UPLIFT V2 Sit-Stand Conference Table

Option Insight
Desktop Style

For the best experience, choose the top for your conference table in your style. We have over a dozen wood styles, some with barkline options.

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Frame Color

Pick a frame color and leg style that goes well with your desktop style and office accents. Our accessories will match your frame color.

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Wire Management

Organize your wires with a wire management kit that moves in tandem with your conference table!

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Promotional Item 1

Free! Add a combo of accessories on us, including a standing mat or motion board, which will help you stand more comfortably at your new conference table.

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Desktop Size

We advise measuring your office to help you decide which is the perfect desktop size for you. The most popular widths are 60" and 72".

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Magenetic Cable Channel

Route and tame your cables around your desk with this Magnetic Cable Organizing Channel, which attaches to your desk frame in a snap!

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Easily move your table with locking standard or heavy duty casters. It makes optimizing and organizing your space easier than ever!

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Footrests improve circulation and support feet while sitting. It also helps users less than 5' 4" keep their feet grounded when seated in ergonomic chairs.

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We recommend upgrading to the advanced keypad to add one-touch adjustment, a digital height display, and four memory settings.

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Work is better and more productive in the right light. From desk lights to floor lamps, we have many lighting options for you.

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Promotional Item 2

Get another accessory on us! Pick a bamboo or colorful desk organizer set, or choose a USB hub to attach additional peripherals.

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Promotional Item 3

This holiday season, enjoy a few more accessories to furnish your new desk or to gift a lucky coworker - totally free!

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Extended Warranty

Every UPLIFT frame comes standard with an industry-leading 7-year warranty. Call, email, or chat - we're here to help you!

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Expedited Production

To get your order even sooner, we recommend selecting our expedited production option.

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Desktop Style

Desktop Style

Style your desk with your choice of several real wood tops, Eco, or classic laminate, all 80" so you can bring everyone to the table.

See all desktop options in our desktop brochure


Frame Color & Style

Finding the right height preferences for you at your new adjustable height conference table can be revitalizing. This is different for everyone, but UPLIFT's height range of 24.5" - 50.25" means that it will work for 99% of the population!

Not all electric standing desks are created equal. Where most of our competitors offer 2-stage frames standard or "extended range" 3-stage desks for a premium, we offer only the strongest, most reliable, quickest adjusting, and quietest in ergonomic adjustable height desk bases with our 3-stage UPLIFT Desk frame. They're beautiful, too! The conference table's T-Frame comes in three color finishes to fit into your conference room perfectly, and the T-frame design centers the legs on the feet, unlike the offset C-frame on smaller desks. This means the desk brackets will mount in the center of the underside of your tabletop, providing equal space in front of and behind the frame, for a polished look.

2-stage frame legs are made with just two parts, which limits the base's movement range. They are also slower to raise and lower - 33% slower to be exact. Our 3-stage frames come with three small spindles in each leg versus the standard two, letting you reach your sitting and standing preferences quicker, and giving you a better overall experience when working at your desk.

Since 2-stage frames have a narrower range of height adjustability, its lowest height setting does not reach a spot that places the keyboard tray at an ergonomically correct height for you. The frame's upper height is also reduced, meaning taller users may not find these 2-stage frames suitable for them. Our 3-stage frames' wide height range will keep more people comfortable at your conference table.

2-stage frames come with a single motor that they rely on to adjust the desk's height. Our 3-stage frames boast powerful motors in each leg, which give you the stability you need to safely raise and lower your desktop for years of comfortable work. If you want a conference table with lifting capacity to reliably support a beautiful heavyweight desktop and all your conference room projection gear, a 3-stage frame will deliver a higher weight limit than 2-stage frames. Less susceptible to overloading and breaking, 3-stage frames simply offer more strength and support when adjusting versus single motor and 2-stage frames. Safety reverse sensing is included on our 3-stage frames, unlike standard 2-stage frames, meaning that desk accidents are much less likely to happen if you raise or lower your desk with things in the way. For a safer desk, go with a 3-stage frame.

Factor in louder motors on 2-stage frames and you'll start to wonder competitor desks allow you to get any work done at all.

Invest in a conference table that delivers all of the ergonomic features you'd want in a long meeting, with UPLIFT Desk.


