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Introducing the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 Small Right Hand Wireless Mouse VM4SW

Author: Angela P | Posted:

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is one of our most popular mice. With both right and left-handed versions, two different sizes, and wired, wireless, and bluetooth connectivity, most people will be able to find a mouse to fit their needs. The newest addition to this line of mice is the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 Small Right Hand Wireless Mouse VM4SW.

This mouse has all of the features of the standard Evoluent mice, but in a slightly smaller and more convenient wireless package. Six programmable buttons let you customize the mouse so you can work more productively, and adjustable pointer speed lets you fine tune it for different applications. The design, although vertical, is close enough to that of a standard mouse that there is almost no learning curve. I recently started using one, and after an hour or so, I had the buttons reprogrammed and it was like I'd been using it forever. If you're having wrist pain, I'd recommend giving this or another Evoluent mouse a try!

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