Pursuit Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk

Knee tilt with tension control allows the Pursuit to tilt from a point at the front of the seat to keep your feet on the floor as you rock
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The right chair can make all of the difference in your working comfort. The Pursuit Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk is up to the job of delivering you better support where you need it.

With this stunningly supportive chair, you'll get it all. Height adjustability via pneumatic cylinder makes finding your sitting sweet spot easier than ever. Combine that with Pursuit’s synchro-tilt mechanism, which allows you to alter the seat and back angles quickly when you decide it’s time to change up postures.

The seat is constructed of soft, yet durable black or gray fabric. The waterfall edge of the seat alleviates pressure on your legs while seated. And, thanks to its mesh back, you'll experience breathability like you've never felt before, letting you work in comfort for longer than you could in other comparable computer chairs.

The sleek high-back chair features your choice of a slick black frame, charcoal mesh back, a black powder-coated aluminum base, or a white chair color option, and comes with a supportive headrest for even more comfort up top.

It's the stylish yet simple ergonomic upgrade to get you working in more comfort, instantly.

Office Chair Features

  • Pneumatic height adjustment with 360° swivel, and tilt tension control for rocking tension
  • Fabric seat delivers extra support, while the mesh back allows airflow for comfort
  • Knee tilt with tension control allows the computer chair to tilt from a point at the front of the seat to keep your feet on the floor as you rock
  • Height-adjustable arms and headrest
  • Waterfall seat decreases pressure behind the legs, improving circulation
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism allows for the seat and back angle to adjust automatically and provide ideal support while users change from upright to reclining postures
  • Back angle adjustment with tension control allows you to recline and lock the chair back in 3 different positions, or leave the back unlocked for free movement
  • Rolling casters for easy mobility


Dimensions with headrest 25.6" W x 27.6" D x 45.3 - 52.9" H
Seat dimensions 18.5" W x 19.3" D
Usable seat depth 18"
Back dimensions 22.5" W x 25.2" H
Seat height 17" - 21"
Recline 0 degrees to 20 degrees positive
Weight capacity 250 lb
Shipping dimensions 26" L x 42" W x 18" H, 50 lb
ANSI/BIFMA Complies with ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017 standards


  1. How is the Pursuit ergonomic Chair different from other chairs by UPLIFT Desk?

    The designers at UPLIFT Desk made the Pursuit to intuitively adjust so that the user doesn't have to. You'll get a fabric seat with a mesh back, the ideal combination of support and cooling for users who have to work in warmer environments. The Pursuit comes in several color options, as well. If you have questions about which chair is right for you, pop in our chair comparison chart for a summary of all of the features!

  2. Does this come in a non headrest version?

    No, the Pursuit only comes with a non-removable headrest.

  3. How does this compare to the Ergohuman?

    The UPLIFT Desk Pursuit is very similar to the Ergohuman as far as functionality goes. And it edges out the Ergohuman in the affordability category!

  4. Does the chair come in leather?

    No, the Pursuit only comes in black with a mesh back and fabric seat or white with a gray fabric seat.

  5. Are there any other color choices?

    No, black and white are the only colors available at this time.

  6. Why is this so cheap compared to most other chairs you sell?

    We manufacture the Pursuit, so we are able to offer a better price.

  7. How do you adjust the arms?

    Raise or lower the arms by lifting up on the front of the armpad. This releases the arm and allows it to move up or down. Once the armrest is at the desired height, release the front of the armpad, and the arm will lock back into place.

  8. Is the backrest height adjustable?

    Yes, the mesh back on the Pursuit Chair can be raised or lowered. Simply push forward on the back of the chair until you feel the back unlock. Then raise or lower to your desired height and release the back. This is a highly adjustable chair for your money!

  9. Where can I sit in one of these chairs?

    You can sit in the UPLIFT Desk Pursuit Chair or a number of other chairs we sell at our showroom in Austin, TX.

  10. Can you adjust the seat pan on this chair?

    No, the seat pan is not adjustable.

  11. What is the storage compartment good for?

    The small compartment located under the seat pan can be used for storing small items, like a user manual.

  12. Is this chair only offered in one size?

    As of now, there is only one size available. We are currently working to expand our UPLIFT Desk line of chairs in the future.

  13. Can I customize my UPLIFT Desk Pursuit chair?

    What you see is what you get. We only offer the UPLIFT Desk Pursuit in one configuration to keep costs down for you. 

