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Desk workers serious about finding a customized chair without spending a truckload of cash, you've come to the right place. ergoCentric offers a line of unique, fully configurable seating solutions for just about any application. In addition to office seating, ergoCentric offers chairs for law enforcement and security professionals and stools for those who stand during the day.

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ergoCentric Keyboard Trays

ergoCentric Chameleon Keyboard Trays feature a sturdy platform for your keyboard as well as an adaptable mouse platform that can be placed to the left or right of your keyboard as either a mouse-over, mouse-under or in-line platform, all without the use of tools. The Standard Chameleon Keyboard Tray gives you standard height and tilt adjustment, and the Chameleon Sit-Stand Keyboard Tray gives you even more height adjustment above the track. Easy to adjust and featuring built-in height and tilt range indicators, Chameleon Keyboard Tray Systems give you consistent, comfortable ergonomic positioning for your keyboard and mouse.

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ergoCentric Warranty Information

Human Solution and ergoCentric assure total customer satisfaction. The following information applies to all ergoCentric products:

Office Lifetime Warranty: ergoCentric Seating Systems hereby warrants all of its Office Seating products against defects and functional failure of materials including the pneumatic lift, for as long as the chair is in use by the original purchaser, with the following exceptions:

  • 10 Year Warranty: Mechanisms, arms, foam, fabric and ergoCentric+Guard
  • 5 Year Warranty: Vinyl, PVC-free Upholstery, leather, iCentric Mesh backrest structure and iCentric Mesh upholstery

Plus Size and 24 Hour Seating: The Plus Size seating warranty is valid for users weighing up to 350 lbs. For all 24 Hour seating, the warranty is valid for continuous use multi-shift operations for users weighing up to 280 lbs.

  • 5 Year Warranty: Mechanisms, arms, foam, fabric and ergoCentric+Guard

ergoCentric will repair or replace any product or materials, covered by this warranty, found to be defective or inferior within the warranted period. This warranty includes the cost of labor and shipping. Claims are to be made directly to ergoCentric or to the authorized dealer from whom the chairs were purchased. Product or materials for which a claim has been made, must be made available for inspection by an authorized ergoCentric representative.

These manufacturer's warranties shall be valid only during the term of these warranties; and while the products herein warranted are in the possession of the original purchaser. The original purchaser shall mean the party which first purchased the products for its own use whether from ergoCentric or an authorized ergoCentric dealer.

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