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Cricket Laptop Stand for Laptops, Tablet PCs, and the iPad

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The Cricket Laptop Stand makes it super easy to create an ergonomic "office" anywhere you go simply using your laptop PC and a keyboard. This cool little stand is also the perfect ipad stand and works well with touchscreens. With this notebook stand, you can accomplish what you cannot do with a laptop alone - place your screen high enough to avoid straining your neck and eyes. The Cricket folds up small for easy stowing. Scroll down for more details and specifications.

This item has been discontinued.
The Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook and Tablet Stand GTLS-0055U is a great replacement.

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Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard GTP-0044W
List Price: $149.00
Our Price: $119.00
Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook and Tablet Stand GTLS-0055U
List Price: $49.00
Our Price: $29.00
Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook Stand GTLS-0055
List Price: $59.00
Our Price: $49.00
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The extremely portable Cricket lets you avoid the hunched over position that strains your back and neck while using your laptop, tablet PC or iPad. This ergonomic accessory offers a simple way to elevate your screen to a healthy and comfortable viewing height. The Cricket also provides for airflow to keep your computer cool, but best of all, the Cricket is extremely portable and folds up small enough to fit in your pocket or laptop case. Tablet PC users find the adjustable angle lets them pick the most comfortable position for writing.

Features - Cricket Laptop Stand

  • Offers height adjustability so you can raise a laptop screen to a comfortable viewing position
  • Supports laptops of all widths, and suitable for laptops up to 12 pounds
  • Enhances airflow to keep your notebook cool
  • Fits easily into your pocket or bag
  • Compatible with all brands of laptops and tablet PCs
  • Crafted of 70% recyclable materials
  • Available in Mac white, Eco green or Charcoal colors

cricket laptop accessory colors

Cricket Laptop stand with iPad

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Customer Reviews

Cricket Laptop Stand for Laptops, Tablet PCs, and the iPad
5 Stars based on 11 Review(s)
5 Stars

Cricket Laptop Stand
November 21, 2013
Great product.

4 Stars

Does the job
August 17, 2012
The Cricket Laptop Stand has greatly improved my ergonomic set up at home. I was suffering from RSI in my wrists and by using this, a vertical mouse and a wacom tablet I am cured! The only downfall is that is can be a little difficult to open. Perhaps I am just weak, but I find that I have to do it with two hands as the button gets stuck. I still recommend it though, and for the price you can't ask for much more.

5 Stars

Cricket Laptop Stand
June 29, 2012
Got one and then got another! Always on the move and the cricket goes with me. Allows me to turn my laptop into an ergonomically healthy position with my wireless keyboard and mouse. My back and neck are saved! Great purchase.

5 Stars

Great solution for a reasonable price
January 17, 2011
I just got myself a second stand after a really good experience with the first. I have one at the office and for home/travel. It is very portable, especially compared to other products in the category, and yet it provides a very stable laptop stand with varying angles. I highly recommend it, especially for use with an external keyboard and mouse.

5 Stars

May 27, 2010
So, this is probably the single best computer accessory I have ever purchased, hands down. It allows me to position my laptop on the desk, with an external keyboard, as if it were a regular 17" monitor. The ergonomics are perfect. Since I am using a Falcon-Northwest DRX laptop (really more of a "desktop replacement" since it weighs in at 12 pounds) with the best current desktop CPU inside (the Intel Extreme i7-980x) I basically have the full power of a desktop system in a compact form factor. This product is awesome.

Harriet Tuch
5 Stars

Cricket portable stand
May 3, 2010
This really helps with the neck and shoulders.

4 Stars

Cricket for Axiotron Modbook
April 26, 2010
I purchased the Cricket for my Axiotron Modbook, which is pretty heavy and requires elevation for most art projects. Although the Cricket was a little pricey, it works as advertised, providing a solid stand for the Axiotron Modbook. It would be nice if the Cricket had adjustable prongs on the legs so that the Modbook could be lifted higher off the desktop (say two inches), but the Cricket is really aimed at laptops, so the low height would be a problem.

Barbara Ballard
5 Stars

Portable and Sturdy
April 20, 2010
I was worried about whether this would work well with the pressures of a tablet computer and resting my hand on it. It's doing great!

James E
5 Stars

Great Modbook Accessory!
March 15, 2010
What an awesome little stand! So compact, and fits neatly into the already tiny laptop bag I bought for my modbook tablet. Holds very steady when I'm drawing in sketchbook pro or sculpting in zbrush too! Adjustable angles are perfect for any surface/work configuration.

R. D. Hughes
5 Stars

Great Laptop Stand
January 16, 2010
Lightweight, eco-friendly, compact, easy to use and functional. A great portable laptop stand.

Joy S.
5 Stars

Cricket Stand Review
November 8, 2009
Our dept ordered 4 Cricket Portable Stands and we absolutely love them!