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Conset Standing Desks

Conset Desks made by Conset America are affordable standing desks, made for people of all heights and fitness levels. Enjoy the many benefits of using a sit-stand desk, such as increased calorie burn, improved circulation and improved cogitation and alertness, at a great price. These sit-stand desks raise and lower from sitting to standing height by electric motor with the push of a button. Within seconds, the desk height will range from that which accommodates normal office chairs to that which accommodates even the tallest users while standing.

Looking for something more customizable, or with a better weight and height range? Take a look at our best-selling lines of UPLIFT Standing Desks.

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The benefits of standing desks are numerous and valuable, and until recently, difficult to achieve for a variety of reasons. Conset Standing Desks make it easier than ever for people to bring a sit-stand desk into their home. The cost is economical and the assembly is simple. Check out our blog entries below for more details on the health benefits of using a standing desk.

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Conset Warranty Information

Human Solution and Conset assure total customer satisfaction. The following information applies to all Conset products:

Conset makes no warranties, either written, oral, express, implied, or statutory relating to the limitation of goods purchased from or through Conset. Reseller hereby excludes any warranty of buyer's remedies merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose. Buyer waives all claims against Conset relating to goods purchased from or through Conset, and agrees to assert all claims for breach of warranty, contract, or tort against the manufacturer of the goods. The parties agree that buyer's sole and exclusive remedy shall be for the repair or replacement of defective goods by the manufacturer in accordance with the manufacturer's customary warranty. All specifications and engineering information have been obtained from the product manufacturers for buyer's convenience only. Conset does not assume responsibility for accuracy of the information provided by the manufacturer.

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty: Metal parts
  • 2 Year Warranty: Motor

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