Locking Casters


The UPLIFT Desk can be ordered with optional casters in black or white. Desk Casters come in a set of four - two for each leg. They can be locked to keep the desk stationary, but are easily unlocked when you need to roll the desk.

Desk Casters are a great option for those who don't want to be tied down by a desk that is too big to move. These sturdy casters will roll across hard surfaces or low pile carpet. They also add extra height to your desk to accommodate a treadmill or users over 6'6" tall.

Please note: the casters will add approximately 2" of height to your desk.

For more caster details & photos, download PDF


Heavy Duty Locking Casters

Whether you need to roll your desk over uneven warehouse flooring, or just want heavy duty support for the tangle of computer wires on the floor, Heavy Duty Locking Casters by UPLIFT Desk add the ease of rugged mobility to your sit-stand desk.

When the job requires mobility, roll your desk over uneven flooring, cables, or debris without breaking a sweat, or your desk. These casters boast an impressive 4-inch diameter and are constructed with stainless steel, molded black plastic, and rubber. Once you have reached your final destination, just lock your desk in place using the foot-activated locking mechanism on each caster.

Please note: the heavy duty casters will add approximately 5" of height to your desk.


Adjustable Footrest


The E3 Adjustable Footrest by UPLIFT Desk is a great addition to a sit-stand workspace because it provides angled support to bring your body into better alignment. Flip up the two adjustable legs to four different positions of tilt: 6, 12, 16, and 25 degrees. The top surface of the E3 Adjustable Footrest is covered in grooved rubber for a non-slip surface for your feet.

Petite users will find that the addition of an ergonomic adjustable footrest allows them to sit more comfortably in a standard-height chair or stool.




UPLIFT Desk frames come standard with a basic Push and Hold Two Button Up/Down Keypad, or you can upgrade to the Advanced 1-Touch Keypad with 4 Memory Positions and Digital Height Display. Its digital readout allows you to make precision adjustments to get your frame to exactly the height you need, then auto-dims to save power. Once you find the perfect sitting and standing heights, four programmable memory presets allow you to save those and then return to them with just one touch of a button.

For more keypad details & photos, download PDF

UPLIFT Keypad options



E3 LED Desk Lamp

Get all of the customization options you want in one streamlined little package. The E3 LED Desk Lamp has 5 different levels of brightness and unlimited control over your color temperature. Use the buttonless touchpads on the base to set the levels that are right for your room at that moment.

The E3's lamp head is made of aluminum, and can be opened up to 170 degrees. The lamp's base features a built-in USB port, which is perfect for charging a phone or smart device on your desktop. Lamps are available in black, white, or gray

For more e3 led desk lamp photos & details, download PDF


Illuminate™ LED Task Light

The Illuminate™ LED Task Light by UPLIFT Desk offers cool, warm, and natural light in five levels of brightness. Illuminate what you are working on at your desk with the rotating and swiveling head. This sleek task light will reduce eye strain felt from staring at a computer screen all day in suboptimal lighting conditions.

The Illuminate multi-tasks like a boss, with a USB port located in the base that allows you to power and charge your peripheral devices.

For more task light photos & details, download PDF


E7 Desk Lamp

Take the lighting in your office up a notch with the E7 Desk Lamp with Clamp by UPLIFT Desk. This desk lamp is available in three colors - black, white, and blue - and attaches to your desk with a clamp. The clamp attachment makes it easy to secure your desk lamp to the edge of your desktop or through a grommet hole.

If a clamp-mount isn't what you are looking for, try one of the optional bases. The desk base or floor base will turn the clamp lamp into a more traditional lamp. To attach, just remove the clamp and insert the lamp into the desk base or floor base.

Easing eye strain has never been so easy with the E7 Desk Lamp with Clamp by UPLIFT Desk.

For more e7 desk lamp photos & details, download PDF

For more e7 desk base photos & details, download PDF

For more e7 floor base photos & details, download PDF


Promotional Item 1


FREE Standing Mat

Add an UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat for FREE when you buy a full UPLIFT Desk! Our 18" x 30" anti-fatigue mat has a gel foam core, providing comfort and support while you're standing at your UPLIFT Desk, and it's lightweight and easy to move aside when it's time to sit down.

For more mat details & photos, download PDF


Bamboo Motion-X Board

Tilt, rock, and balance your way to more movement throughout the day with the Bamboo Motion-X Board. This beautiful board is made from environmentally friendly bamboo and helps you vary your posture and increase circulation.

