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3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray AKT60LE

item#: MMM036

For the budget-minded ergonomics shopper, the 3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray AKT60LE offers great features in an affordable package. AKT60LE 3M Adjustable Keyboard Trays offer height and tilt adjustment on a 17" sliding track that's perfect for shallower workstations. The AKT60LE also offers improved comfort and durable wrist support in the form of a leatherette-covered gel wrist rest. Wireless optical mice users will also appreciate the 3M Precise mousing surface, which features a unique micro-textured surface to improve both tracking accuracy and battery life.


The 3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray AKT60LE is a simple, cost-effective keyboard storage solution for those in need of an ergonomic keyboard tray with a shorter track than usual. 3M Adjustable Keyboard Trays AKT60LE include a 17" track designed to allow for the keyboard to be completely stowed away under most desks. Tilt and height adjustment is easily performed with a single knob. For added comfort and productivity, a gel wrist rest with an antimicrobial surface and a 3M Precise mousing surface help support the wrists and improve optical mouse performance.

Features -
3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray AKT60LE

  • Knob adjustment system for height and tilt
  • Gel wrist rest with antimicrobial leatherette cover provides comfortable wrist support
  • 3M Precise mousing surface improves optical mouse performance and wireless battery life
  • Self-adhesive mousing surface can be placed on either side of tray
  • 17" track fits underneath most desks

3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray AKT60LE Specifications

Dimensions 29.2" W x 13.2" D x 7.6" H
Warranty 5 years

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

Some of the most common issues we see here at The Human Solution can be easily solved with the addition of an ergonomic keyboard tray, but the sheer amount of options on the market can make choosing one a daunting task, especially on a budget. The 3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray AKT60LE is a great solution for those with both ergonomic woes and a tight budget. With a simple knob-adjustable height and tilt system, gel wrist rest, and 3M's advanced Precise mousing surface technology all standard, the AKT60LE is a fantastic option for the shopper looking for lots of features without having to spend a lot of money.

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3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray AKT60LE

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