  14. Can the armrests be removed or at least moved out of the way?

    The armrests are not removable, and they can only be raised or lowered.

  15. How adjustable is the UPLIFT Desk Pursuit?

    Very adjustable! The UPLIFT Desk Pursuit offers seat height, armrest height, armpad height, armpad angle, headrest height, back height, lumbar depth, and recline tension controls. 

  16. What do you mean by "usable seat depth?"

    The seat on the UPLIFT Desk Pursuit is rather deep, however the very back portion of the seat is not usable because the backrest sits slightly forward, above the seat. 

  17. What is the seated height range of the chair?

    The UPLIFT Desk Pursuit offers a seat height of 17" - 21".

  18. What is the weight capacity of this chair?

    The UPLIFT Desk Pursuit supports users weighing up to 250 lbs.

  19. What is the type of foam used on the seat of the Pursuit chair?

    The seat is made of molded polyurethane foam





The UPLIFT Pursuit is available in black with charcoal accents. Or choose white with a gray seat and base.


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  • 3
    Chair comfort

    Posted by Paul N on Oct 23rd 2019

    I started looking on line for a chair for tall people as i took a job at a hospice call center. there were plenty of chairs at the office but none fit. I found this one and at the price it looked like a good deal. The quality of the chair is good no complaints there but for hours of setting this is not the chair for me. the cushion is very thin and I can not stay in it for more than 30 min at a time without a numb butt. I have spent money on cushions to place in it but still not helpful. i would say buy this one if you don't plan on being in it for less than 20 min at a time. Save the money and buy one you can test drive for a bit before you buy.

  • 4
    Building My Ergonomic Workstation

    Posted by Stewart Dickson on Apr 25th 2019

    In 1996, Walt Disney Feature Animation built a 3D Digital Production facility in an old Lockheed Skunkworks building near Burbank Airport. Part of the reason they say that Disney's "Dinosaur" film cost $400M was that each of the 450 digital artists on the crew had a custom-made, fully adjustable ergonomic desk, keyboard tray, mouse tray, monitor lifter and chair. St. Joseph Hospital is right across they street from the Walt Disney Studio lot on South Buena Vista Street. We had an Ergonomics Expert from the hospital come over and teach each of us how to correctly adjust our desk and chair. Herman Miller Aeron chairs these days don't seem to have the headrests that my chair at WDFA had in 1996. But, the Pursuit Uplift chair is pretty much as completely adjustable as my chair at Disney was. And, I think the Herman Miller Aeron chairs start at $400, so the Pursuit chair comes in below that in cost. I've just been sitting in this chair for a few days, but it looks like it is going to be able to do everything I need it to do.

  • 5
    Excellent chair for the price

    Posted by Chase on Mar 30th 2019

    We needed an ergonomic chair to help with pain issues from sitting in front of a computer for extended periods. This chair's design (both aesthetically and comfort-wise) is surprisingly nice for one so (relatively) inexpensive. It's still a lot for a chair, but it beats the price jumping up hundreds for other models. The materials feel solid, though not quite as tough as some other mid-tier office chairs (but again, price point). It still feels like a chair that will last a good while (if you’re not rough on it).

    Adjusting all the adjustable parts is a little different than on most chairs I've encountered (pushing parts forward or back to raise/lower). That said, once you get it adjusted ideally for you and sit down in it, it feels like taking the center seat on a spaceship. The lumbar support feels nice, though the adjusting knob is somewhat difficult to manipulate (you’ll probably have to adjust it from behind the chair, rather than while sitting).

    The headrest is nice enough while sitting upright. The armrests are a little harder than I anticipated - and there are no detents when you change the armrest angle to help hold it in place. That said, they still move about how you want them to when you’re switching between keyboard, mouse, game controller, etc.

    The reclining tension adjust crank on this chair is the most pleasant I’ve ever used (most chairs have a diagonal knob under the seat that’s annoying to turn). This chair shines when you lean back in it. It has a slight glide feel with the way everything adjusts when you recline that’s pretty nice (for taking a break to meditate, etc.) It also rotates smoothly & easily and the controls are easy enough to learn quickly.

    We’re not sure yet how prolonged sitting periods will be on your backside, but the seat feels good for now. The chair was easy enough to assemble (you’ll need some strength to insert the casters into their holes, though).

    So far, we’re happy with the purchase. If you’re looking for a nice office chair and don’t want to spend a huge amount / don’t like a gaming chair look, this would be a good choice.

