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Calculate the ideal height for your ergonomic desk, chair and keyboard

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Our ergonomic assessment tool is a quick and easy solution for determining the ideal height for your sit-stand desk, ergonomic chair, keyboard tray and monitor arm. Simply enter your own height; the desk height calculator will provide a set of reliable baseline measurements to help you work with maximum comfort and efficiency.

Note that these measurements use an average of male and female anthropometric dimensions. Data is based on the 1988 Anthropometric Survey of United States Army Personnel. Ethnic and population differences can vary slightly.

Get started setting up your ideal ergonomic workstation with our desk height calculator:

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Standing Eye
Height Range
Standing Elbow
Height Range
Sitting Eye
Height Range
Sitting Elbow
Height Range
Seat Height
20'' - 30'' to Screen
10º - 20º Tilt

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Tips for using the ergonomic adjustment tool

  • Factor shoe height (typically 1'') or any clothing allowances into dimensions
  • Adjust your workstation to vary posture throughout the day; standing while using the computer helps vary your posture the most
  • Using bifocal lenses can require lower monitor heights
  • Your comfort is most important. If a specific measurement feels uncomfortable or awkward, reposition your equipment so that it feels more comfortable
  • This calculator is not intended as a substitute for professional on-site ergonomic assessment
  • Email or print the results for future reference

Learn more about setting up your ergonomic workspace

  • Sit-stand desks are quickly becoming a popular trend in American workplaces. The idea is simple. By limiting the amount of time you spend seated in a given day, you can stave off a variety of potential health risks. Sit-stand desks also allow you to easily raise and lower your keyboard and monitor to proper heights. Check out our sit-stand desks or fill out our height adjustable desk selector tool for some expert suggestions on which desk will work for you.

  • An ergonomic chair is designed to fit your body and keep you comfortable over the course of an eight hour work day. Features such as seat depth adjustment and adjustable lumbar support allow you to vary your posture and stay efficient. View our selection of ergonomic chairs or fill out out ergonomic chair selector tool for expert recommendations.

  • A keyboard tray is a crucial, yet sometimes overlooked component of any proper ergonomic setup. The role of the keyboard tray is simple: to bring the keyboard to you so you don't have to adjust to it. This can add up to a significant impact on quite a few muscles and tendons. Take a look at our ergonomic keyboard trays or fill out our keyboard tray selector tool to get expert suggestions.

  • A monitor arm is a highly adjustable arm that attaches to your desk, usually with a bolt-through or clamp mount. Once you have your monitor arm installed, you will be able to adjust your monitor as needed throughout the day. This is especially beneficial to your eyes and your neck. Shop for monitor arms at The Human Solution or fill out our monitor arm selector tool to have one of our ergonomic experts provide recommendations.

  • You can also complete our online OSHA Office Assessment Checklist for additional help configuring your office properly, or feel free to check out our ergonomic consulting referral section if you would like to speak with an ergonomist for more detailed information.

Ready to start building your perfect workstation? Browse the pages below to find the ergonomic desk and accessories that will work best for you. We offer endless combinations and customizations, so you can find what fits you and your space best!

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