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UPLIFT Treadmill Desks


Ready to upgrade to an active workstation? Any of the best-selling UPLIFT Desks shown below can be configured with your choice of LifeSpan treadmill to create a fully customizable treadmill desk. UPLIFT treadmill desks provide a seamless transition from sitting to walking, and studies show that by just walking a few miles a day you lower your risk of life threatening illnesses like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

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Why Choose an UPLIFT Treadmill Desk?

What puts UPLIFT Treadmill Desks ahead of the pack? All of our two-leg UPLIFT sit-stand desks are available with Lifespan treadmills that are specifically designed for low-speed, multi-hour walking to create treadmill desks that fit a wide range of styles and budgets. In fact, our desks start hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars cheaper than other popular brands, and every one comes with our electric height-adjustable desk, not a fixed-height standing desk or crank desk like many other treadmill desks do. Choose one of our 1" thick laminate or bamboo tops, a UV-cured powder coated recycled wood desktop, or upgrade to a reclaimed wood desktop, or one of over a dozen species of hand cut and finished solid woods, customizable to the quarter inch. If you already have a standing desk, you can purchase the treadmill separately to convert it to a treadmill desk!

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