Neutral Posture XSM Series Petite Ergonomic Chair

Adjustable seat height, depth, and tension
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Petite sitters - we have the seating solution for you. Designed with exceptionally small people in mind, the Neutral Posture XSM Series Petite Ergonomic Chair is one seat that will have you working comfortably for hours.

Available in mid or high back, this is the chair that's ready to support you in all the right places. The Neutral Posture XSM5300 and XSM8300 are built to fit an exceptionally petite body without compromising support and comfort, letting you pick features that best support your body and work routine. The XSM5300 and XSM8300 are available as a drafting chair with the option to add a Nextep, making your ergonomic seat easy to get in and out of.

Task in a chair that works with you and not against you with the introduction of the Neutral Posture XSM Series Petite Ergonomic Chair to your workspace.


  • Adjustable seat height, depth, and tension
  • Seat angle adjustability with forward tilt stop
  • 360° swivel
  • Standard arms include adjustable arm height, width, and 360° pivot
  • Back height and angle adjustment
  • Air lumbar support


Back dimensions Medium: 17.5" W x 18"-22" H
High: 19.5" W x 23"-27" H
Seat height Standard: 15.75"-20.75" H
Short cylinder: 15.75"-18" H
Seat dimensions 17" W x 15.5"-18" D
Arm height range 7"-11" H
Lumbar range 7"-11" H
Seat depth range 15.75"-20.75" D
Chair weight capacity 275 lbs
Warranty Lifetime warranty





The Neutral Posture XSM series is available in both a mid-back and high back configuration to accommodate users looking for differing amounts of upper back support.

High Back (Medium) 20'' W x 23'' H
Mid-Back (Small) 17'' W x 18'' H


A variety of armrest options are available to suit your unique needs. Choose the arms that best match your daily habits, tasks, needs, and posture changes.

Neutral Posture Arms

5-way 360° Arms [0]

The 0 Arm offers height, width, depth, and pivot adjustment. The arm pads also slide in and out, as well as forward and backward so that you can find the perfect position to rest your arms. The 0 arm also features 24 positive-lock angle positions in a 360° range.

360° Swivel Arms with Oversized Urethane Arm Pads [3]

The 3 Arm features 360° swivel range with 22 positive-lock angle positions. Height, width, and pivot adjustment will allow you to find a good working position in relation to your desk or keyboard tray. Oversized, urethane arm pads offer a larger support surface.

Oversized Black Vinyl Arm Pads [6]

The 6 Arm offers the same features as the 3 arm, just with oversized black vinyl arm pads instead of urethane arm pads. Height, width, and pivot adjustment in addition to 22 positive-lock angle positions in a 360° range will make certain that you find the perfect resting spot for your arms.

Oversized Fabric/ Leather Arm Pads [7]

The 7 Arm offers the same features as the 3 and 6 arms, just with a fabric or leather covering to match your chair upholstery.

360° Swivel [P]

The P Arm offers height, width, and pivot adjustment as well as 22 positive-lock angle positions in a 360° range. This is the same movement offered in the 3, 6, and 7 Arms just without the oversized arm pad.


Thoracic Support

The thoracic spine refers to your mid and upper-back. Add a thoracic support to the back of your chair to encourage good posture and reduce upper body pain.


Memory Foam

Standard Foam

The Neutral Posture XSM series features thickly padded high density foam for a plush seat cushion and back.

N'dulgent Memory Foam

N'dulgent memory foam can be added to the seat or entire chair to add an additional layer of padding for a soft, cushiony feel that doesn't compromise support.

TheraGel Memory Foam

TheraGel Memory Foam is Neutral Posture's newest addition. TheraGel is a visco-elastic memory foam with microgel beads that absorb your body heat to allow for cooler air flow. TheraGel Memory Foam will keep you cool and supported throughout the entire workday.



Specialty caster options let you restrict or improve mobility, optimizing the XSM series chair for use with different floor types and applications.

  • Carpet Casters (standard)
  • Hard Floor Casters
  • Glides
  • Hard Floor Brake In
  • Hard Floor Brake Out
  • Chrome Carpet Casters
  • Chrome Hard Floor Casters


Various chair base styles are available, allowing for an additional touch of customization to better match your office furniture.

  • 26" black base (standard)
  • 26" polished aluminum
  • 27" brushed aluminum


Multiple cylinder height options can be used with the XSM series chair, providing an optimal seat height for a wide variety of users.

Standard 5'' height range 17'' - 22'' H
Short 3'' height range 15'' - 18'' H


Add a dual-pivot headrest in matching upholstery to your high back XSM series chair. This headrest offers height, depth and angle adjustment.



Neutral Posture chairs are built to order. Chairs ordered in most listed fabrics will ship in about a week, but some fabrics may take up to four weeks before shipping to you.

Spacer - Grade 1

Spacer fabric is a 100% polyester mesh fabric. This Greenguard-Gold Certified fabric is soft, yet durable. Spot clean with a water/ solvent cleaner for any dirt or spills.

Ace - Grade 2

Ace fabric is composed of 80% post-industrial recycled polyester and 20% post-consumer recycled polyester. This heavy-duty fabric has enhanced abrasion resistance, to stand-up to your work week. The fabric also features enhanced soil and stain resistance, but if you do spill something just spot clean with a water-based solution.

Metro Woven Crypton - Grade 2

Metro Woven Crypton fabric is 100% polyester and features antimicrobial silver ion technology for bacterial, fungus, and mildew resistance. This heavy-duty fabric is a great choice for high traffic areas or healthcare settings. Spot clean with soap and water, or use Crypton Upholstery Cleaner for best results.

