstery.

Friction Tracker [8]

The 8 Arm offers the largest depth range of all the arms because it pivots on two axes. This is the best choice for users who want the most flexibility positioning their arms inward or outward. These arms are padded & upholstered to provide maximum comfort.

Ball Bearing Tracker [9]

The 9 Arm tracks your arm throughout a full range of motion. Your forearm will rest in the cuff as you move to type or mouse at your desk. This is a great option for users who engage in intensive arm movement tasks and need the most support. It is not recommended for general use.

360° Swivel [P]

The P Arm offers height, width, and pivot adjustment as well as 22 positive-lock angle positions in a 360° range. This is the same movement offered in the 3, 6, and 7 Arms just without the oversized arm pad.


Thoracic Support

The thoracic spine refers to your mid and upper-back. Add a thoracic support to the back of your chair to encourage good posture and reduce upper body pain.


Memory Foam

Standard Foam

The Neutral Posture NPS6000 features thickly padded high density foam for a plush seat cushion and back.

N'dulgent Memory Foam

N'dulgent memory foam can be added to the seat or entire chair to add an additional layer of padding for a soft, cushiony feel that doesn't compromise support.

TheraGel Memory Foam

TheraGel Memory Foam is Neutral Posture's newest addition. TheraGel is a visco-elastic memory foam with microgel beads that absorb your body heat to allow for cooler air flow. TheraGel Memory Foam will keep you cool and supported throughout the entire workday.



Specialty caster options let you restrict or improve mobility, optimizing the NPS6000 chair for use with different floor types and applications.

  • Carpet Casters (standard)
  • Hard Floor Casters
  • Glides
  • Hard Floor Brake In
  • Hard Floor Brake Out
  • Chrome Carpet Casters
  • Chrome Hard Floor Casters


Various chair base styles are available, allowing for an additional touch of customization to better match your office furniture.

  • 26" black base (standard)
  • 26" polished aluminum
  • 27" brushed aluminum


Multiple cylinder height options can be used with the NPS6000 chair, providing an optimal seat height for a wide variety of users.

Standard 5'' height range 17'' - 22'' H
Short 3'' height range 16'' - 19'' H


Add a dual-pivot headrest in matching upholstery to your NPS6000 series chair. This headrest offers height, depth and angle adjustment.



Neutral Posture chairs are built to order. Chairs ordered in most listed fabrics will ship in about a week, but some fabrics may take up to four weeks before shipping to you.

Spacer - Grade 1

Spacer fabric is a 100% polyester mesh fabric. This Greenguard-Gold Certified fabric is soft, yet durable. Spot clean with a water/ solvent cleaner for any dirt or spills.

Ace - Grade 2

Ace fabric is composed of 80% post-industrial recycled polyester and 20% post-consumer recycled polyester. This heavy-duty fabric has enhanced abrasion resistance, to stand-up to your work week. The fabric also features enhanced soil and stain resistance, but if you do spill something just spot clean with a water-based solution.

Metro Woven Crypton - Grade 2

Metro Woven Crypton fabric is 100% polyester and features antimicrobial silver ion technology for bacterial, fungus, and mildew resistance. This heavy-duty fabric is a great choice for high traffic areas or healthcare settings. Spot clean with soap and water, or use Crypton Upholstery Cleaner for best results.

Cloud 9 - Grade 3

Cloud 9 is a soft, yet durable fabric offered by Neutral Posture. The thick weave will provide a plush cushion for your chair.

Ultraleather - Grade 5

Ultraleather premium faux leather features a 100% polyurethane surface with a reinforced rayon backing. Get a leather-like, executive chair while still remaining environmentally friendly.

Madras Leather - Grade 9

Madras premium leather is a top of the line, natural grain leather. The soft, supple feel with a smooth hand will make for a truly executive experience.


Upholstered Outer Back

The standard back comes with a plastic outer shell. The back can also be fully upholstered in same fabric as the rest of the chair.

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  • 3
    It could have been the perfect chair.

    Posted by OC on Jun 29th 2018

    Prepare yourself, in reality it looks like a VERY ordinary, yet chubby office chair. I first tried those more modern sexy looking chairs, and

    it doesn't necessarily say anything about comfort. This is an old fashioned office chair, however with tons of

    adjustments. I took the Thera Gel foam, I cannot say I really feel it, it feels like normal cushion to me.

    The headrest is cushy and adjustable, but not too much adjustable forward. I have to lean Backwards in order to feel it, so don't expect to feel it during regular use. I wish they'd have improved that.

    The assembly is old fashioned, they Did cut corners here, the arms

    assembly is Annoying (bothersome), I've already seen MUCH better mechanisms which allow installing arms without pulling the chair outside down, and required MUCH LESS parts.

    Looks like a Chineese mechanism at the bottom of the chair. Also all the plastics didn't feel too much quality, and came dirty with dust (the plastic of the base and of the arms). Not the sleek and fresh feeling you want to have when buying a new chair.

    In order to attached the Back to the Seat you have to use 3 screws,

    and the Insert of one of them was damaged in my chair. So they

    are only connected by 2 screws now. Too expensive to ship back, I

    will just live with it, but obviously they did NOT try to assembly this

    chair (Quality Control?) prior shipping it to me. If they did, they'd have know that. I am mad about this.

    I chose the big seat (minimal countor) despite my weight is 5'10"

    and I weight 150lbs. I just like that it's roomier, due to adjustments

    (seat depth and arms depth) it doesn't feel too big.

    The pump in the back is terrific.

    As for the Fabric, I chose their own Cloud cloth, doesn't seem too durable but I cannot tell yet. My advice is to choose one of their more durable fabrics (also easier to clean) if you can afford it.

    Their 360 Swivel arms are OK but I wish they could have been adjusted more backwards. If you don't really use the 360 functionality, and if you can afford it (...), I'd strongly consider choosing the no. 8 arms (Friction Tracker).

    Generally I'm not sad purchasing this chair, but I do feel that I paid too much given the overall quality. It's a good chair, comfy (the seat and back feels wonderful), but Neutral Posture need better a QC, and buy their steel mechanism and plastics not from china.

This product comes standard with a Limited 15-year warranty.

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