Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat E7 by UPLIFT Desk

Work on your feet with ideal support with the E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat by UPLIFT Desk
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Engage muscles as you stand for longer periods of time, take a good stretch break, and work with anti-fatigue support at your feet with the E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat by UPLIFT Desk.

Move around the mat and feel what active standing can do for your body. This lightweight, space-saving mat allows you to switch up your postures while on your feet. Put a foot on the incline at the front of the mat to stretch the arches of feet and your calves, or stand in position on the outer massage mounds to give your arches a little extra attention.

The durable standing mat features a high-density core for long-lasting, steadfast support and even comes with a heel grab feature on the back. This allows you to store your mat without having to bend over awkwardly to move it out of the way. For more engaging standing, step right up.


  • Encourages you to switch postures and provides ideal anti-fatigue standing support
  • Smaller footprint and lightweight construction is perfect for compact spaces
  • Heel grab feature allows mat to be moved without bending over to relocate it
  • Rest bar with textured surface at the front soothes and massages feet
  • Massage mounds on the outer edges help you stretch your arches and inner soles
  • Ideal for a variety of users, from children to adults
  • Made form 100% Polyurethane with no PVCs, phthalates or toxic materials


Dimensions 25.1" W x 21.4" D x 3.1" H (at thickest point)
Weight 5.3 lb
Material 100% Polyurethane
Warranty 15 year


  1. What makes an active mat different from other standing mats?

    An active mat provides anti-fatigue support like a traditional standing mat, but is designed with valleys, peaks, and shapes on the mat that help you vary your standing posture. Active mats combine the best of both worlds, active standing and anti-fatigue support, letting you switch up your stance when the mood strikes.

  2. Which mat should I get? The full-sized E7 Active Anti-Fatigue Mat or this mat?

    It depends on your setup and your workspace's dimensions. The full-sized E7 has a more spacious design, and works for most users who have enough space in their personal work area, with dimensions of at least 28.2" wide by 27.8" deep. The E7 Small Anti-Fatigue Mat by UPLIFT Desk has a smaller footprint and was made to work in areas with less space, with reduced dimensions of 25.1" wide by 21.4" deep. People who work in cubicles or cramped spaces might like the Small E7 Active Anti-Fatigue Mat more.

  3. What are massage mounds?

    Massage mounds are the two orbs on the outer edges of the E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat. These little mounds were designed to allow you to stand on them, one foot at a time or both, to stretch your calves and arches of your feet.

  4. How do I use the heel grab?

    The heel grab feature on this active mat is unique from most other active mats on the market. This handy little feature allows you to move your mat out of the way when you're done with it, without having to stop work and bend over to do it. Just set your toes or heel into the groove and slide it out of the way!

  5. Does this work with high heels?

    Because the mat is not flat throughout, we don't advise wearing high heels or tall shoes on the E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat.

  6. What material is this active mat made of?

    The E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat is made from 100% Polyurethane with no PVC, phthalates, PFOAs, PFOSs or toxic materials.


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