3D Tube Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT Desk


Choose from dark gray and white color options to hang on your wall

An unsilenced ringtone here, a little chitchat there - all of this background noise adds up to make one very distracting office. Give you and your team freedom from noisy office disturbances with the 3D Tube Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT Desk.

Thin and lightweight, you'll love the sound-sheltered room you can create by installing one (or a few) wall panels. They attach to almost any flat wall and instantly improve the quiet in offices all over.

When you want to turn down the decibels in your immediate work area, the 3D Tube Acoustic Wall Panel makes it possible, one panel at a time.


  • Panels dampen environmental noise to create a quieter work area
  • Lightweight sound-absorbing panels affix to almost any flat wall
  • Can be used alone or in multiples to create customized sound insulation
  • Constructed out of dense yet thin polyester fiberboard
  • Panels have a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of .8
  • Note: Additional materials are required for installation


Panel dimensions 19.75" W x 19.75" H x 2.5" D
Thickness 2.5 mm
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) .8
Material Pressed Polyester fiberboard
Warranty 5 years


  1. What are 3D Tube Acoustic Wall Panels? Why do I need these?

    UPLIFT Desk designed 3D Tube Acoustic Wall Panels for the purpose of reducing background noise in your environment while adding a visually stimulating piece of decor to your workspace. If you find it's hard to concentrate in your office, these panels help you create a quieter workspace with one (or a few) additions.

  2. How many can I use at a time?

    Use as many as you want! You can use these panels alone or in multiples, as many as your wall can fit! The panels are 19.75 inches square, so if you do a little math you can figure out how many fit on your wall space. The more you use, the more sound that is dampened, so if you need more sound absorption these panels help.

  3. Is it hard to install the panels to my wall?

    Installation of these panels is easy and works thanks to 4 mounting clips and adhesive strips. Just affix the mounting clips on the outside corners of the panel, remove one side of the tape on the strip, place the sticky side of the strip on the mount (repeat for all clips), and then remove the remaining piece of tape to secure it to your wall. Press and hold the panel to your wall for about 30 seconds per mounting clip to secure it completely. Panels can also be installed via a hot glue gun or Velcro for a DIY assembly, if you'd rather, which will require additional materials that are not in this kit.

  4. How much sound is absorbed by the panels?

    3D Tube Acoustic Wall Panels boast a Noise Reduction Coefficient of .8; this means that 80% of sound that reaches the panels is absorbed. In Acoustics, zero absorption is 0 and perfect absorption is 1, so these panels greatly reduce ambient noise in your space with an easy, affordable, and wall-mounted addition.



Outfit your wall with the 3D Tube Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT Desk, available in dark gray and white. Each Wall Panel is made from polyester fiberboard to dampen the office chatter. Not only do these panels function to reduce the ambient noise in your office, they also add a nice backdrop to your plain jane office wall.

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