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Acoustic Privacy Panels let you create a more productive workspace
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Once upon a time, there was the Open Office. Although designed to foster better collaboration, some work habits just didn't take well to the wide open and often distracting office floor plans that these workplace designs became known for. As these outdated layouts are phased out, the Flexible Office is taking its place, and UPLIFT Desk Acoustic Privacy Panels are here to offer a bit of reprieve from workspace distractions, starting with your desktop.

Affordable all-in-one solutions that modify your workstation for better privacy, Acoustic Privacy Panels block sound, letting you focus on the task at hand and not the story about your office mate's weekend. Whatever desk setup you are at currently, Acoustic Privacy Panels can help you work better, and with fewer distractions.

Made of dense Polyester fiber board that clamps onto surfaces up to 1.75 inches thick, more privacy comes by way of back and side panels that quickly and easily attach to almost any desktop, letting you create a productive sanctuary at your workstation. These are ideal desktop additions for nearly any desk, from our UPLIFT standing desks to your current desk. And the .85 Noise Rating Coefficient of the panels means that 85% of sound is absorbed, allowing only 15% to reflect back into the room.

Acoustic Privacy Panels are available in your pick of back and side panels; back panels are installed at the rear of your desk, while side panels go on one or both sides, allowing you to create the ideal (and idea-facilitating!) workspace for you. 


  • Blocks sound - constructed out of dense Polyester fiberboard with .85 Noise Rating Coefficient (NRC)
  • Sturdy yet lightweight - panels are 0.6" thick
  • May be used on standing desks or fixed-height desks
  • Easy clamp-on installation - fits on desks up to 1.75" thick, installs in minutes
  • Tackable surface - pin personal items to individualize your space
  • Choose your color - several color options to choose from
  • A size for every desk - 40", 52", 64", and 72" wide panels fit on all UPLIFT Desk models
  • This accessory is also compatible with non-UPLIFT desks


Material Polyester fiber (50% recycled Polyester fiber)
Height Side panel: 15.5"
Back panel: 22"
Width Side panel: 22"
Back panel: 40", 52", 64", or 72"
Thickness 0.6" thick
Required desktop thickness (for clamps) 0.75" - 1.75"
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0.85
Color Dark Gray, Light Gray, Lagoon Blue, Brown, or Green
Warranty 15 years
Shipping dimensions 22x15.5 Panel - 16" W x 23" D x 2" H, 4 lb
40x22 Panel - 23" W x 41" D x 2" H, 7 lb
52x22 Panel - 23" W x 53" D x 2" H, 10 lb
64x22 Panel - 23" W x 65" D x 2" H, 12 lb
72x22 Panel - 23" W x 73" D x 2" H, 13 lb
Fire Rating Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08


  1. How do Acoustic Privacy Panels block sound?

    UPLIFT Desk Acoustic Privacy Panels are constructed out of dense, high-quality fiber board that was designed to absorb and dampen noise from the environment. Installing them at your workstation allows you to block background noise so you can work with fewer interruptions, while also adding a little extra privacy to your desk.

  2. Why do I need Acoustic Privacy Panels at my desk?

    We recommend Acoustic Privacy Panels for anyone who works in an open office or "flexible office" floor plan, for students, for co-op workspaces, and pretty much any desk that would use a bit of a reprieve from unwelcome distractions.

  3. What is the deal with back and side panels?

    We designed Acoustic Privacy Panels to solve a very common problem - the need to block office distractions. The system works with back and side panels, which let you install the panels to the back and sides of your desk, respectively.

  4. How much noise can they buffer?

    Our Acoustic Privacy Panels have a .85 NRC value, or Noise Reduction Coefficient. This means that 85% of the sound waves entering into the material will be absorbed, while the remaining 15% will reflect back out of the material into the room.

  5. Do Acoustic Privacy Panels work on non-UPLIFT Desks?

    Yes, these will fit other standing desks and fixed-height desks up to 1.75" thick. Just measure your desk to see how wide you need your panel to be to fit your desk.

  6. Can I use the Acoustic Privacy Panel with a monitor arm?

    Most monitor arms can be used with these privacy panels. Many monitor mounts are flat on the back and will not interfere at all with installation of the panel. You can also mount the panels slightly further back, to accommodate mounts that protrude 3/4" or less.

