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Humanscale FM300 Foot Machine Footrest

item#: HUS018

The Humanscale FM300 Foot Machine Footrest, uses unique, ball-bearing rollers to encourage gentle rocking of the feet. just like the way a rocking chair encourages movement. By involving most of the lower leg muscles, this rocking motion increases healthy circulation and prevents clotting and other health issues that can stem from inactivity. In addition, the FM300 is height adjustable for custom positioning. Scroll down to see more Humanscale FM300 Foot Machine Footrest features and specifications.

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The Humanscale FM300 Foot Machine functions as an excellent standard foot rest, providing support for the legs, relieving pressure on the lower back, and helping shorter users sit comfortably in an office chair with a cylinder that is too tall. However, thanks to the active rocking motion coaxed by the FM300 foot rest, this product also helps to prevent other long-term health issues. Research studies have shown that 70% of all women and 40% of all men have health issues such as blood clots, varicose veins and pressure on the Achilles tendon due to pooling of fluids in the lower limbs resulting from prolonged, inactive sitting. By encouraging movement, the Humanscale FM300 Foot Machine helps you sit healthier and prevent clotting and pressure in the lower limbs.

Humanscale FM300 Foot Machine Footrest Features

  • Ball bearing rollers
  • 3" height adjustment
  • Non-skid inset pads
  • Rubber feet

Technical Specifications

Platform Solid hardwood
Frame Steel
Side supports Phenolic
Metal finish Brushed aluminum
Dimensions 16" W x 11.875" D
Height range 3.75" - 6.75" H

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Customer Reviews

Humanscale FM300 Foot Machine Footrest
5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
Drummond Bowden
5 Stars

FM300 foot machine
August 18, 2013
Well designed, comfortable Drummond

5 Stars

August 14, 2013
Love it! This combined with the combined keyboard system has given back and neck pain relief! Love it!

Tom Bracken
5 Stars

June 26, 2011
very good

4 Stars

Great Footrest
May 14, 2009
I love the way this footrest rocks. I'm a little disappointed with it's adjustability. If I increase the height, the rails get squished and the footrest goes off of them while rocking. It works great at when it's at its lowest point though.

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