UPLIFT V2 Adjustable Height Desk (V2 or V2-Commercial)

With many desktop styles to choose, from GREENGUARD-certified laminate to solid wood, your desk can be just as unique as you are

Eye-catching, Environmentally Friendly Desktop Options

UPLIFT Desk offers you a wide array of desktop options, letting you select the exact components that, together, make up your perfect desk. Choose from durable GREENGUARD-certified laminates, environmentally friendly 1"-thick bamboo, or several species of beautiful solid wood—at least one is sure to satisfy your taste and budget.

These desktops are made and finished with eco- and air-safe materials, so you can breathe easy knowing your desk is good for you and for Mother Earth. Our solid wood and bamboo desktops are finished with natural, environmentally friendly sealants, while our GREENGUARD-certified laminates have been tested and meet strict chemical emissions limits for use in indoor spaces (which is not something every laminate desktop maker can say). Learn more about our desktops by checking out our desktop brochure pdf.

What Sets the UPLIFT Desk Frame Apart?

We designed both the UPLIFT V2 Frame and the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame to meet the highest expectations on the planet (when it comes to standing desks). After years of fine-tuning the design, the end result is a desk with increased stability, safety, and reliability—as well as exclusive features. Both frames are built with contract-grade quality, ensuring the desk you invest in today works for you now and for years to come. Here's what you get when you invest in an UPLIFT V2 Height Adjustable Desk:

    • Certified sturdy and strong, both frame types meet the ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 standard for durability
    • Ability to install accessories directly to your desk frame via 48 built-in, patent-pending mounting points
    • 3-stage legs that are 33% faster than 2-stage legs—allowing you to move your desk to the ideal height for your body in mere seconds
    • Powerful dual motors (one in each leg) lift up to 355 lb easily
    • Improved anti-collision sensitivity that halts your desk if it bumps into people or objects
    • 7-year warranty on all of the mechanical, electrical, and frame components of the desk
    • Quiet 50 dB operation avoids disruption when adjusting your desk's height

Which Frame Should You Choose?

The primary difference between the two frames is their height range.

Want a quick summary of the differences? Click here for a detailed look at the UPLIFT V2 Frame and the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame.

The UPLIFT V2 Frame features a height range of 25.5" - 51.1" with a 1" desktop installed. This popular frame is remarkably sturdy, quiet, and comes with advanced features found in UPLIFT V2 desks alone. This frame was even selected as the "Best Standing Desk" by Wirecutter.

By contrast, the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame features a height range of 22.6" - 48.7" (with a 1" desktop installed). This frame has a lower starting height, a lower max height, and a larger overall height-adjustment range than the UPLIFT V2 Frame. Created specifically to meet the ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 height standard, which is required by many of the world's largest companies, it also meets the ANSI/BIFMA durability standard (as does the UPLIFT V2 Frame). A lower crossbar is included in its design to further increase stability.

The UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame supports ergonomic working postures for 5th percentile females through 95th percentile males, in both seated and standing positions.

The UPLIFT V2 Frame - #1 Rated Standing Desk

Boasting the world's most advanced height adjustable standing desk frame, UPLIFT Desk took their most popular design to even greater heights, with improvements in overall stability and safety. Add to that its patent-pending features, and it's no wonder Wirecutter named it the "Best Standing Desk."

Engineered for fast and reliable height adjustments thanks to two separate motors (one in each leg), the UPLIFT V2 Frame is powerful enough to withstand the trials and tribulations of the work week, even on Mondays.

With a revolutionary inverted leg orientation, which gives us the space we needed to weld steel stability braces to the top of each leg, your UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk minimizes side-to-side wobble, even without a lower crossbar.

Because of its 3-stage legs, your desk can adjust 33% faster, and comes with a 33% greater height range than desks with 2-stage legs.

Lastly, take a look at the new patent-pending mounting point system on the frame, which gives you the ability to quickly and easily attach a wide range of accessories—right to your desk frame.

The UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame - A Perfect Fit for 95%

The UPLIFT V2-Commercial Height Adjustable Desk Frame was designed to provide a seated and standing height range that supports 95% of working postures, from a 5' tall seated individual to a 6'3" standing person. That means this frame meets the ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 height standard that many of the world's largest companies require.

Frame Differences

The main difference on the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame is its height range. Specifically designed to meet the ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 height standard (a requirement for many work environments) this frame ensures an ergonomic desk height for a 5' tall user (5th percentile). Both frames are designed to accommodate up to a 6'3" user (95th percentile).

Both frames are reinforced for a stable working experience, but they achieve this in slightly different ways. The UPLIFT V2 Frame utilizes stability braces, while the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame has a stability crossbar. All height adjustable desks have one or the other component, to help increase stability at all heights.

You may also notice a difference in the legs on the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame: those are telescoping leg sections in its lifting columns, which overlap less when extended to maximum height. This means we couldn't add stability braces to this design. To ensure a stable experience, our designers included a stability crossbar and made the frame's legs thicker—reducing wobble at even the tallest heights.

Click here for a more detailed look at the UPLIFT V2 Frame and the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame.

Accessorize Your Desk with Its Mounting Points

Your desk comes with 48 built-in, patent-pending mounting points, a new feature that allows you to install accessories directly to your frame. All of the holes are built discreetly into the frame and remain hidden under the desktop, so you can maintain a clean and organized look at your workstation.

You can even hang a hammock underneath your desk, it's so sturdy—something no other standing desks offer. With many more frame attachments to be released, such as CPU holders, desk extensions, and power strips, you pick the accessories to customize your desk in all the right ways.

Note: The Under Desk Hammock by UPLIFT Desk is only compatible with the UPLIFT V2 Frame. It's not compatible with the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame because it interferes with the stability crossbar.

For Access to All the Features, Add the Advanced Keypad

When you upgrade to the Advanced Keypad, you get to enjoy so much more control, starting with one-touch adjustments on four programmable memory buttons. These enable you to transition between sitting and standing positions quickly and easily.

You'll also get advanced safety features, including anti-collision sensitivity and a keypad-activated child lock. You can work with confidence that if your desk ever does come into contact with objects or people, it will stop within fractions of a second for safety. Turn on the child safety lock and your desk will only adjust when you want it, protecting curious little ones in your work area.

Using the Advanced Keypad, your desk's maximum and minimum heights can also be adjusted, meaning you can set upper and lower height limits. This helps prevent your desktop from knocking into shelves above (or file cabinets below).

If you're wondering about the easy-to-read lights on the keypad distracting you, never fear! The keypad's auto-dark LED display will dim 10 seconds after use, reducing the time you spend getting back to business.

Stand Up Desk Specifications

Frame Height range UPLIFT V2 Frame: 24.5" - 50.1" H (25.5" - 51.1" H with 1" desktop)
UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame: 21.6" - 47.7" H (22.6" - 48.7" H with 1" desktop, which meets BIFMA height requirement)
Travel height UPLIFT V2 Frame: 25.6" of travel
UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame: 26.1" of travel
Travel speed 1.57" per second (varies - slowest with maximum load) with soft start/stop actuator motors
Noise level 50 decibels during motion
Frame width Accommodates desktops from 42" - 80" W
Lifting capacity 355 lb
Keypad Advanced Keypad is available, push and hold up/down keypad is standard
Adjustable foot-leveling
3/8" adjustment for uneven flooring
Voltage Input: 100-120VAC, 50/60Hz (400W max)
ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 Durability Certification UPLIFT V2 and UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame both passed ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 Durability Standard Testing (passed all applicable sections 4.3, 4.4, 4.6, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 15, and 18)
ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 Height Standard UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame is ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 Height Standard compliant.
Click here to learn what that means
CAN/CGSB 44.227-2008E certification Canadian desktop deflection specification compliant with section 6.6.1/8.4 Surface Deflection
Safety certifications Lifting Column, Power Cord, & Control Box - UL/CSA (Canada and U.S.)
Warranty 7-year all-inclusive warranty on entire desk base: motor frame, controller, keypad, electronics, and mechanisms included. Extension to 12 years available.