Include a Comfort Mat for additional anti-fatigue support for your Bamboo Motion-X Board. For just a little extra, your free Bamboo Motion-X Board can have amplified standing support via this low-profile, yet high-density standing mat.


Discounted E7 Active Anti-Fatigue Mat

The E7 Active Anti-Fatigue Mat by UPLIFT Desk offers a dynamic standing experience. Reduce pressure in the legs and feet as you stand in place on the cushioned polyurethane foam. Or kick things up a notch with multiple support surfaces designed to relieve pressure, stretch, and massage the feet. The E7 Active Anti-Fatigue Mat is offered at a steeper discount when combined with the promotional Desk Organizer Set.

E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat

Take a journey around the E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat and feel the difference active standing can have on your body. This compact, comfortable, and supportive standing mat features a multidimensional terrain that lets you target tired muscles, perfect for long days spent in the office. The mat's high-density core takes pressure off your legs, knees, and feet, for more comprehensive support from the ground up.

For more mat details & photos, download PDF

E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat by UPLIFT Desk

Promotional Item 2


FREE Bamboo Desk Organizer Set

Eco-friendly and eye-catching, you'll love organizing your desk with the Bamboo Desk Organizer Set. It comes complete with a large box, a medium box, a small box, a 4" x 6" picture frame, a business card holder, a phone holder, a pen holder, and a matching ballpoint pen with blue ink. Clean up your workstation with a coordinated desk set made from genuine bamboo.

bamboo desk organizer set

FREE Desk Organizer Set

Add a splash of color to your desk while getting your ducks in a row with the colorful Desk Organizer Set by UPLIFT Desk. Choose between five colors - aqua, blush, blue, gray, and white - all available in a matte finish. The set includes a large paper tray, medium box, small divided box, pen holder, business card holder, and six gray gel pens with blue ink. An organized desk never looked so fun, until now.

desk organizer set

FREE Four-Port Slim USB 3.0 Hub

Add an UPLIFT 4-Port 3.0 USB Hub for FREE when you buy a full UPLIFT Desk! This will allow you to connect up to four extra USB devices to your computer. It also allows for lightning fast data transfer, which will save you the time and hassle of switching out devices because you don't have enough USB ports.

UPLIFT 4-Port 3.0 USB Hub

Promotional Item 3

FREE Small Half Circle Desk Drawer

Save a little space on your desktop by storing your smaller personal effects in the Small Half Circle Desk Drawer by UPLIFT Desk. The Small Drawer is sized to hold notes, pens, and even sunglasses within its single inner compartment. This 7.9" W x 7.5" D x 1.2" thick UPLIFT accessories drawer allows you to clean up desk clutter and store it all simply and stylishly.

UPLIFT Small Half Circle Drawer

FREE Four-Port Slim USB 3.0 Hub

Add an UPLIFT 4-Port 3.0 USB Hub for FREE when you buy a full UPLIFT Desk! This will allow you to connect up to four extra USB devices to your computer. It also allows for lightning fast data transfer, which will save you the time and hassle of switching out devices because you don't have enough USB ports.

UPLIFT 4-Port 3.0 USB Hub

FREE Notebook and Tablet Stand

Add an UPLIFT Notebook and Tablet Stand for FREE when you buy a full UPLIFT Desk! It features seven height and angle positions for simple screen height adjustment on laptops and tablets, and folds nearly flat to stow away for easy travel.

UPLIFT Notebook and Tablet Stand

FREE Pair of Under Desk Hooks

Add a pair of UPLIFT Under Desk Accessory Hooks for FREE when you buy a full UPLIFT Desk! Use them to hang bags, headphones, keys, or anything else you want to keep handy. Or turn them into a versatile wire management solution!

UPLIFT Under Desk Accessory Hooks

Extended Warranty

We are so confident in our product that we back each UPLIFT frame we ship with a 7-year warranty, which covers the frame, motor, controller, keypad, electronics and mechanisms. You also have the option of upgrading to our 12-year, all-inclusive extended warranty. If you have any issues with your frame within the warranty period, just give us a call, and we will ship you the necessary replacement parts via free ground shipping. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the top surface. Free ground shipping only available for United States addresses.

