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Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse

item#: PRS102

The Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse helps reduce strain caused by over-reaching for a traditional mouse. This slim and wireless ergonomic mouse solution also helps eliminate Repetitive Stress pain as well as shoulder and upper arm injuries associated with gripping and clicking a mouse. Mousetrapper Flexible Mice are comfortable for left- and right-handed users, and they're easy to connect to any PC or Mac.

The remaining boxes that we have in stock are new and unused, but the warranty seals have been broken in storage. This will not affect warranty coverage.

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Featuring comfortable cursor operation and a slim, portable design, the Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse is a comfortable and popular ergonomic mouse solution. The Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse aids those who suffer from Repetitive Stress Injuries and disabilities by providing comfortable fingertip mouse operation, eliminating the clicking and pulling associated with most computer mice. The Mousetrapper Flexible is designed with programmable buttons for further ease of use, and it comes with a carrying case for portability.

Features - Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse

  • Comfortable fingertip mouse and cursor operation
  • Nine programmable buttons for ease of use
  • Wireless mouse offers instant installation via USB
  • Progressive design helps prevent and relieve Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Compatible with Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, Vista and 7 and Mac OSX

Mousetrapper Flexible Specifications

Height .75''
Length 7.5''
Depth 3.7
Weight 10.2 oz
Range 33 feet
Warranty 2 Years

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Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse

Customer Reviews

Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse
4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
4 Stars

September 9, 2014
Works great. For my issues of repetitive stress seems to be doing the trick. Only problem is it is thicker than the height of my Evoluent compact keyboard. I had to raise the keyboard with a notebook to keep it the same level...not exactly sturdy. The other issue is drinking/eating at the desk. The Mousetrapper is also very good at trapping food and beware of spills! Not an issue yet, but just waiting for a major coffee spill event to mess up the works. Other than that the other issue might be in the user...I have trouble highlighting text and not completely taking out everything with it...a real hazard for someone whose writing is her work...I've delete more copy than I'd care to share here. But for my issues of repetitive stress seems to be doing the trick.

Sheryl S.
5 Stars

Mouse Trapper Flexible
June 14, 2013
This is a fabulous device. I am a petite 5 foot tall lady that can't be stretching my arm out a foot and a half all day to get to the mouse. Saw a fellow employee bought this who under went double carpal tunnel surgery. I also ordered it to stop hyper extending my arm. I bought this small size for the portability. Though it does not go to the full length of my keyboard that is ok. The longer one I think would be too much mouse. While my hand is still numb, I don't feel my tendons straining any more. I do use this in conjunction with a vertical mouse as well to change up my position. But if I have to only take one of the mouses with me when working remote, this is the one that goes. Comes with a case and can be wireless.

Brian S
5 Stars

Great mouse and wireless too
April 4, 2012
This mouse is so much better for my wrists and shoulders. The copy/paste shortcuts are very ergonomic and easy. The mousetrapper pad is smooth and easy to use and doubles as a nice mouse and click surface. I tried the Rollermouse and found it to be more awkward. After using the Rollermouse for a few weeks there were some pains from having my arms collapsed inward toward the rollerbar. For some reason I'm not having that issue with the Mousetrapper. I like the wireless as well. It nice to have fewer cords around and it makes it easy to travel with this and use it with my laptop as well.

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