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ PDF for 2-leg and 3-leg listings

  1. What type of desktop materials will I get to choose from?

    On this listing you'll be able to shop from a wide selection of GREENGUARD-certified laminates, laminate whiteboard, environmentally friendly eco, 1"-thick carbonized bamboo, and several species of genuine solid wood.

  2. What desktop sizes can I use with the UPLIFT V2 Frame?

    The UPLIFT V2 Frame is designed to be compatible with all UPLIFT Desk tops ranging from 42" to 80" wide.

  3. Can I assemble this desk by myself?

    While assembling the frame and attaching it to the desktop can be done by one person, we do recommend having a friend there to help you to turn it upright after assembly. If you want to see the whole assembly process, you can watch Gene assemble an UPLIFT Desk.

  4. What is GREENGUARD certification?

    Laminate desks with GREENGUARD certification have been tested rigorously by an independent third party laboratory, and have been shown to meet strict guidelines about chemical emissions such as formaldehyde, so they are guaranteed safe for indoor use. All of the laminate desktops you see here are GREENGUARD certified.

  5. Why isn't my whiteboard desktop erasing completely?

    We have found that black dry erase markers tend to perform the best on these desktops. If any residue or ghosting is left behind after erasing the desktop, use Expo White Board Cleaner. If that doesn't remove all of the residue, try 70% isopropyl alcohol. You can also write over the unerased portion with another dry erase marker, let it dry, and then erase it.

  6. Is there a difference between the bamboo you offer versus the bamboo offered by other desk manufacturers?

    While most desk manufacturers offer a 3/4"-thick bamboo desktop, our bamboo desktops are a full 1" thick, making them even more sturdy and durable for years of work. The additional thickness also allows it to resist sagging, even on wider desktops.

  7. How do you seal your desktops?

    All desktops by UPLIFT Desk are sealed with high-quality European E1-level adhesives and a water-based protective coating, neither of which off-gas or emit VOCs, keeping your indoor air quality pristine.

Meet the smartest, most adaptable, and safest sit-stand desk on the market—the UPLIFT V2. Chosen as the "Best Standing Desk" by both Wirecutter and Forbes, UPLIFT Desk added loads of exciting, new features to the UPLIFT V2 Frame, all included to help you work better. We're also excited to present to you the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Height Adjustable Desk, which meets the important ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 height standard that many offices must comply with today. In both cases, the designers at UPLIFT Desk took their powerful frame and made it even sturdier and more adaptable, with innovations in safety, design, and functionality. Each frame is available in four colors: black, gray, white, and metallic (industrial style).

No matter which frame you end up choosing, rest easy knowing you'll be working at the most advanced sit-stand desk available. Click here to learn more about both of them and compare their differences.

Choose from our expansive amount of desktop styles like bamboo, rubberwood, GREENGUARD laminate, eco, and solid wood, and create a look that truly fits your style. And don’t forget to add accessories to complete the ultimate workspace!

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This product comes standard with a 7-year limited warranty.

Return Information

  • We offer a 30-day trial on all single-item UPLIFT Desk brand orders, with the exception of solid wood and custom laminate desktops. If for any reason you're not satisfied, return the item with no outbound shipping or restocking fees.
  • Return windows close 30 days after you receive your item. You are responsible for obtaining a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) within this time.
  • All items must be disassembled and returned in "Like new" condition in their original factory packaging. Items not returned in this condition may be subject to additional fees. You are responsible for return shipping costs.
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UPLIFT V2 Adjustable Height Desk (V2 or V2-Commercial)

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