For more warranty details & photos, download PDF


Wire Management

Basic Wire Management Kit

The Basic Wire Management Kit by UPLIFT Desk is at your service when you need just a little help tidying up the underside of your desk. This kit comes with enough cable ties to organize as many wires as you can throw at your desk. Plus, the cable coil organizer tool quickly wraps up your cords into a neat bundle. Raise and lower your UPLIFT Desk without worrying about loose wires getting in the way.

Basic Wire Management Kit

Basic Wire Management Kit contents:

Cable coil organizer Consolidates your cords using the included wire funnel, bundling them in one neat package from desk to wall
Adhesive cable ties Allow you to easily add and remove cords or components through re-adjustable straps that can be attached to the underside of your desk
6-Outlet surge protector power strip Provides protective features and flexibility, with 180J of surge protection, an integrated 15-amp circuit breaker switch, ABS-resistant housing, ten feet of 14AWG heavy duty power cord and a flat plug
Under desk hook Offers a place to guide or hang cords on the underside of your desk
Screw-in cable mounts & reusable cable ties Work like the adhesive cable ties, just in a more permanent fashion
Cable management clips Hold your cables in place so they are always close at hand

For more basic wire management kit details & photos, download PDF


Advanced Wire Management Kit

The Advanced Wire Management Kit by UPLIFT Desk is a complete cable organization system for your height adjustable desk. We developed this kit after years of desk installations. Our main goal was to help you wrangle your cords to ensure that they don't get in the way of your desk moving up and down. It's a proven way to easily manage all computer and electric desk cords, while also tidying up the space underneath your desk.

UPLIFT Wire Management Kit

Advanced Wire Management Kit contents:

Wire management tray Attaches to the underside of your desk to discreetly house the 6-outlet surge protector power strip, wrangle your cords, or hold small accessories
Cable coil organizer Consolidates your cords using the included wire funnel, bundling them in one neat package from desk to wall
Adhesive cable ties Allow you to easily add and remove cords or components through re-adjustable straps that can be attached to the underside of your desk
6-Outlet surge protector power strip Provides protective features and flexibility, with 180J of surge protection, an integrated 15-amp circuit breaker switch, ABS-resistant housing, ten feet of 14AWG heavy duty power cord and a flat plug
Under desk hook Offers a place to guide or hang cords on the underside of your desk

For more wire management kit details & photos, download PDF


Ultimate Wire Management Kit

Keep your cords out of the way and off the floor with the Ultimate Wire Management Kit by UPLIFT Desk.

This is the kit that will take your desk organization up a notch. It allows you to route your cords under your desk, protecting them while you raise and lower your standing desk. The Ultimate Wire Management Kit includes everything in the Basic Wire Management Kit, plus a 29-inch modesty panel. The modesty panel gives you a spacious mesh pouch in which to house cables at the rear of your desk, while also sheltering your legs from view.

UPLIFT Ultimate Wire Management Kit

Ultimate Wire Management Kit contents:

29" modesty panel Hides cord clutter while fitting neatly between the grommet holes on your desk
Cable coil organizer Consolidates your cords using the included wire funnel, bundling them in one neat package from desk to wall
Adhesive cable ties Allow you to easily add and remove cords or components through re-adjustable straps that can be attached to the underside of your desk
6-Outlet surge protector power strip Provides protective features and flexibility, with 180J of surge protection, an integrated 15-amp circuit breaker switch, ABS-resistant housing, ten feet of 14AWG heavy duty power cord and a flat plug
Under desk hook Offers a place to guide or hang cords on the underside of your desk
Screw-in cable mounts & reusable cable ties Work like the adhesive cable ties, just in a more permanent fashion
Cable management clips Hold your cables in place so they are always close at hand

For more ultimate wire management kit details & photos, download PDF

Magnetic Cable Organizing Channel

Gain control over cord clutter with the Magnetic Cable Organizing Channel by UPLIFT Desk. Measuring in at 14.5'' L by 2'' W by 1'' D, this cable management solution cleans up the jungle of cables known to hide out under many workspaces. The cable channel is fabricated from steel, and powder-coated in black, white, gray, or metallic (industrial style) to match your UPLIFT Desk Frame.

The Magnetic Cable Organizing Channel attaches to any magnetic surface on your UPLIFT Frame, making setup a breeze. Route your cords through the channel's open slot, and worry no more about cables snagging as you move from seated to standing.

