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Pose both monitors where they're most comfortable for you
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When you need more real estate on your desktop, the UPLIFT Dual Monitor Arm is the height, depth, and angle adjustable monitor arm to bring both of your screens to ideal positioning on a single platform.

Its unique pneumatic counterbalance allows you to float each monitor at your preferred levels quickly without screws or knobs, getting you to that working sweet spot quickly.

With in-line wire management and a stable clamp mount for easy installation, the UPLIFT Dual Monitor Arm is the perfect way to add a new level of comfort to your twin-display workstation.

It's simple, clean ergonomics at work.

Trying to decide which monitor arm by UPLIFT Desk is right for you? Check out our Monitor Arm Comparison Chart.


  • Counterbalance system adjusts to support two monitors independently
  • Fingertip height, depth, and tilt adjustment allows for easy setup changes
  • 360° rotation on each arm provides optimal flexibility
  • Integrated cable management clips minimize cable clutter
  • Stable clamp mount allows for attaching to desks up to 3 5/8" thick
  • Holds monitors between 4.5 and 17.5 lbs
  • This accessory is also compatible with non-UPLIFT desk
  • Be sure to check that your monitor's weight is compatible with the arm's capabilities


Height adjustment range 5.75" - 21.25" H
Depth adjustment range 27.5" D
Weight capacity 4.5 - 17.5 lbs per arm
Display rotation range 360° display rotation range
360° pan range
Color White, gray
Monitor compatibility 75 mm & 100 mm
Unboxed weight 20 lbs 2 oz
Warranty 15 year
Shipping Dimensions 15'' W x 6.2'' H x 24'' D, 24 lbs

Please note that most modern monitors 27" or smaller weigh between 4.5-17.5 lbs with the stand removed. Using a display heavier than the stated weight range will prevent the arm from remaining in a raised position, while using a display lighter than the stated weight range will prevent the arm from remaining in a lowered position. Please determine your monitor weight before ordering.


  1. If both my monitors are outside of the weight range for this arm, will they still be compatible?

    No, trust us when we say that your monitors must be within the weight range listed. Otherwise the counterbalance mechanism will not work properly and your monitors will not stay in place.

  2. How big can my monitors be and still be compatible with this arm?

    The UPLIFT Desk Dual Monitor Arm can hold up to two 27" monitors. It can actually hold larger monitors but we recommend sticking with 27" monitors at the largest because you will lose adjustability between the arms if you mount larger monitors. 

  3. Are my monitors compatible?

    Each monitor needs to be 27" or smaller, weigh between 4.7 - 17.5 lbs, and have a VESA 100/75 mount.

  4. Should I buy a Dual or two Singles?

    The UPLIFT Desk Dual Monitor Arm works well for most people! However, you may want to consider purchasing two single monitor arms if you have wide monitors, or need to be able to push both monitors flush against the wall. Having two single monitor arms gives you the ability to space the monitor arms further apart to allow for more flexibility in regards to size and positioning. 

  5. Can I rotate my monitors from landscape to portrait using the UPLIFT Desk Dual Monitor Arm?

    Yes, just like the single monitor arm, you can easily rotate the UPLIFT Desk Dual Monitor Arm to position your monitors in landscape or portrait view. 

  6. What size monitors work best with the UPLIFT Desk Dual Monitor Arm?

    The UPLIFT Desk Dual Monitor Arm works best with 24" monitors. If your monitors are larger than 27", you may want to consider purchasing two UPLIFT Desk Monitor Arms instead of the Dual. 

  7. What if only one of my monitor arms is within the weight range?

    Both monitors need to be within the weight range to be compatible with the UPLIFT Desk Dual Monitor Arm. Consider getting our newest monitor arm, the UPLIFT Desk Horizon Dual Monitor Arm, which has a heftier weight capacity. 

  8. Do both of my monitors have to be the same?

    No, just as long as both monitors weigh between 4.7 - 17.5 lbs, they will be compatible. You can adjust the counterbalance tension on each arm to properly balance each monitor. 

  9. How is this different from other UPLIFT monitor arms?

    This monitor arm sets itself apart with a larger height adjustment range. Check out our Monitor Arm Comparison Chart for a side-by-side comparison of all the monitor arms offered by UPLIFT Desk.





The UPLIFT Dual Monitor Arm will support monitors weighing between 4.5 and 17.5 pounds, per arm. Using a display that is too light or too heavy for the arm will keep the arm from maintaining its position once set. Please check the weight of your monitors to be sure you are choosing the correct model. If you are unsure how to determine the weight of your monitors, you can contact us for assistance.


Laptop Mount

Looking to add a bit of ergonomic comfort to your laptop? If your setup includes a laptop and monitor, consider adding the laptop mount to your UPLIFT Dual Monitor Arm. The optional laptop holder attachment mounts directly to the VESA plate, replacing the standard monitor mount with a cradle for your notebook computer. The laptop holder attachment features a set of elastic bands for additional security, and also includes a swiveling circle platform that can be used to hold notepads and other small items.

