Humanscale Seats: Foam vs. Gel

Humanscale Seats: Foam vs. Gel

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 3rd 2009

The comparison of Gel versus Foam is the number one question we get when discussing Freedom and Liberty chairs. Happily, and perhaps frustratingly, there is no right answer here. Our own sales office is bitterly divided into two camps on the issue; for my two cents I like use a Gel seat on my Liberty chair, but here’s a quick rundown on the differences.

First, the Humanscale Foam seat: this is the seat that will always be found on Freedom and Liberty chairs at Humanscale showrooms. Why? Because the Humanscale double-stuffed foam seat is comfortable the second you sink into it. It’s an easy sell. Plop a style savvy customer into a soft, innovative chair that follows their every move and Mastercards just magically fall out of wallets. If your work situation has you up and down regularly, or if you are only spending short bursts of time seated in your chair, the foam is the default choice. It is the sprinter of seats- there is no reason to look any further.

If, however, you spend long hours in your chair there may be more to consider, and the optional Technogel seat excels at marathon workdays. The benefits of the gel seat kick in over extended use. For some the gel is a bit firm when they first take a seat in their Freedom or Liberty chair, but as the seat warms up it begins to mold around the user, dispersing their weight as evenly as possible. This efficient support of your body helps to reduce the aches and pains that can come from a long day locked in position.

So which seat should you choose? This post probably didn’t decide for you, but hopefully you can now make an educated decision based on your needs.  The foam seat is unquestionable the king of cush. If you like soft, overstuffed seats, then foam is the winner. For users pulling overtime or remaining fixed at their desks for long stretches, we typically recommend the Gel upgrade. After warming to your body, the gel evenly distributes the user’s weight and helps to reduce the fatigue associated with long hours in the saddle.

If Gel sounds like the fit for you, then keep in mind you’ll need to select from one of the compatible fabric options (leather cannot bind with the gel seat). The gel is currently available in Vellum, Wave, Bridget Stripe and Squiggle fabrics.

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