For more magnetic cable organizing channel photos & details, download PDF

Magnetic Cable Organizing Channel by UPLIFT Desk

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Selected But Not Shown

    Good news—we're updating this page to showcase features of our new UPLIFT V2 Frame, but it's not quite ready. Thanks for your patience!


    • Comfortably seat six around this solid 80" desktop for collaboration in conference rooms and meeting spaces
    • Coordinate with your office decor, with a variety of different solid, thick desktops
    • Conference table raises and lowers with the UPLIFT Height Adjustable Frame - see how our frames stack up against competitors
      • Stability braces eliminate the need for a lower crossbar by providing protection against shaking, so the table stands firm and the space under the table stays free and open
      • 33% greater height adjustability from included three-stage frames than competing two-stage frames
      • 33% faster height adjustment due to three-stage frame construction, compared to two-stage frames
      • Dual-motor design raises and lowers more quietly than single-motor frames, without sacrificing strength and reliability
    • Advanced Digital Memory Keypad allows one-touch height adjustments, with programmable memory to store up to four preset heights
    • Assemble your conference table in under 8 minutes, and enjoy superior quality for years to come
    • Contract-grade construction exceeds ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2008 Desk Product Test Standards for safety, quality, stability, and reliability
    • Ships quickly, within one business day, with free shipping - Try it free for 30 days, and return for any reason if you're not satisfied - Trust our 7-year warranty to protect your frame, electrical components, and mechanical parts

    Height Adjustable Conference Table

    Invigorate your body and your brain during long meetings by bringing the benefits of a sit stand workstation into the conference room. Standing meetings can help boost productivity and creativity, and when you've been on your feet too long, you can lower the table to take a seat - and a rest.

    UPLIFT Desk is proud to introduce a line of height adjustable conference tables designed to keep you comfortable and alert as you work through your projects and reports. Sit, stand, lean, or perch as the mood strikes you.

    Did you know that standing can even help you and your coworkers wrap up meetings sooner, saving time for other tasks? Or for long meetings at this sit-stand conference table, you'll be able to stay comfy because you'll have freedom to adjust to your sitting and standing heights. Just stand when sitting becomes uncomfortable or you feel yourself becoming fatigued. Working a sit-stand conference table allows you and your team to conduct more productive meetings, giving you more energy and comfort than you ever thought possible at work.

    This conference table includes your choice of a black, white, metallic (industrial style), or gray 2-leg or 4-leg frame, steadied by UPLIFT's distinctive stability braces, to eliminate lower crossbars for a minimalist contemporary design with maximum legroom. There's enough room here for six users to sit or stand comfortably around the table with space to stretch their legs.

    Coordinate Your Desktop and Your Decor

    Every workplace has a style all its own, and we want your UPLIFT Conference Table to fit perfectly into yours. That's why this height-adjustable frame is designed with three different finish options, and offered in a wide variety of desktop colors and styles, including GREENGUARD-certified laminates, natural bamboo, and many 100% solid wood options.

    Desktops start at 0.75" thick, with solid wood options cut to an even more luxurious 1.75". UPLIFT's thicker desktops make for stronger, more resilient desks, and all are built with eco-friendly manufacturing practices and the greatest care given to quality.

    A Higher Standard of Frame

    We work to give you the best sit stand solution available by building every conference table with UPLIFT Desk's distinctive all-steel three-stage frame. While some sellers will make their three-stage frame desks and tables available for an upcharge, we hold our products to the highest possible standards. That's why each conference table and standing desk we sell features the three-stage frame that adjusts 33% faster than its two-stage competitors, and offers 33% greater height adjustment range while doing it.

    Want to do the math? That's a height adjustment of 24.4" to 50.0" without the desktop, at 1.57"/second vs. 1.18"/second travel speed. A dedicated motor in each leg even keeps your conference table running at a quiet 46 dB during movement, even when lifting up to 355 lbs.

    The biggest innovation comes from the frame's inverted leg design, which is thicker at the top than the frame. This construction allows us to include our unique stability braces, which steady the tabletop against side-to-side shake at even the highest extension, removing the need for the lower crossbar system required for stability on other brands of desks. A collaborative space like a meeting room requires maximum space under the desk, to open up legroom for users to sit comfortably on all sides of the table. We've eliminated the need for the lower crossbar to accomplish that, without sacrificing the desktop support of the upper crossbar.

