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Goldtouch products will improve any workstation by getting your computer peripherals in the most comfortable position for you. Goldtouch's flagship products are their ergonomic keyboards, with a patented split and lock design built right in that allows you to separate and tent your keyboard without the need for extra accessories. While keyboards like the Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard and the Goldtouch Go!2 Keyboard remove the numeric keypad to reduce your keyboard's footprint, thus cutting down on reach that can lead to repetitive stress injuries, a separate numeric keypad is also available for those who need to make fast calculations.

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Learn More About Goldtouch Keyboards and Accessories

Other Goldtouch accessories include an ergonomic mouse with a design that naturally fits the contours of your hand and lets your wrist sit in a more natural position, and a Dynafly Monitor Arm that allows for tool-free adjustment of your monitor to the proper height and depth, as well as mouse pads, palm supports and notebook stands. There are even keyboard and mouse bundles, letting you save some money while improving your work area. Most Goldtouch products ship same or next day, allowing you to start feeling more comfortable at work even sooner!

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Goldtouch Warranty Information

Human Solution and Goldtouch assure total customer satisfaction. The following information applies to all Goldtouch products:

Damaged or Defective Product: All Goldtouch products are covered under a one year manufacturer's warranty from date of original purchase. The one year warranty does not cover abuse or normal wear.

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