Foot Hammock by UPLIFT Desk

Give your feet a rest with the Foot Hammock by UPLIFT Desk
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  • Give your feet a break while sitting at your desk with the Foot Hammock by UPLIFT Desk
  • Works on any desk. Mount anywhere on any desk using the eye plates, included with assembly materials. Or mount to the patentedUPLIFT V2 Standing Desk Frame mounting points with the included anchor plates
  • Keep your feet in motion: Feet can swing independently by removing the canvas and using the wood bars as independent footrests
  • Use the variety of mounting points and adjustable length to raise or lower the hammock, which provides you with varying levels of relaxation
  • Switch up accessories and easily move and remove the hammock with included sturdy carabiners
  • Use together with the Under Desk Hammock by UPLIFT Desk as a footrest for added support and ultimate comfort
  • Compatible with both UPLIFT Desks and non-UPLIFT desks

Deep in the zone? Sometimes, sitting in the same position for a long time is tough to avoid. Being stationary for long periods can cause poor blood circulation, leading to fatigue and inhibiting productivity. Our legs need movement. That’s why the team at UPLIFT Desk created the under desk Foot Hammock—to give you convenient, much-needed movement and comfort during long workdays.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the benefits of your Foot Hammock. While the full hammock lets you kick back and relax, you can also remove the canvas and use the wood bars as footrests, giving you the ability to swing your feet individually, promoting a more active and healthy workday. Using the height-adjustable option, you can easily adjust your hammock. When it’s time for a break, just lean back in your chair, put your feet up, and take a minute to calm your mind. Doing so will give you an open hip angle which helps to decrease pressure on your spinal disks and helps circulation in your body. Also, leaning back in your chair lets the chair back support your body weight, further relieving pressure on your lumbar spine. We recommend you use a chair with good lumbar support.

The Foot Hammock by UPLIFT Desk is shipped with two large carabiner clips, under desk mounting plates, and wood grabber screws to keep your hammock exactly where you want it—with none of the slipping and sliding (and damage to your desktop) that can happen with the desk edge brackets sometimes used by other foot hammocks. We want to be sure that if you need to remove the hammock or make room for other accessories, you can do so with no problems or delays. If you do not have an UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk yet, don’t fret! You can mount the UPLIFT Desk Foot Hammock on any desk within minutes.


Color Canvas: Gray
Cord, wood, and hardware: Black
Max weight 50 lb when desk-mounted with eye plates and 100 lb when frame mounted with anchor plates
Canvas size 25.25" W x 6.5" D
Wood support size 0.75" W x 0.75" D x 8.25" H
Overall length 47.25" to 72.25" from end to end of rope (not including carabiners)
Carabiner size 3.1" W x 1.6" D at the widest point
Carabiner weight capacity Up to 198 lb per pair
Warranty 15 year
Shipping dimensions 9" W x 3.5" D x 2" H, 14 oz


  1. What desks can this hammock be used with?

    This hammock can be mounted to both UPLIFT and non-UPLIFT desks.

  2. Can I remove the hammock after assembly?

    Yes, two large carabiners are included and allow easy assembly and removal.

  3. Is there a way to adjust this hammock after assembly?

    Yes: To find your desired height, you can raise and lower this hammock. You can also store the hammock to make room for more accessories if needed by unclipping the carabiners.

  4. Do you use brackets to hang this hammock?

    No: To ensure that it stays in place once mounted, this hammock comes with sturdy assembly materials (carabiners, eye plates, and wood screws). See instructions for more assembly information.

  5. Does the foot hammock have any additional features?

    Yes! Throughout your workday, you can relax your feet by propping them up using the wood bars as footrests to keep your feet moving.

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