Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse

The Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse supports a 20° to 30° neutral wrist angle

Mouse your way to better comfort with an ergonomic hand accessory that can really change up the game at work. Prevent repetitive stress injuries easily with the addition of the Ergonomic Mouse by Goldtouch and relax as you work, starting with your hands.

The Ergonomic Mouse's beautifully contoured design banishes muscle fatigue, letting you focus for hours without pain or strain.


  • Supports a 20° to 30° neutral wrist angle
  • Alleviates discomfort and fatigue from wrist pronation
  • Allows users to find comfortable hand positioning
  • Slopes gently downward and outward to fit the natural contour of the fingers
  • Minimizes click force with oversize low-force buttons
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries (Bluetooth model only)
  • Bluetooth adapter sold separately


Length 114 mm
Width 80 mm
Height 52 mm at thumb
30 mm at small finger
Weight 145 g
Optical resolution 1000 DPI
Supported platforms Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix

Goldtouch Ergonomic Mice

Choose your model

The Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse is available in the following models:

  • KOV-GTM-R: Right-handed mouse with cord
  • KOV-GTM-L: Left-handed mouse with cord
  • KOV-GTM-B: Wireless Bluetooth-compatible mouse

Goldtouch Ergonomic Mice

Add Bluetooth adapter

If your computer is not Bluetooth equipped you will need to add the Bluetooth adapter option, which connects to a USB port.

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  • 5
    Goldtouch Ergonomic mouse (corded)

    Posted by FG on Jun 16th 2018

    This mouse was quite literally a career-saver. I develop software and do research for a living. After sustaining a workplace repetitive stress injury, I thought I might have to change careers. Super-scary stuff. After recovering thanks to physical therapy and adopting a regular exercise routine (it's important!), I became hyperaware of ergonomics and sought out a better keyboard and mouse. I tried several mice. The corded (not wireless) version of this Goldtouch mouse was the only one I that worked for me. I'm tempted to buy spares in case the manufacturer stops producing them! If you are right-handed (and have medium-sized hands) this mouse will not disappoint. (PS: In case you are curious, the keyboard that I ended up with was the Kinesis Freestyle2 for PC, with its V3 tilt accessory. Well worth it!)

  • 5
    Goldtouch Ergo Mouse - Left Handed

    Posted by Kathy on Jan 3rd 2013

    I am right handed but use a left handed mouse to save my arthritic right hand from extra stress. (I also cannot use a mouse like the Roller Mouse or joystick where thumb action is required.) I've tried several types and this is the one I like the best. It's a very natural fit for my hand - I wear a size M to L women's glove. I have the same mouse at work and home and that helps me use it more effectively. It only requires a light touch. It does take a while to get used to any mouse, but after a week or so it was totally natural.

  • 3
    Gold Touch Egronomic Mouse

    Posted by Jan on Jan 21st 2012

    I am left handed and like the mouse. I am not petite but I do not have large hands either. It fits fine. Sometimes I find myself bearing down a little heavy but it is out of habit and is not necessary.

  • 2
    so disappointing

    Posted by Lisa on Jan 17th 2012

    (edit by THS"sorry Lisa, we couldn't find your other review"):

    Sadness sums up my feelings about this mouse.
    I bought the rather expensive Bluetooth version of the Goldtouch ergonomic mouse and was super pumped while I waited for it to arrive. I have been combing the interwebs looking for a wireless mouse (so I can change up my arm position and reduce shoulder strain), with a good angle and palm support (to reduce my wrist swelling), and with low click force buttons (to help with the muscle spasm in my forearm). The Goldtouch mouse sounded perfect!
    Alas, it was not. This is one HUGE mouse you guys. Admittedly I have small hands. My hands are 6 1/2 inches long from my wrist to my middle fingertip and are 3 inches wide (excluding my thumb). Goldtouch made much of how the version 2 mouse fit a variety of hand sizes, but let me tell you, it does not. The angle and the click force are both nice enough. I like being able to click with my whole finger instead of just my fingertip. It's the scroll wheel that's the problem. I can't reach it. My fingertips end a quarter to a half inch away from it when I rest my hand on the mouse, which means I have to pick up my hand and contort my fingers to scroll. Misery! I might as well keep using my Apple magic trackpad since I no longer have any hand support or proper angling.
    To make matters worse, even if my hand were large enough for this mouse, I probably still wouldn't like the scroll wheel. It's tiny and not very precise, which means it requires fine motor skills. That's a dealbreaker for those of us with RSI I'm afraid.
    My search for a comfortable mouse continues!

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