Kids Active Stool by UPLIFT Desk

Let kids fidget, wobble, and burn off some energy with the Kids Active Stool by UPLIFT Desk

Give kids freedom to fidget and burn off a little extra energy as they play and learn with the Kids Active Stool by UPLIFT Desk.

Designed with a gently rounded base that lets the stool tilt in all directions, this ergonomic, fixed height stool lets little ones sit in whole new ways, ones that allow them to move and fitstheir bodies better than traditional chairs. With nearly infinite ways to sit on this stool, children are freed from the confining and uncomfy postures that some school chairs are guilty of forcing them into, giving them the option to switch seats when they feel like it.

A growing body of evidence shows that students learn better when they're allowed to stand and move more throughout the day. Let your students sit or "perch" on this seat, which is healthier for their knees, hips, and back. It'll fit right in thanks to two vibrant color options, letting you add a dash of color to your playroom, classroom, or homework area.


  • Fixed height stool encourages children to perch, wobble, and move for better ergonomics
  • Comfortable and convex seat is constructed out of rubber for advanced gripability
  • Slip-resistant base pad stabilizes the stool for safe and dynamic seating
  • No assembly required, ready to use straight out of the box


Dimensions 17" H x 12" seat diameter x 11.2" base diameter
Weight 6.7 lb
Weight capacity 250 lb
Warranty 15 year


  1. What is an "active stool"?

    Active stools are ergonomic seating options that allow the user to perch and move on the stool, and in this case, wobble. The Kids Active Stool by UPLIFT Desk is designed to fit kids' bodies and let them move more while seated, so they can choose how to sit from minute to minute, adjusting their posture throughout the day.

  2. Is sitting on this stool like sitting on a balance ball?

    Kind of! The Kids Active Stool will keep little ones engaged similar to a balance ball. But with this body-engaging, yet stable stool, kids get the added benefit of a supportive stool that won't roll away when they stand up!

  3. How does this work? Is it stable?

    The Kids Active Stool by UPLIFT Desk is stable thanks to an anti-slip rubberized bottom that grips the floor, even when users tilt and rotate on the stool. We do advise, however, that users keep at least one foot firmly planted on the ground to ensure that too much weight is not shifted to one side, which could affect the stability of the stool.

  4. Can this stool replace standard school chairs?

    While the Kids Active Stool can be used as a side seat to your kid's full-time school chair, if users plan to sit for extended periods, we advise switching up seats from time to time, from stool to traditional chair.

  5. Is this portable?

    Yes. The stool weighs just under 7 pounds, so it's easy to move around the classroom while maintaining enough stabilizing weight to keep the stool upright on the floor.

  6. What colors can I pick from?

    At this time, you can only get the Kids Active Stool in a blue or a green base. All stools come with gray seats.

  7. How comfortable is this stool?

    This stool has been extensively tested and the results were clear: kids love being able to perch and move on the Kids Active Stool! Once they get used to sitting on an active stool, you'll see a difference in their moods, energy levels, and focus, evidence that it's a comfy seating solution for kids!

  8. Will this stool tip over while my child is sitting on it?

    Thanks to the rubber non-slip base on the bottom, your stool will be stable and stay upright when kids are perched on top of it. However, do not try to test the limits of the stool by leaning too far to the side or back, because gravity is real and this can cause the stool to tip over.

  9. Will this work on carpet?

    Yes, carpet and rugs are suitable surfaces for use of this stool. It also works on hard surfaces like concrete and hardwood.

  10. How long can I comfortably sit on the stool?

    Sitting for long stretches of time may cause children to become fatigued, which is why we recommend switching postures. We advise using this stool as a complement to other seating options, and giving kids the freedom to switch from chair to chair when their bodies need it.





Add motion to your child's static study area with the Kids Active Stool by UPLIFT Desk. This fixed height motion stool is available in solid blue or green. Each stool comes with a gray seat. Your child can sway, wobble, or perch at their desk with this active stool.



From Pre-K to 5th grade, we have a Kids Active Stool model to fit each and every kid! Choose the 15" active stool for kids with heights from 40" to 49" and ages 5 to 7. Or choose the 17" active stool for children with heights between 49" to 59" and from ages 7 to 10.


Just a note: These are our recommendations. Taller children or kids with longer legs will need to choose the 17" stool for the most comfort.


To see more information about both models, please see our Specifications below:


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