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Humanscale 900 & 950 White Keyboard Trays

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Humanscale 900 & 950 White Keyboard Trays pair the easy adjustment and slim design of the new 6G mechanism with a stylish white finish. The 900 and 950 keyboard platforms ensure that users position their hands in their neutral reach zone and eliminate many of the stresses that repeatedly reaching for a keyboard and mouse can create. The setup comes with all the components you need for a complete keyboard tray system: a track, mechanism, keyboard platform, mouse platform, and a gel palm support. Scroll down to see more Humanscale 6G 900 & 950 White Keyboard Tray features and specifications. Humanscale keyboard trays are Manufactured in the USA.

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Keyboard Platform

The 900 and 950 keyboard platforms are both made of phenolic resin. Most people prefer the 900 board, but the 950 is available for users desiring a narrower platform.

  • 900: 19" W x 10.625" D
  • 950: 19" W x 8.4" D

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Lateral Slider

All Humanscale mechanisms pivot 360 degrees from the point where it is mounted to the track. Some users have a need for additional side-to-side adjustability. The lateral slider provides for eight extra inches of movement from right to left. This is a useful feature for someone at a large workstation that requires them to type facing different angles or monitors.

Humanscale Keyboard Tray Lateral Slider

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Track Length

The track mounts to the underside of your work surface. It directs and supports the Humanscale mechanism and keyboard tray as it slides forward and back. Standard length on 6G mechanisms is 22 inches. That length ensures that the keyboard tray can be completely stowed under your desk when not in use. Some mechanisms come standard with a shorter or longer track. Consult each description for that information, but all systems can be ordered with any track length.

Track Lengths

All keyboard tracks mount underneath the surface of the desk

  • 11"
  • 14"
  • 16"
  • 18"
  • 22"
  • 25"
  • 27"

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Mouse Platform - Humanscale 900 & 950 White Keyboard Trays

Clip Mouse - Mousing Platform

Humanscale Clip Mouse

The clip mouse platform is the only mouse platform that allows the user total adjustment control in all three dimensions- height, depth, forward/back and tilt, allowing it to be adjusted precisely the way you need it. It also easily snaps onto either side of the tray for left or right use, and it's available in two sizes and different height ranges.

Note: The high clip has an extra one inch height for additional adjustment and usability and is the most popular accessory we sell.

  • 90: 8.5" diameter
  • 90H: 8.5" diameter high
  • 91: 10" diameter
  • 91H: 10" diameter high
  • 90H90H: 8.5" diameter high - Dual platforms for left and right
  • 91H91H: 10" diameter high - Dual platforms for left and right

Swivel Mouse - Mousing Platform

Humanscale Swivel Mouse

The swivel mouse mounts underneath either the left or right front corner of the platform. It swivels out from underneath the keyboard platform easily and tucks out of the way when not in use. This mouse platform is available in right, left and dual configurations. The main difference between the clip mouse and swivel mouse is the adjustability. The swivel platform stays on the same tilt or angle as the keyboard tray; the clip mouse angle can be adjusted independently.

  • 11R: 8" swivel right
  • 11L: 8" swivel left
  • 11D: 8" swivel dual
  • 12D: 10" swivel dual
  • 12R: 10" swivel right
  • 12L: 10" swivel left

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Mouse Pad

The Humanscale 900 & 950 White Keyboard Trays can be ordered with a mouse pad to fit any of the available mousing platforms.

MPGEL8 8.5 inch Gel Mouse Pad for 8.5 inch swivel platforms
MPGEL10 10 inch Gel Mouse Pad for 10 inch swivel platforms
CMPGEL8 8.5 inch Gel Mouse Pad for 90 or 90H clip mouse
CMPGEL 10 inch Gel Mouse Pad for 91 or 91H clip mouse

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Second Mouse Pad for Dual Mouse Platforms

Add a mouse pad to your optional second mouse platform if desired.

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Palm Rest

Humanscale's palm rests are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses.

Palm rest lengths available for this tray: 19''

Select from three different foam or gel palm rest options for your 900 keyboard tray. All are covered with an easy to clean, silver synthetic leather. The slim gel palm rest is only about a quarter of an inch thick, making it ideal for users with thin keyboards such as Mac keyboards. Slim palm rests are not compatible with swivel mouse platforms.

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Humanscale 900 & 950 Platinum Keyboard Trays
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Our Price: $299.00
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Humanscale 900 Keyboard Tray - Standard Configuration
List Price: $450.00
Our Price: $314.00

Humanscale's brand new 6G mechanism is designed with an ultra-thin profile and is light weight. Its size makes it attractive, compact, easy to move and gives maximum knee clearance. Additionally, the 6G keyboard tray mechanism's dial-a-tilt adjustment makes it one of the easiest and most intuitive systems available.

Humanscale 900 and Humanscale 950 keyboard platforms work with the adaptable clip mouse platform, which can be placed on either side of the keyboard tray for use by right- or left-handed individuals. The mouse platform articulates separately from the keyboard platform, so the mouse rests on a flat surface to avoid sliding off, even when users tilt their keyboard for comfort.

Features - Humanscale 900 & 950 White Keyboard Trays

  • Multiple keyboard tray options for individual space needs
  • 6G mechanism with a 22" track provides height, depth, and angle adjustment
  • Includes a 10'' high clip mouse platform
  • 19'' Gel palm rest provides support while typing

Humanscale 900 & 950 White Keyboard Trays Specifications

Mechanism 6G height-adjustable arm
Track length 22''
Mousing surface Clip-on platform or under-tray swivel platform
Palm rest material Gel
Dimensions 900 tray: 19'' W x 10.625'' D
950 tray: 19'' W x 8.4'' D
Warranty 15 year warranty

Humanscale 6G White Keyboard Tray

Neutral Reach Zone Description

''The neutral reach zone is the area that can be conveniently reached with a sweep of the forearm while the upper arm hangs in a natural position at the side.'' (Sanders & McCormick, 1993)


Video Review - Humanscale Keyboard Tray Systems

Check out our video review of the Humanscale Keyboard Tray Systems below.

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Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

A keyboard tray is a key component of an ergonomic workstation. Position your keyboard tray so you can type and mouse while keeping your wrists straight. The ideal height for the keyboard is at elbow height or lower. Typically you should locate the keyboard tray just above your lap height. Your upper arms should hang comfortably at your sides as you work. The keyboard tray should be gently sloped or tilted away from the user to allow the wrists to be straight instead of flexed. When properly adjusted, a keyboard tray allows the back, neck, shoulders, and wrists to relax. The size of the keyboard tray must accommodate the keyboard and any input device like a mouse. Avoid having your keyboard on a tray and your mouse on the desk.

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Humanscale 900 & 950 White Keyboard Trays

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