  7. Is assembly and installation of the Acoustic Privacy Panels easy?

    You bet it is! To assemble and install the Acoustic Privacy Panels, just attach the included clamp brackets and support brackets to the panel with a few screws, and clamp onto the back of your desk.

  8. What do you mean by Acoustic "Privacy" Panels?

    Not only do our panels stop noise before they ruin your concentration, they allow you to build a work sanctuary, right at your desktop.

  9. What are side panels for?

    To dampen sounds from all angles! To create a focus fostering workspace, install a main unit on the back of your desk and a side panel to the left and right sides.

  10. What colors can I choose? 

    We're proud to offer you three colors from which to choose: dark gray, light gray, lagoon blue, brown and, green. Pick the panel that suits your style the best.

  11. Help! I can't find the mounting holes on my privacy panel!

    The holes may be hard to see because they're plugged. Look near the bottom side of the panel for four hexagon-shaped marks. These may be easier to see on one side of the panel, so if you don't see them on one side, check the other. Once you find them, simply pop the plug out with your finger and insert the mounting hardware.

  12. What's the purpose of these Acoustic Privacy Panels?

    Many modern office designs consist of more "open" floor plans, but not everyone works well that way. That's why we designed the Acoustic Privacy Panels by UPLIFT Desk. These cost-effective desk accessories help you work better with just a few easy additions.

  13. Do I really need these?

    If you struggle to focus at your desk, if your office has a lot of background noise, if you just prefer more quiet at work, our Acoustic Privacy Panels are here for you. They're similar to the folders you used in elementary school during tests to block out distractions - except our panels block both sight and sound!

  14. Can I choose my hardware?

    Yes you can pick your Privacy Panel hardware from a trio of colors, chosen to match our desk frames: white, black, and gray.

  15. What are these panels made out of?

    Acoustic Privacy Panels are made from only the sturdiest, densest Polyester fiber board, 50% of which is made from recycled materials. 

  16. Can I use this with other desks?

    Yes, this accessory is compatible with UPLIFT and non-UPLIFT desks.





Back Panel

Acoustic Privacy Panels are available in four sizes that can be mounted along the back of your workstation. The back privacy panel is compatible with 42 to 80 inch desktops.

Back panel dimensions 40" W x 22" H x 0.6" D 52" W x 22" H x 0.6" D
64" W x 22" H x 0.6" D 72" W x 22" H x 0.6" D

Side Panel

For a complete workstation partition solution, add a side panel to one or both sides of your UPLIFT desk. The side privacy panels are shorter than the back privacy panel to dampen noise without completely obstructing the view from your desk.

Side panel dimensions 22" W x 15.5" H x 0.6" D


Adding a barrier between desks doesn't have to be drab. Choose between dark gray, light gray, lagoon blue, brown, or green for your Acoustic Privacy Panel. The polyester surface of the panel doubles as tack board for your notes or pictures.


Hardware Color

Black, gray, or white mounting hardware add a bit of contrast to the UPLIFT Desk Acoustic Privacy Panel. The mounting hardware will clamp on to desktops that are up to 1.75" thick.

Installing Acoustic Privacy Panels to your desk is easy. Start by sliding the pegs of the support brackets through the holes in the privacy panel. From the other side, attach to two clamp brackets with a set of flat-head screws.

To secure to your desk, loosen the clamp brackets, situate them where you want them on your desk, and tighten the clamps.

UPLIFT Desk Acoustic Privacy Panel clamp mounts are made to fit desks up to 1.75" in thickness.


Desktop Holder

Hold up your Acoustic Privacy Panel in style with a black, white, gray, or industrial style Desktop Acoustic Privacy Holder by UPLIFT Desk. Match the hardware to your UPLIFT Desk Frame and coordinating desk accessories or mix it up with a contrasting color. This holder allows for your Acoustic Privacy Panel to be easily repositioned on a flat work top as needed, to create a flexible, dynamic workspace.


Expedited Production

Receive your accessories even sooner! Just add our expedited production option to your order.

Place your order by 3 pm Central on a business day and we guarantee to start production and ship your order the same day. If placed after 3 pm, your order is guaranteed to ship the following business day.

Note: Expedited production is different from expedited shipping. If you're interested in adding expedited shipping to your order, please contact us directly.


Acoustic Panel Hole Finder Tool

Save time while mounting your acoustic privacy panels by using this tool to remove "plugs" that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

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