    The sleek, elegant look of the UPLIFT three-stage frame is available in four color finishes in a 2-leg or 4-leg style. Pick your look and start building!

    Advanced Keypad: Set It, Lock It, Elevate Your Meeting

    Use your UPLIFT Conference Table to its full potential with the Advanced Digital Memory Keypad. Since you won't want to distract from your meeting while adjusting your desk, the keypad includes four programmable height memory buttons to store preferred sitting and standing heights. Get back to the right height for your group with one touch of a button, and then keep the table there, even against careless fingers, with Keypad Lock. By temporarily locking the height adjustments on your conference table, you can make sure your desk stays still when it should.

    Those aren't the only features that make this keypad "Advanced." Its LED display shows the table's current height, and numerous customization options such as measurement display in inches or centimeters, and the ability to switch between one-touch and constant touch height adjustments also contribute. Programmable upper and lower limits will help prevent accidents by pre-setting points at which the desk should not adjust any further.

    Safety Features: Did We Mention Protected Knees?

    This conference table fits at least six people - that's a lot of knees and feet under there. The UPLIFT anti-collision safety features will protect them as the table raises and lowers. State of the art sensors stop the table’s movement in bare fractions of a second if the table comes into contact with someone or something while it's adjusting. The table then slightly reverses direction to let you get whatever was blocking its path safely out of the way.

    Everything in its Place

    We're dedicated to making every UPLIFT Desk purchase the best value it can be. That's why our industry-leading desks and conference tables come with free helpful accessories!

    With your conference table, choose a free bamboo or vibrantly colorful desk organizer set to ensure every thing is stylishly in place. Each set includes paper organizer trays, a box for clips and sticky notes, a pencil holder, and more. Let UPLIFT keep your boardroom neat and organized!

    Quick & Easy Assembly

    As with most large furniture, some assembly is required, but we've put in the effort to make it quick and easy. Have a look at our assembly video to see for yourself how fast and easy it can be.

    The best-in-class value and quality of this conference table will serve you and your company well over the coming years and into the future.

    DIY not your cup of tea? White-glove installation service is available. Select this option at checkout, and our agents will build your conference table for you, in the room of your choice.

    Fast, Free Shipping and Free 7-Year Protection

    Select free shipping at checkout for service via FedEx Ground from Austin, TX, at no cost to you. Your Height Adjustable Conference Table will ship the same or next business day. If you need your new conference table even faster, choose the Expedited Production option when you're designing your table, or Expedited Shipping during checkout. We offer these upgrade options to make sure you have your table when you need it.

    We don't just stand at our conference tables, we stand behind them as well; your order includes a 30-day free trial period, so you can be sure your UPLIFT Desk conference table is exactly what your meeting room needed. Our industry-leading 7-year warranty will give you peace of mind, and is included with your purchase at no additional charge. The 7-year UPLIFT Desk frame warranty covers the electrical components, control box, and mechanical parts of your frame. For even longer protection, upgrade your coverage to the 12-year Extended Warranty.


    Height range 2-leg: 24.4" - 50.0" H (without desktop thickness)
    4-leg: 23.5" - 49" H (without desktop thickness)
    Travel speed 1.5" per second (varies - slowest with maximum load) with soft start/stop actuator motors
    Sound Level 45 decibels during motion
    Weight capacity Two-leg frame: 355 lb
    Four-leg frame: 530 lb
    Desktop thickness Laminate desktop - 1" thick
    White Eco desktop - 3/4" thick
    Bamboo - 1" thick
    Dark brown or natural rubberwood - 13/16" thick
    Stock solid woods - 1.75" thick
    Desktop width 80" W
    Frame width Adjustable from 43" - 70" W
    Keypad Advanced 1-touch digital memory keypad is available
    Push and hold up/down keypad comes standard
    Adjustable foot leveling studs 3/8" adjustment for uneven flooring
    Voltage input 120V
    Power supply current 5 amps
    BIFMA/ANSI X5.5-2008 Certified Yes - completely meets all requirements of BIFMA/ANSI X5.5-2008 Test Sections 4.3, 4.5, 5.2-5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 & 15.0.
    Environmental certifications ISO 14001, RoHS & CE compliant
    Safety certifications Lifting Column - TUV (Canada and U.S.) Control Box - TUV (Canada and U.S.) Power Cord - UL/CSA (Canada and U.S.)
    Warranty 7 years on frame, including motor, frame, controller, keypad, electronics, and mechanisms. Optional extended warranty available in desk options
    Shipping dimensions Conference table: 36" W x 6" H x 84" D (weight varies depending on desktop)
    2-leg frame: 11" W x 10" H x 41" D, 61 lb
    4-leg frame: Box 1 - 12" W x 10" H x 42" D, 66 lb

