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Rosscraft Centurion Kit - Precise Anthropometric Measuring Tools

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The Rosscraft Centurion Kit includes their most popular tools for anthropometric measuring. Rosscraft is a leader in anthropometric instrument design and manufacturing. The company's mission is to help make people participants and witnesses in research in the service of humankind, providing both the tools and learning materials for assessing human physique and monitoring change with growth, exercise and nutrition.

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Under the direction of Dr. William Ross, the Research and Development division of Rosscraft has worked for over 30 years to improve and refine anthropometric tools. The Centurion Kit provides users with innovative and durable measurement devices that reflect a professional consensus on what is required for comprehensive anthropometry.

Rosscraft Centurion Kit

Rosscraft Centurion Kit

The Rosscraft Centurion Kit is a set of precise anthropometric measuring tools that includes:

  • 1 Campbell 20 (54 cm) wide sliding caliper with AP branches
  • 1 Campbell 10 (18 cm) small bone caliper
  • 1 Segmometer 4
  • 1 Headsquare w/Retractable Centimetre Measuring Tape
  • 2 Slim Guide Skinfold Calipers (Harpenden caliper also available)
  • 2 Steel anthropometric tapes adapted with patch zero indicator and filed notch
  • Cordura carrying case
  • Case Specifications- 70cm L x 35cm W x 10cm H, weighs 3.5 kg

The Rosscraft line of Campbell calipers are named after the late Mr. Robert Campbell, the inventor of the double siding branch principle, an exclusive Rosscraft design feature under US patent No. 4265021. To our knowledge, it is the only caliper on the market with long branches that do not bind under pressure at the tips. This allows for consistent pressure along the branches, resulting in the most accurate measurements possible. The Centurion Kit includes the Campbell 10 for small-bone measurements, and the Campbell 20 for larger.

Campbell 20 torso breadths such as acromial, transverse chest, and biiliocristal are obtained with straight branches. AP Chest and some head measurements are made using the AP Extension or Branch Pointers with olive tips. These are exactly 10 cm each (and can be calibrated using the adjustable screw and lock nut). Thus, the caliper reading from AP branch tips will be 20 cm too large (easily corrected by subtracting 20 cm constant in the data entry program or spread sheet).

Upper Campbell 20 widesliding torso caliper  Lower Campbell 10 small bone caliper

Rosscraft Campbell 20 Wide Sliding Torso Caliper L, with AP branches R

Campbell 10 small bone caliper, 18 cm, based on the sliding branch principle, has pressure plates 10 mm diameter that encompass the epicondyles.

Campell 10 Small Bone Caliper

Campbell 10 small bone caliper

Rosscraft's commitment to innovation is further seen in their Segmometer 4, included in this kit. The company's researchers originally created this segmometer using basic carpenter's tape, rubber bands, cotter pins, and glue. They discovered that this simple model was a better predictor for height and segmental lengths than an anthromometer, and its use is now standard. The Rosscraft model uses only a flexible tape instead of a bulky housing, with precision-machined base and slider indicators. Rosscraft's segmometer sets a new standard for precision.

The Headsquare included in the kit also reflects the company's responsiveness to the needs of professionals. A cumbersome stadiometer may be impractical in many situations. The solution is the Headsquare, which consists of a headboard and a retractable measuring tape, making it easy to measure both standing height and sitting height.

Rosscraft created the Slim Guide skinfold caliper, also included. The traditional Harpenden caliper is an available option with this kit, but you'll likely prefer the more economical and far more durable Slim Guide, made from ABS plastic.

segomometer 4  Segmometer use 2

Rosscraft has even improved upon anthropometric tape. To help with orientation and reading, they've added a patch zero indicator and notch.

Customer Reviews

Rosscraft Centurion Kit - Precise Anthropometric Measuring Tools
4.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
5 Stars

Works well
March 15, 2011
I bought this knowing it was a great kit. I'd like to confirm on this review that it is very well made and I recommend it.

4 Stars

Good kit
December 14, 2009
Good and practical kit.

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