Review: Goldtouch Go! Travel Ergonomic Keyboard

Review: Goldtouch Go! Travel Ergonomic Keyboard

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 18th 2009

If you’re a road warrior then your laptop computer is an essential part of your gear that you are rarely without, but up until recently your options for typing comfortably have been limited. The built-in keyboards are often small and completely flat. Travel-sized keyboards are also flat and taking a full-size, split keyboard with you is impractical.

Another key issue here is that from an ergonomic standpoint, your monitor should be at eye level and your keyboard in your lap, something that is impossible without the use of either a separate monitor or a separate keyboard. Since hauling around an external monitor is not usually feasible, you’ll need to carry a keyboard and mouse instead.

Enter the solution - the Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard. This lightweight (1 lb) and easily stowed keyboard is the first split and tentable travel keyboard to hit the market. The Goldtouch Go! features the same easy flip open, then closed lever the full-sized Goldtouch keyboards offer that adjusts both the splay and height. This offers infinite adjustment options.

The Goldtouch Go! Keyboard is smaller than a standard keyboard. Goldtouch says it’s about the same size as you would encounter on a 14" laptop. I found it more than adequate for my small hands and asked my coworker Brian, who has much longer fingers and larger hands to try it, and he agreed, it is large enough to be very comfortable to type on. I found typing on it fast, soft and quiet. It is much quieter than my usual keyboard.

It has key covers that slide on and off and store securely underneath when not in use. They fit snugly so there’s no concern that they will fall off and you’ll lose one. There’s rubber on the top of the key covers which serve to keep your keyboard securely placed wherever you put it. One place you can put it is right on top of the keyboard on your laptop. I have tried it this way and it works great. It did not press on any keys and stayed securely in place even when I got up from my chair and set the laptop down.

Stowing it was just as easy as operating it is. Slide the key covers on and stash it in your bag. I do have a large leather laptop case but most of the time, I carry my laptop in a neoprene sleeve. I was pleased to find that the keyboard fit inside with the laptop so I still don’t have to carry the heavy case if I do not want to.

Quite frankly, I’m in love with this keyboard and consider it one of the best new ergonomic and computing products to hit the market in recent years. I’m not the only one that feels this way. The Goldtouch Go! won the 2008 National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition Attendees’ choice award.

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