Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Right Hand Wired Mouse VM4R

Six programmable buttons give users more versatility for personalized mouse functions

There's a new desk accessory on the scene. The original design of the computer mouse has been revamped with the ergonomic Vertical Mouse 4 by Evoluent.

Designed for righties, this wired mouse helps stop unnatural twisting and clicking, keeping the hand in a neutral "handshake" position for more comfort.

Easy to get used to, you'll soon be mousing your way to better work and productivity.


  • 6 programmable buttons give users more versatility for personalized mouse functions
  • Pointer speed buttons now located on the side allow convenient adjustment without ever changing your grip on the mouse - up to 4 speeds
  • Designed with uncompromising comfort in mind
  • Larger flange for your pinky to rest and relax on while mousing
  • Updated internal software technology comes standard in new version
  • Made from 30% recycled plastic
  • Illuminated features turn off to indicate when the mouse is in sleep mode


Dimensions 3 1/2" W x 4 3/8" D x 3 1/4" H
Connectivity 6.6 ft cord with USB connector
Variable resolution From 800 to 2600 dpi
Sensor Infrared
Buttons Programmable buttons allow for different functions in different programs
Warranty 2 years

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  • 5
    Right Hand Wire Mouse VM4R

    Posted by Sandra Kusano on Oct 6th 2014

    Very easy on the hand - no stress

  • 5
    The best, no less

    Posted by Jeremy on Nov 22nd 2013

    Love it.
    I had been using Evoluent's wireless vertical mouse and loved using it. I've had two of them and after the second made the switch to the wired version. The problem with the wireless version is that it is relatively easy to break if you drop it (and yes I can be clumsy sometimes). I'm not having any issues with the wired mouse (I haven't dropped it, but the construction seems more solid and the innards less sensitive to bumps and knocks). And I really don't mind it being wired.

  • 5
    veritcal mouse

    Posted by Susan S on Sep 5th 2013

    I LOVE this mouse! wrist and arm pain are gone - finger numbness - gone.

  • 5
    Evoluent Vertical Mouse4: Right Hand Wired Mouse VM4R

    Posted by Lynda on Jul 28th 2013

    The tendonitis in my shoulder has improved since I have been using this mouse.

  • 3
    Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4

    Posted by TerryE on Jun 20th 2013

    Not the best for me...was too small for my hand. I prefer the ortho mouse.

  • 5
    Evoluent Vertical Mouse - Wired

    Posted by V. Frazier on Oct 27th 2012

    Why did I wait so long? I love it! It has been a 'miracle' help after carpel tunnel/wrist surgery. And I no longer have a caloused little finger. The touch is light and the cursor steady. Too bad for others that one cannot see/try it in any retail store. Well worth the investment.

  • 5
    Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4

    Posted by Michaelt on Apr 9th 2012

    I purchase this mouse for our Credit Department, our Human Resourse Department and for myself. I always get "big thank-you's" It always makes a difference in their comfort and,...productivity. The vertical mouse is and excellent product and well worth the cost.

  • 4
    Warning to Mac users!!

    Posted by Joan on Mar 14th 2012

    I recently purchased this mouse in an effort to reduce pain from tendonitis in my right arm. I am a graphic designer at a busy book publisher and have uses a mouse 40 hours a week for the last 15 years. Because I use a Mac and the manufacturer offers a driver for Windows only, I had to download shareware from USB Overdrive to enable programming of the buttons. The mouse ships with only a card that gives tips on holding it properly, how to sit while using it, and Windows install directions. The button diagram on this web site and the button descriptions provided by USB Overdrive are completely different. It takes a bit of trial and error to figure out which button is where. For example, the shareware lists one button as "Left Button", but come to find out it is actually the topmost button on the right side of the mouse. Go figure. It was frustrating but I finally got the buttons programmed for my needs. Once this was accomplished I found the mouse easy to use. The mouse has more programmable buttons than I need, but I may find uses for them in the future. Too soon to tell if it will help my tendonitis.

  • 3
    Airobic Quill v Evoluent

    Posted by 341a on Sep 30th 2011

    I had the Airobic mouse, the big white one, for about 3-4 years and then it started having connection/mechanical problems. No complaints about lifespan of the Airobic mouse. No complaints about ergonomics. Never had any discomfort etc. Two months ago I replaced it with the Evoluent Vert mouse 4 (lawyer so lots of internet clicking and word processing, no gaming). Operation is satisfactory, the double click button is hit or miss, seems to depend on what program you are clicking within. Nice feature when it works. Handles great compared to the Airobic which is clumsy.
    But the Airobic is clumsy with a purpose. By keeping your hand in that big cradle it keeps you from whipping your mouse around with your wrist. Two months in with the Evo and I can feel all kinds of symptoms of overuse or whatever coming back (I don't know anything about the medical jargon just that the discomfort from finger to elbow is slowly appearing once again). The Evo is no doubt much more ergonomic than a regular mouse and easier to use than the Airobic but my goal is to avoid injury and two months in it seems to be failing in that respect. Keep in mind that if you get the Airobic it will seem awkward to use but it has absolutely kept my finger2arm healthy for the last 3-4 yrs. Three stars compared to a reg mouse (one star for reg mouse), Airobic 5 stars for doing the real job of keeping one healthy.

This product comes standard with a 2-year warranty.

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