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Conset 501-27 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base

item#: CST127

The Conset 501-27 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base is a lightweight, but strong, ergonomic desk base. This electric height adjustable sit-stand desk base is capable of raising and lowering loads up to 275 lbs (including table surface) smoothly. With a height range of 25.75", the Conset 501-27 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base is suitable for a wide array of people to use either sitting or standing. This item is the Base Only.

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This ergonomic desk frame is available in several sizes. All bases have a height range from 21" to 47", before a desktop is added.

Model Dimensions
501-27-8S084 32.9" (83.5 cm) wide
22.2" (56.4 cm) deep
501-27-8S129 50.9" (129.2 cm) wide
22.2" (56.4 cm) deep
501-27-8S152 59.9" (152.1 cm) wide
22.2" (56.4 cm) deep


Conset 501-27 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base Dimensions

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The caster set consists of 4 turnable wheels - all with wheel locks. The wheels are easily mounted using a threaded hole and come with all the necessary fittings. The size of the wheels (75mm diameter) ensures that the table is easy to move.

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Conset 501-27 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Bases are designed to address a common problem with office work: staying in a seated position for too long can lead to discomfort and reduce alertness and productivity. Using an electric height adjustable desk, one can easily switch to a standing position. With a travel rate of 1.1" per second, this electric sit-stand height adjustable desk base raises and lowers in seconds. Height adjustment is controlled with a switch mounted on the front edge of the worksurface.

Features - Conset 501-27 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base

  • Lightweight construction
  • Heavy-duty lift capacity
  • Wide height range
  • Smooth electric motor height adjustment
  • Integrated cable tray
  • 5-year warranty on frame and metal parts; 2-year warranty on motor

Technical Specifications

Height range 21.25" - 47" (without desktop)
Weight capacity
(including worksurface)
275 lbs
Travel rate 1.1"/second
Power supply 80 W AC transformer
Color Silver powder-coat
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Customer Reviews

Conset 501-27 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base
4 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Brand X Desing & Construction
4 Stars

Uplift 444
June 20, 2013
As noted by others, the desk is not rock steady and typing generates motion in the monitors, which in my case are attached to a Humanscale M8 monitor arm. If I'm walking on the treadmill it doesn't matter much, as it feels like everything is in motion, but it can be occasionally irritating in standing mode. If I move the desk all the way down to sitting height it is much more stable, but that is not my preferred mode for this desk, as I have a sitting desk and my cpu carrier impacts the bulge on my treadmill about an inch higher than optimum. I've used a butcher block from Ikea as a desktop, which is lovely, but is a budget piece of wood. No reflection on this desk, but don't expect a flat piece of wood if you go this route. A solid core door would perform better. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the set up, have no problem with the two button safety set up, and would recommend this unit to anyone.

Rafael Macho
2 Stars

May 5, 2013
The installation was great and easy and the design is great. I was very excited to get this table and to replace my Ikea table. But to my surprise it is not very stable, either at a lower position and high position. And I was told that this was the "heavier" model, stable one. I was wondering if I should return it, but in the end I will have to accommodate to the shaking monitor every time I have some move on my Wacom tablet. I am doing graphic design work, so nothing really shaky.

Manuel Romero
4 Stars

Great Desk - Minor Things
September 27, 2012
The desk works and being able to stand is great. The minor things are: 1) You have to push two switches are the same time to move the desk up or down. It would be much better it is was one one switch or a switch for up and one for down. 2) I wish the desk would go about an inch lower. It is true to the specs just a wish. The desk moves up and down smoothly. Human Solution Comment: The UpLift 444 switch designers thought that having 2 buttons on the switch improves safety. We aren't sure about that though as we sell both types of switches and both are safe. Most folks get used to simply pushing both buttons in fairly quickly so it's a bit strange for a day maybe until you get used to it. We can do a one button switch if requested, it's a slight upcharge on this desk. Please contact us if you'd like the different switch.

5 Stars

444 Base
April 27, 2012
Used a solid core door as the desk top. Works great.

5 Stars

Great desk but a bit loud
March 19, 2012
Desk works perfectly for me and even though it doesn't look as nice as the Uplift 800 series it is less expensive so it was in my budget. My only complaint is the sound which is louder than the Uplift 800 series. All electric desks make a sound but this Uplift 444 desk is louder than the 800 series when you raise it and not quite as smooth. It also moves a bit more side to side compared with the 800 series when I pushed on them. But like I said, it was the right price for me. Thanks for having me into your showroom to check them out! You guys are the experts!

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