Humanscale M/Connect Docking Station Retrofit Kit

The Humanscale M/Connect Docking Station Retrofit Kit completes the Humanscale monitor arm setup for M2, M8, M8 Dual, and M/Flex monitor arms

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An organized and well-powered workspace is the foundation for productive work. For use with Humanscale M2, M8, M8 Dual, and M/Flex monitor arms, you can be sure your screens and devices get the volts they need with the Humanscale M/Connect Docking Station Retrofit Kit.

Never go without power with this functional retrofit kit and docking station. Streamline your screens; the unit saves space and routes cords while giving users easy-to-access power ports at the rear of their workstations. A USB 3.0 port allows for lightning-fast data transferring, and features one-handed removal access for more stability for when you want to unplug than comparable stand-alone USB ports. The USB hub sits above your desk for ease of use, while the docking station sits below the desk, to hide cords and keep things looking clean.

Life moves fast, and when you need a seamless workspace that can keep up, the Humanscale M/Connect Docking Station Retrofit Kit is your go-to tool to keep your workspace ergonomic, productive, and copacetic.


  • Dual-video docking station increases ports at ergonomic workstations
  • Unique and innovative desk-mounted unit blends ergonomics and technology
  • Provides easy access to ports and hides IT ports for better cable management
  • Rear-mounted unit allows for easy plugging and unplugging of cords and cables
  • Increases comfort and productivity while offering use of all devices via DisplayLink's universal Plug and Display connection
  • Comes with display port, HDMI port, USB Hub, and undersurface dock
  • For use with Humanscale monitor arms - M2, M8, M8 Dual, and M/Flex monitor arms
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly, made with no PVC or harmful materials

The Design Story

The Humanscale Design Team reinvented USB docking stations. Those devices created a mess of cable clutter. With the creation of the M/Connect Docking Station, a sleek, more efficient, and more accessible docking solution that eliminates cable clutter. The design of the M/Connect focused on function, purpose, and ergonomics. This resulted in a revolutionary, all-in-one monitor arm base with USB 3.0, a dual-video docking station, actively supporting workers in an adaptive workspace.

"The traditional office has been changing. People are coming and going, plugging in who-knows-how-many devices into a preset workstation, and expecting everything to work seamlessly. That’s the requirement."

– Robert Volek, Designer


Dock size USB Hub: 1.07" H x 5.75" W x 5.98" D
Undersurface Dock: 1.26" H x 8.20" W x 3.86" D
Weight 4.98 lbs
Video Dual Video: (1) DisplayPort (v1.2), (1) HDMI (v1.3)
Connectivity Desktop Hub: 4 x USB 3.0 Super Speed, self-powered (two Type A, 5V, 0.9A, one BC1.2 high speed charging, one upstream [23.6”, .6m]), Headphone/mic jack (4pole 3.5mm combo jack with auto switch)
Undersurface dock 3 x USB3.0 (one BC1.2 high speed charging, two Type A, 5V, 0.9A)
Network Gigabit Ethernet
OS Support Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and above; Mac OS X, 10.8.3 and above
Cable management Optional Cable Covers adhere to surface underside and hide cables
Maximum resolution Display Port: 2560x1600 single head, auto downscale to 1920x1080 with dual head. DP HDCP key not supported with external DP IC
HDMI: 2560x1440 single head, auto downscale to 1920x1080 with dual head
Convenience Power ON indicator LED on USB Hub
Colors Silver with gray trim and cables; Black with black trim and cables; Polished Aluminum with white trim and cables
Materials Aluminum/Steel
Warranty Limited 3 years


The Humanscale M Connect Docking Station Retrofit Kit is available in three models based on your current Humanscale monitor arm – the M2 arm, the M8 arm, or the M/Flex arm. All models feature a clamp mount that can be clamped to the edge of your desk or through a grommet hole.



The Humanscale M Connect Docking Station Retrofit Kit is available in three color choices: a silver post with gray trim, a brushed aluminum post with white trim, or a black post with white trim. Choose the color that matches your current Humanscale monitor arm.

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