Whiteboard Desk Markers and Eraser by UPLIFT Desk (Discontinued)

Whiteboard Desk Markers and Eraser by UPLIFT Desk are designed to let you write and erase on your Whiteboard Desk.


  • Works in conjunction with the Whiteboard Sit-Stand Desk by UPLIFT Desk or any standard whiteboard material
  • Write on any whiteboard or spray-on dry erase surface, then wipe clean with included eraser or dry cloth
  • Ink goes on smoothly, dries quickly, and is easy to erase
  • Bullet-tip felt markers are easier to use than chisel tip varieties
  • Magnetic eraser attaches to your whiteboard desk for easy access
  • Four markers included - black, green, red, and blue

Whiteboard Desk Markers and Eraser by UPLIFT Desk

The perfect accessory for the Whiteboard Sit-Stand Desk by UPLIFT Desk, this pack of dry erase markers will get you actively taking notes, outlining presentations, and interacting with your colleagues. Write smoothly and cleanly on any dry erase surface, and wipe clear with the included eraser, or any clean, dry cloth. Get a quick boost to your team's productivity and focus.

A Splash of Color

Dry erase markers contain an ink that writes smoothly and dries quickly, and they come in four different colors: black, blue, green, and red. The vibrant colors are striking and easy to see, even at a distance. Use them for presentations and illustrations in the meeting room, as well as for calendar and task updates at your desk. The markers' bullet tips let you determine the weight of your stroke, and make for comfortable, controlled writing.

Doodle on Your Desktop

Add these markers on to your Whiteboard Sit-Stand Desk by UPLIFT Desk. This special desktop surface is made for dry erase writing, and dedicates your entire workspace to keeping notes, outlining projects, and making colorful decorations. Furnishing your space complete with Whiteboard Desks by UPLIFT Desk builds up your office's sense of creativity and productivity, and makes it fun and easy to collaborate at anybody's desk!



Contents 4 dry erase markers: black, red, blue, and green
1 magnetic eraser
Tip style Bullet tip
Shipping dimensions 5.75" W x 1" H x 7.6" D


  1. Can I use these markers with my current whiteboard?

    You can. Any whiteboard or spray-on dry erase surface is compatible with the UPLIFT marker set.

  2. Are these compatible with any laminate/eco/other UPLIFT Desk desktop?

    These markers are only suitable for the UPLIFT Whiteboard Sit-Stand Desk. Do not use any markers, chalk, pens, or paints on any other desktop, UPLIFT or otherwise.

  3. What color markers come in this bundle?

    This pack includes four markers in black, blue, red. and green.

  4. What does "bullet tip" mean?

    Most dry erase markers are either bullet tip or chisel-tip. Chisel tip markers have a flat, angular tip, similar to a highlighter. Bullet tips are conical and have a point at the end. Both styles of marker can be used for wide, thick lines or finer point writing, but most people find bullet tips more comfortable to work with.


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