Starling Stool by UPLIFT Desk

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  • Take the pressure off your feet and stay active throughout your workday, with a sit-stand stool that makes switching between sitting and perching natural and easy
  • Get more motion into your day with 10 degrees of tilt in all directions from the base's center, and make collaboration easy with 360 degrees of seat rotation
  • Portable, lightweight frame and ergonomic handle add mobility
  • Reduce pressure on the back of your legs with the waterfall seat edge
  • Liven up your office with a variety of vibrant seat colors
  • Wide circular base gives you stability so you can tilt and swivel with confidence
  • Fast, tool-free assembly

Starling Stool by UPLIFT Desk

If you've been looking for more energy and more focus at work, you know that sitting all day isn't good for you, but standing all day wouldn't be comfortable either. A sit stand stool can help you find a middle ground, allowing you to switch between sitting, standing, and supported standing, known as "perching," throughout the day.

In addition to tilting to 10 degrees in any direction to take pressure off your feet, the Starling Stool aligns your spine into a neutral position to prevent the discomfort that comes from long sitting or standing with poor posture. Its waterfall seat edge won't impede circulation to your legs like other flat-front seats can, and the natural perching motion gently engages your back, legs, and core muscles for a healthier, more energized workday. The Starling Stool also swivels 360 degrees for collaboration with coworkers around you - or just to introduce a bit of fun motion into your day.

Swivel and Rock Out

Rock and tilt 10 degrees in any direction on the Starling Stool, and swivel 360 degrees from a pivot point at the base, for movement that will keep you focused and balanced. Collaborate with your colleagues beside and behind you with easy rotation. This comfortable side seat makes an excellent compliment to your lumbar-supporting office chair.

Soft Comfort Meets Cutting Edge Style

The Starling Stool's soft fabric seats come in a variety of colors to liven up your office decor. Choose the pop of color that best adds character to your space. If the high-contrast look isn't for you, that's okay! Classic gray is also available, for a dignified traditional office aesthetic.

Switch between sitting and perching throughout the day, using the Starling Stool's adjustable height to ensure you can always keep your feet on the ground - and your knees at right angles, not in your chest--keeping your core and your mind engaged. Rest your feet without having to noisily roll chairs around. And this seat is designed to keep you comfortable - its waterfall front prevents the stool from cutting off circulation to your legs, even if you sit on the edge.

Light and Portable

Need to stay focused and stretch your legs in a long meeting? Bring the Starling Stool with you to the conference room using the ergonomic handle on the back. Weighing in at only 11 lbs. 6 oz., it's a breeze to carry, and the flat circular base's wide surface area means you won't have to sacrifice stability for mobility.

Easy Assembly

Forget drills and complicated instructions. The Starling Stool is designed to assemble in just a matter of minutes, with no tools required. Get up and active in no time!



Weight capacity 297.6 lbs
Weight 11 lbs 6 oz
Seat pivot 360 degrees
Seat size 14.25" W x 14" D
Seat height 23.6" - 33.2"
Overall height 24.5" - 34.1"
Overall width 22.1"
Overall depth 15.5"
Warranty 1 year
Shipping dimensions 16" W x 9" H x 20" D, 14 lbs


  1. Can I adjust the height of my stool?

    Yes you can! You can adjust the seat height of the Starling Stool from 23.6" - 33.2". Most users can sit or perch comfortably in this range.

  2. "Perch"? What's that?

    Perching is a supported standing position in which you rest your seat on the chair, but distribute some weight forward to your legs and feet. This is a natural position that encourages a neutral spine and a more open hip angle than ordinary sitting, helping relieve pressure on your hips and back, so you can feel better at the end of the workday.

  3. But I can still sit on this stool, right?

    You most certainly can! The Starling Stool is height adjustable, so you can lower it to sit with your feet on the ground, and pick it back up when you want to perch.

  4. What colors can I get?

    The Starling Stool is available in a selection of vibrant colors, including Myrtle Green, Orange, and Blue. If your office is more traditional, or you just have classic taste, try Brown or Gray to suit your decor.

  5. Is the Starling Stool the only office chair I need?

    The Starling Stool is quite comfortable, and you can both sit and perch in it, but it is not meant to fully replace your ergonomic office chair with full lumbar support. When sitting for several hours a day, most people require support for their backs to guard against aches and fatigue. Try one of our ergonomic office chairs to help with all day back support.


Brighten Up Your Office

Add a splash of color to your office with Myrtle Green, Brown, Gray, Orange, and Blue fabric options on your Starling Stool.

Starling Stool by UPLIFT Desk

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