    * Using the advanced 1-touch digital memory keypad is as simple as the push of a button. Four programmable buttons let you choose and set the best sitting and standing heights for you, even for multiple users. Or simply use the up/down buttons to get to that sit-to-stand sweet spot.

    Note: Wood Desktops and Dry Climates

    If the air in your area is especially dry, your wood desktop could be at increased risk of cracking and splitting. Wood naturally expands and contracts depending on the amount of moisture in the environment, and without enough humidity, the moisture in your desk can evaporate, leaving it vulnerable to warping.

    It's a completely natural process, but it's unfortunately something that could affect your new wood desktop. If your desktop does crack or split, we're happy to send you a repair kit to fill the affected areas. If potentially repairing your wood desktop isn't something you're comfortable with, we recommend that you take a look at our Bamboo, Eco, or Laminate desktops instead.

    If your desktop has already warped, please click here for instructions on using our solid wood desktop repair kit.

    Please contact us if you have additional questions.


    1. What kind of desktop does the Height Adjustable Conference Table have?

      With so many desktop options, you'll find a style that fits what you're looking for! Choose from our wide selection of stock solid woods, 1" thick bamboo, reclaimed fir, dark brown or natural rubberwood, or for a more traditional office look, try a white Eco or classic laminate.

    2. Is this a conference table or a standing desk?

      It's both! This height adjustable meeting table is designed to give you and all your meeting participants more movement and more energy in the office. More activity throughout the workday can improve productivity and health, defending against the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

    3. But I can sit at this table, right? What kind of chairs should I get?

      You can use any chairs that feel comfortable to you! Take a peek at our selection of ergonomic seating options to get inspired.

    4. Just how adjustable is this table?

      This conference table adjusts to fit most users, with 25.6" (650mm) of height range, from 24.4" to 50.0” (without desktop thickness). You can add a further 1.5" of height to the table if you like, with a set of UPLIFT Desk Casters.

    5. What kind of keypad does this table have?

      This conference table comes standard with a 2-button "Push and Hold" keypad that will allow easy height adjustment. For more features, including the ability to save 4 preferred heights in memory for one-touch adjustments, upgrade to the Advanced Digital Memory Keypad, so you can start your meeting faster and seamlessly transition from sitting to standing.

    6. Does this conference table have the same three-stage frame as your other height adjustable desks?

      All UPLIFT Desk frames are three-stage, including the Height Adjustable Conference Table. Your table adjusts 33% faster thanks to an independent motor in each leg, as opposed to the single motor used in most competing frames. A 33% greater adjustability range ensures your conference table will fit a wide group of users, from more petite users to tall people, so everyone can be comfortable.

    7. I don't live in the United States. Can I use this conference table with my outlet and voltage?

      UPLIFT Desks are designed to operate on the US electricity standard of 120V. If you are ordering an UPLIFT conference table for use outside the United States, you will most likely need to plug it into a step down transformer before connecting to a power source. Without a transformer, you run the risk of overloading your table's control box. Overload by plugging into an improper power source is not covered by warranty. If you have any questions at all regarding how your country's voltage works with this table, please contact our support team by phone, email, or chat.

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    • 5
      Needed a larger desk!

      Posted by James on Apr 19th 2019

      I actually ordered this because I needed a desk that was a little bigger. I absolutely love the Pheasant-wood live-edge desk I purchased. It is a beautiful piece for my office!

    This product comes standard with a 7-year limited warranty.

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    • We offer a 30-day trial on all single-item UPLIFT Desk brand orders, with the exception of solid wood and custom laminate desktops. If for any reason you're not satisfied, return the item with no outbound shipping or restocking fees.
    • Return windows close 30 days after you receive your item. You are responsible for obtaining a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) within this time.
    • All items must be disassembled and returned in "Like new" condition in their original factory packaging. Items not returned in this condition may be subject to additional fees. You are responsible for return shipping costs.
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