UPLIFT Laptop Mount

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  • 5
    Should Have Purchased Years Ago

    Posted by Evergreen, CO on Nov 7th 2018

    I wish I purchased this dual monitor arm years ago. Having the ability to position the screens higher has alleviate the neck and shoulder pain I've been experiencing for years. Additionally, I'm able to bring the screens closer without loosing desk space which has help my sight. I've reached the age where I need reading glasses, but I'm too stubborn to wear them in the office. In saying stubborn I mean vain and saying in the office I mean around the office.

  • 5
    We loved it so much, it's all we buy now!

    Posted by Alexis on Sep 8th 2016

    I ordered one of these dual monitor arms for the front desk. We got it and installed it (very simple to put together!). Once other folks in the office saw it they've asked for one themselves. We've bought a number of them and continue to buy more. It functions exactly as shown in the video and they have great customer service to answer questions as well. Our first one has been in-use for over 18 months, has been moved 4 times and is still going strong. They hold up well, we're very pleased!

  • 5
    Great Price, Sturdy & Easy to Use

    Posted by Kathleen on May 2nd 2016

    My desk is a reception desk with a raised counter in the front. I use a sit/stand keyboard tray to stand all day and I needed a way to raise my dual monitors. This works wonderfully! We drilled a slot in the desk for the mount to slip down into. The clamping part is removable and can be tightened from underneath the desk. It's very solid and being all black, looks very professional from the visitor's side. Construction is solid and adjustments weren't hard. It took a lot of rotations of the tension to get it right, but now it adjusts with a fingertip.
    Check underneath the desk before you start drilling. My Keyboard tray has a track that runs clear to the front of the desk. We had to offset the mount to one side to accommodate the track, but the versatile arms still allow me to center the monitors over my keyboard. The only thing to note is the raised reception counter requires the monitors to stick out about 15" towards me from the counter top. It's not a problem for me; I'm just letting you know how it will sit. I hope this has been helpful information.

    Great price
    Attractive, professional appearance
    Easy to install and use
    Relieves neck and shoulder strain by raising screens to the proper height

  • 3
    Good but not for a standing desk solution

    Posted by Jennifer on Feb 17th 2016

    The first set of arms I got did not want to adjust to the correct pressure for my monitors. They were way too tense and I was unable to adjust them with the tiny allen wrench to the appropriate tension. I contacted their support folks and they send out two new arms that had much better (larger) allen wrench adjustments and it then went together like a breeze. I originally purchased them in hopes of having easy option to convert quickly from standing to sitting but they are not nearly tall enough for a standing option. I am only 5'4" and they are about a foot too short fully extended to use as a standing desk. I am now looking at options for how to mount them to a monitor stand without the whole think falling over from the weight of the setup. If you are looking for standing desk conversion this is not it.

    Pros: Solid and sturdy.
    The new design is much easier to adjust the tension.
    Fantastic support!

    Cons: Not high enough to use as a standing desk.
    No built in cable management.

  • 5
    Best desktop Arm Solution

    Posted by Ted G. Freitas on Jun 4th 2015

    This is the best desktop solution I've ever worked with. Easy Installation

  • 3
    Good for the money

    Posted by Shawn on Apr 8th 2015

    This unit hits the high points. Stability is good, vertical adjustments are great, rotational adjustments work. Those are the basic functions of a monitor arm and that is what this unit does well.

    While the arm pieces appear and feel solid, some aspects aren't confidence building. The tensioning screws that increase the resistance of the joints are of lower quality. The required tension for each joint varies across the two arms and one seemed to require a lot of turning to reach a modest resistance... it wasn't stripped, it just didn't want to increase the resistance inside the joint despite requiring a lot of force.

    The range, smoothness, and general usability of adjustments are good. In particular I was happy that even with a light load, the arms would stay in the height I set them in whether at the maximums or somewhere in between. However, again with the joints, the quality seems a bit lower. I had to really tighten up one of the joints to keep the arm holding my monitor from rotating out due to a slight lean in the unit.

    Cable management is basically non-existent. There are some flimsy tabs that press into holes in the bottoms of one of the arms, other than that, nothing.

    If your plan is mainly to position some monitors, and your not concerned with a certain look on your desk, they work well.

    Pros: Good stability.
    Good price.
    Great vertical adjustability.
    Passable rotational adjustability.

    Cons: Tensioning screws seem iffy.
    Incorrect weight specifications may lead to bad experiences.
    No real cable management.
    No limiter to prevent over rotation of the secondary arms.

  • 5
    This is a great, solid product.

    Posted by Eric on Mar 2nd 2015

    Easy to set up and very sturdy. I put these in my recording studio and they solve a neck strain problem I've had for years and allow angling the monitors to minimize their effect on the sound in the room. A+

  • 5
    Highly Recommend it!

    Posted by Kevin Donahoe on Feb 28th 2015

    We are very pleased with the product. It is much more robust than we expected and would definitely describe it as a "professional-grade" product. It was easy to assemble and install. Additionally, the price was nice and we received it in 2 days.

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