Cloud 9 - Grade 3

Cloud 9 is a soft, yet durable fabric offered by Neutral Posture. The thick weave will provide a plush cushion for your chair.

Ultraleather - Grade 5

Ultraleather premium faux leather features a 100% polyurethane surface with a reinforced rayon backing. Get a leather-like, executive chair while still remaining environmentally friendly.

Madras Leather - Grade 9

Madras premium leather is a top of the line, natural grain leather. The soft, supple feel with a smooth hand will make for a truly executive experience.


Upholstered Outer Back

The standard back comes with a plastic outer shell. The back can also be fully upholstered in same fabric as the rest of the chair.

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  • 3
    Petite but not enough

    Posted by Colleen on Nov 19th 2020

    I'm 5'2" and bought this hoping to finally upgrade to the perfect petite chair! While this has a lot of adjustments I sadly found that even the smallest settings were just not quite enough to get my prefect ergonomic fit. My previous office chairs have generally been so oversized that I wasn't sure my exact needs for size adjustment - hoping my descriptions might help other short/small people.

    Biggest issues for me are with the chair height, arm height, and arm width. For the chair height I got the 3" cylinder and while my feet touch the ground they are not at the proper 90 degree angle so I will still need to use a footrest (need 14" min height). Arm height is about 1" too high for me to rest my arms naturally (need 6" min height). Arm width needs to be adjusted in by an additional 2 inches to sit properly under my my forearm (need 11 inch min width).

    The best elements so far are comfort, seat size, and back size. I got the memory foam in the back and seat, and it's really comfortable. I was hoping that the lumbar support would be a little more firm - it's quite soft and too subtle for my liking.

    Overall this is a high quality chair, but at $1000+ if you are short and petite I'd recommend looking for something else.

  • 5
    This changed my life!!!

    Posted by Dori on Jul 6th 2018

    If you are petite don't look anywhere else for a comfortable office chair. It will make a difference. I was fortunate enough that my company paid for it but if they didn't I might have.

  • 5
    wish I had had this kind of chair years ago

    Posted by Louise on Feb 18th 2016

    Today, Feb 18, 2016, I began using this chair. I'm only 4'10" and have some shoulder and back problems. When I came across this chair when web searching for how I could make my work area more comfortable, I was so excited. The very first time I sat in it a bit earlier, I sighed in relief at finally having a chair that is comfortable, in which I can maintain good back posture, whose seat doesn't cut into the back of my knees, and I can finally put my feet comfortably on the lower "shelf" of the computer desk I "inherited" from previous owners of our home. I'm in a relaxed and comfortable position. I also like how adjustible the 360 degree arm rests are. Yes, the chair costs quite a lot compared to average office chairs, but for those of us who are petite it's a God-send.

  • 5
    Superior in every way!

    Posted by Sharon on Jan 23rd 2015

    I had been using my daughter's chair that came with a child's desk when she was about nine years old, in 1991. It was literally falling apart, but I preferred it to the very nice desk chair my husband bought for us adults a couple of years ago. The "adult chair" was so uncomfortable for me. I'm a little over 5 feet in height, but my legs are really long in proportion to my torso.

    I was a little bit nervous about making such an expensive purchase online, but I was becoming desperate for something I could sit in other than the deteriorating child's chair. I'm so glad I took the chance! This chair is so comfortable! I love it!

    Customer service has been superior. I communicated several times with Claire, who was extremely helpful. She did everything she could to make sure I chose the options that would best fit my situation. It was a real pleasure working with her.

    This has been a very satisfying experience in every way!

  • 5
    Finally a chair my size!

    Posted by Kristin on Aug 18th 2014

    For context, I am just under 5'2", 115 lbs and, proportionally, very short legged. I work in software: often for over 60 hours a week. I have chronic back and neck pain from sitting cross-legged because my feet don't touch the ground properly and without using the armrests because they are uncomfortably far from the seat. It's enough of a problem that I am in physical therapy because of it (folks, this is what happens when you ignore an uncomfortable chair for too long!).

    Between chairs I have bought, and those my employer has, I have tried five other high-end, supposedly petite-person-friendly chairs and none of them fit. This one does! This is what the rest of the world experiences when they sit in an office chair. It's very comfortable. Who knew?


    1. Shallow seat depth. This is critical. You can always use a footrest to compensate for a high seat height, but that does you no good if the seat hits you below your knees so they don't bend properly-and trying to pile up pillows behind you so that your legs reach the end of the seat defeats the purpose of any ergonomic back the chair came equipped with.

    2. Low seat height. Adjustable down to 15" (14.5" would be nice but oh well)

    3. Arms can be brought closer to the chair (the width can be narrowed) so that you can use the arm rests properly. If needed you could bring them in so close that it would be hard for me to get into the seat.

    4. Attached footrest. It's at the perfect height but not so comfortable if you don't wear shoes while working.

    5. Backrest encourages good posture. Every chair claims this. This is the first one that's succeeded with me. It has a comfortable vertical bulge in the middle of the backrest (I have the high one). I was dubious when I looked at it but I've discovered that it encourages me to roll my shoulders back rather than to slump with them forward.

    Long story short: If you are a petite woman who spends a lot of time at a desk, you need this chair! It is worth the investment. And it's cheaper than physical therapy ;)

  • 5
    It fits

    Posted by Xuan on Sep 10th 2009

    I bought this chair as a gift for my mom. She sits a lot at work and chairs never fit her right. She needed a very comfortable chair for a petite woman. This chair fits her so well it is as if it was custom made. Her back stopped hurting.

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