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Neutral Posture N-Tune Sit Stand Chair

item#: NPC314

The Neutral Posture N-Tune System is a three-part system comprised of a tall, ergonomic Neutral Posture chair equipped with the N'step platform base and the N'position platform. Together they form a seating system that serves as the heart of a sit stand workstation, allowing users to alternate between sitting and standing during the work day. The health benefits of standing part of the day include fewer back problems, increased alertness and better weight management. Scroll down for full information on the Neutral Posture N-Tune Sit Stand System.

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Select the seat size and contour that best fits your body. Neutral Posture's medium and high contoured seats spread your body weight out much better than a traditionally contoured seat, reducing pressure points that come from sitting for long hours. A contoured seat also encourages you to sit back in your seat for better posture; this helps reduce upper body stress. We recommend that most users select at least a moderately contoured seat. The NPS8000 chair included with the N-Tune System has an added layer of N'Dulgent memory foam on the seat and back. This further reduces seated pressure and provides for an extremely comfortable chair.

Neutral Posture Seat Options

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This chair can be purchased with no headrest, or with a headrest that is height and depth adjustable, with two pivot points for a great range of motion.

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Choose the arms that best match your daily habits and tasks, needs and posture changes.

Neutral Posture NPS800 standard, 360 degree arm

Standard Arms

  • Are height and width adjustable (4" range)
  • Swivel 360
  • Available with optional gel pad upgrade

Lateral sliding arm

Lateral Sliding Arms

  • Slide front to back and over seat
  • Offer 4" height adjustment range
  • Pivot 30° in or out

360 degree oversized

360° Oversize Arms

  • Offer a larger version of the standard arms
  • Support arm with a urethane pad

Swing back arms

Swing Arms

  • Swing back out of the way
  • Offer 4" height adjustment range

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Choose from two different height cylinders to select the seated height range that you prefer.

  • 8'' cylinder: 22'' - 30''
  • 10'' cylinder: 24'' - 34''

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Choose casters to go on carpet or hard floors that complement your custom configuration.

  • Standard carpet casters
  • Hard floor casters

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Neutral Posture chairs are built to order. Chairs ordered in most listed fabrics will ship in about a week, but some fabrics may take up to four weeks before shipping to you. Fabrics and leathers with a longer lead time are noted below. (Note: monitors display colors differently; ask for swatches if precise color is important to you. Swatches are offered free of charge.)

Grade 1


Neutral Posture Spacer fabric

Grade 2


Neutral Posture Ace fabric

Metro Woven Crypton (lead time up to four weeks)

Grade 3

Cloud 9

Grade 5

ESD Stat-Con Vinyl (lead time up to four weeks)


Grade 6

Premium Madras Leather

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Free Ergonomic Training Video

This chair purchase includes a free half-hour Ergonomic Training Video with an ergonomic pro. This video will help you learn how best to use ergonomic tools and make the right choices for your workstation. Anyone interested in building an ideal workspace for their own unique needs should take advantage of this offer. The video will cover valuable ergonomic essentials such as:

Free Ergonomic Training Video

  • Understanding the biomechanics of sitting
  • Setting up a workstation to maximize efficiency
  • Adjusting a chair to promote neutral posture
  • Learning exercises to reduce stress and fatigue

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Ergonomic expert Dr. Mark Benden has long been researching and recommending that workers stand, at least part of the day, while working at a computer. Standing helps keep people healthy and energetic, and it is good for your back. His research also suggests that standing two hours a day can burn an extra 280 calories a day- this converts to a 20 pound weight loss over a year. The use of a high quality, comfortable, ergonomic chair is a key attribute to a healthy, sit stand workstation. The award winning N-Tune system is a three-piece system that centers around the Neutral Posture NPS8000 Series Ergonomic Chair, which can be personalized to fit your body and style. The N-Tune system can be customized with different Neutral Posture chair choices to fit any body: small, average or large.

Features - Neutral Posture N-Tune Sit Stand Chair

  • Neutral Posture NPS8000 Series chair was designed by a top ergonomic expert, offering excellent support and all day comfort
  • Chair mounted, N'Step foot platform for maximum flexibility, leg support and assistance when entering or exiting chair
  • Separate N'Position platform for additional leg support when standing - ease strain on back by placing one leg higher than the other
  • Standing burns more calories than sitting and can contribute to weight management
  • Use of a height adjustable desk creates additional, under the desk storage space
  • Standing increases alertness and energy level which in turn, increases productivity
  • Can be used with any height adjustable desk. Use our ergonomic tool to see how high your desk surface should be.

The Neutral Posture N-Tune Sit Stand System Includes:

Neutral Posture NPS8000 Series Chair

  • Multi-function mechanism
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Air adjustable lumbar support
  • N'Dulgent memory foam
  • Your choice of seat size to fit user
  • Headrest is optional
  • Supports users up to 275 lbs

Neutral Posture N'Step Chair Base

  • Provides for seated leg support
  • Eases entry and exit from chair
  • Offers two different height and sizes of platforms that rotate around the chair base for flexibility of use
  • Supports up to 400 lbs
  • Model T4

See a Sit Stand Workstation in Action

Download more information

Full feature set on Neutral Posture NPS8600-H1 chair

Neutral Posture N Step and N Position platforms for sit stand chair and sit stand des,

Neutral Posture N'Position Foot Platform

  • Prop one leg up to reduce stress on back
  • Functions as a foot rest when seated
  • 24"W x 18"D x 10"H
  • Supports users up to 400 lbs
  • Model F4

Neutral Posture NPS8500 in use as at sit stand workstation

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Neutral Posture N-Tune Sit Stand Chair

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