  • 5
    Great chair for the price

    Posted by Jack R. on Mar 25th 2019

    Normally you would expect an ergonomic office chair to cost upwards of $700 to $1000, but this does just fine for $320.

    There is next-to no assembly (casters and base, chair portion is already finished in box), and the adjustments are great. One adjustment I would have liked is to be able to recline to a certain point, rather than just being able to set the tilt to a certain point. Not enough of a problem to take a star off, but would be a nice feature.

    Also, note that the casters are *very* good (almost too good), and you're going to want a chair mat or something to arrest the movement of the chair so you don't keep rolling backwards every time you lean back - you'll subconsciously try to hold yourself in place with one foot or the other and get sore (I did).

    Do not be dissuaded by the weight specification. I weigh 250 lbs, and although the chair says the limit is 250 lbs, it sure feels like it could take a lot more weight than that. So, if you're in the ballpark of 250, don't be concerned. The chair is extremely comfortable once you set it up, and looks great too.

  • 5
    Good Chair, Great Price

    Posted by Geraint Krumpe on Jan 24th 2019

    I sat on a Humanscale 'Freedom' Chair for 14 years, I blindly followed the belief it was well designed and considerate of ergonomics and human factors. My knees and my back have been in pain for a decade and a half, and I stupidly thought it was my fault, like my body just sucks...My new chair is a major upgrade, and is $700 cheaper. I'm finally comfortable doing design work 60 hrs a week! Ha ha..

  • 5
    I was skeptic, but this chair is the real deal.

    Posted by Pa on Sep 10th 2018

    Had never heard of the brand before. I did not want to pay $500 to $1k on a Herman Miller chair. Decided to take a risk on this chair, and luckily, it was a great choice. The seat is extremely comfortable, the head rest and lumbar support are customizable to your build and the chair allows you to dictate the angle of the chair back. Basically, you fit the chair to support your build. For reference, I am 6’ 200lbs and this chair could easily fit someone around 6’4”.

  • 5
    Excellent Chair

    Posted by Mark E on Aug 8th 2018

    Was very skeptical about this chair as the price is that of the standard junk chair you pay for at Staples. Glad I took the chance it’s been amazing on my back. This should be sold everywhere finally something that doesn’t break the bank but is definitely quality product.

  • 4
    Great Chair, a few minor quibbles

    Posted by Tom on Mar 6th 2018

    This is a great chair for the price. I was a bit skeptical and tried to do a lot of research before ordering it as returning it would be a nightmare. I finally did it given the price and ratings I found. I have been very pleasantly surprised with how comfortable it is. Having used very expensive ergonomic furniture at work it compares favorably to those chairs. The box that it came in was completely thrashed to the point I thought for sure the chair would be damaged but its packaged well inside the box so that was good. Had a problem with one of the casters not fitting one of the spinners on the bottom got it to work and it was fine since, so if something doesn't fit try it in another one. I got the white one and so far after a few months its holding up great no marks or scuffs or other changes in color. The padding on the chair is great. Not overwhelming and not too mushy its perfect actually to support everything. The headrest is nice but trying to adjust it is a bit of a pain. Same with the bolster in the back area. They are fine but just not as elegant as other more expensive chairs. But again for the price, its a minor thing to put up with. Perhaps the biggest (minor) quibble I have with the chair overall is the arms are adjustable sideways but don't stay in that position so I find them slipping constantly and its annoying and also wish they were padded. At first I didn't think this would be much of an issue and its truly a minor one but still its a bit annoying. overall though given the price this chair is more than worth it. they priced it perfectly at $329. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

  • 5
    Great Chair - Highly Recommend

    Posted by John on Jan 29th 2018

    I was looking for some new office chairs for around $300 that we could sit in 8-10 hours a day if needed. In this price point there are so many options, but I liked the features that this chair offers and it made sense how they handle the adjustments to curb some of the costs. I have personally owned an Aeron and Embody and they have been my primary chairs for over 10 years combined, so I knew I was going to be a tough judge. I have to say that this chair really holds up well to those two. Granted it is not quite at those levels, but for 1/3 to 1/4th the price it is incredible! I am extremely impressed and have zero doubt this is the chair for our new office. In fact one of the developers who had recommended a $400 chair that he really likes, tried it out the other day and said that he now has buyers remorse because he is stuck with his chair and this one is so much better. You should definitely try this chair!

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The right chair can make all of the difference in your working comfort. The Pursuit Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk is up to the job of delivering you better support where you need it.

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