UPLIFT Comfort Mat for Bamboo Motion-X and Rocker-X Boards

UPLIFT Desk Comfort Mat for Bamboo Motion-X and Rocker-X Boards
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  • Peel and stick the Comfort Mat to the top of your Bamboo Motion-X Board or Rocker-X Board for padded anti-fatigue comfort
  • To take the pressure off your feet, the 9 mm comfort mat distributes a soft thermoplastic elastomer material and helps you stand longer and more comfortably
  • By using your board more each day, you'll increase movement, strengthen your legs and core, flex your joints, and get your blood flowing to help burn calories and stay more focused at work
  • Promotes blood circulation by allowing subtle movement of your feet, calves, and leg muscles
  • Easily attach the mat with the included durable double-sided adhesive tape

Improve comfort on your Bamboo Motion-X Board or Rocker-X Board by adding this 9 mm thick anti-fatigue comfort mat. You'll enjoy the benefits of standing and moving for a longer period of time. Both the Motion-X and Rocker-X Boards increase blood circulation and encourage movement, which in turn leads to higher energy levels and health while working.

Our product designers developed the mat's cushion thermoplastic elastomer material. This is the same material that most yoga mats are constructed from. It's time to enjoy some real workplace zen: Combine this mat with our Moso bamboo Motion-X and Rocker-X boards (bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on Earth) and you have a high-quality accessory that offers the perfect mixture of movement and peace.

Never worry about slipping or sliding again. Each Comfort Mat is shipped with a 5" x 12" strip of strong double-sided adhesive tape. Simply peel and stick the mat to the top of the board and you are ready to rock and roll.


Mat dimensions 26" x 11.5" at widest point
Mat thickness 9 mm
Mat material Molded thermoplastic elastomer
Dimensions of adhesive tape strip 5" W x 12" L
Warranty 15 year
Shipping dimensions 26" W x 12" D x 1" H, 1.12 lb


  1. To use my Bamboo Motion-X Board, do I need the Comfort Mat?

    Although you can purchase the Bamboo Motion-X and Rocker-X Boards without the Comfort Mat, our certified professional ergonomist recommends that you use the anti-fatigue mat: It helps take the pressure off your feet and allows you to use the board for longer durations.

  2. Is it easy to attach that mat to the board?

    With every Comfort Mat, we include strong double-sided adhesive tape. Stick the tape to the middle of the board and press the mat thoroughly over the surface. Then you're ready to get moving!

  3. How was the Comfort Mat constructed?

    The mat is constructed from thermoplastic elastomer, the same material that most yoga mats are made from.

  4. What is the thickness of the Comfort Mats?

    9 mm, or .354 inches

  5. Once it's assembled, how do I use the Bamboo Motion-X or Rocker-X Board with Comfort Mat?

    Set your Bamboo Motion-X Board or Rocker-X Board with the Comfort Mat on a stable spot in front of your workstation, then take a single step up onto the board. After you familiarize yourself with the board's points of balance, you can fully step onto the board with both feet. It's best if you hold onto a surface as you get used to the board. Once you have the hang of balancing, start rocking from side to side with the Rocker-X and rock back and forth and tilt with the Motion-X to enjoy even more movement at your desk. Learn how to do the Rock, the Tilt, and the Swivel in our helpful instruction manual!

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