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Neutral Posture Stand Up Keyboard Tray Conversion Kit

item#: NPC302

Sitting at a desk all day without changing positions can lead to muscle fatigue and even injury. The Neutral Posture Stand Up Keyboard Tray Conversion Kit allows you to convert almost any keyboard tray system so that the user can alternate between sitting and standing at a workstation. Sit-to-stand workstations reduce injury and illness by up to 28% and increase productivity by up to 17%.

While a keyboard tray conversion kit will raise the keyboard to a standing height, there is still the issue of having the monitor and the rest of your desk items being out of view or reach. Check out our UPLIFT Space Saver Standing Desk for an easy way to have a full height adjustable desk, for about the same price!

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Keyboard Tray

The Neutral Posture Stand Up Keyboard Tray Conversion Kit is designed to be paired with a full keyboard tray system in order to work. If you do not have one, the UPLIFT Large Keyboard Tray is fully compatible with the conversion kit.

The UPLIFT Large Keyboard Tray comes with lift-and-release height adjustment and wheel tilt adjustment to get your keyboard and mouse in the proper position. The 27'' wide keyboard tray also features a removable foam palm rest and a separate foam mousing platform and cord manager than can be switched from the right to left side for ambidextrous mousing. The keyboard tray comes standard with both a 21'' and an 11'' track which mounts to the underside of your desk. The standard 21'' track fits any desk with at least 21'' of depth on the underside of the desktop and allows for full retraction of the tray when not in use. If you have a desk less than 21'' deep, or a crossbar or other obstruction which does not allow for a full 21'' track, an 11'' track is included. Please note that, while an 11'' track length will not allow you to fully store your tray under your desk, you can rotate the platform on the mechanism and hide it under the desk that way.

UPLIFT Complete Exercise Desk keyboard tray

The Neutral Posture Stand Up Keyboard Tray Conversion Kit is an optimal solution for those who already have a keyboard tray system and want a sit-to-stand solution. This conversion kit easily installs between your arm mechanism and platform and folds down when sitting. Please note: the Neutral Posture Stand Up Keyboard Tray Conversion Kit does not come with keyboard tray or arm mechanism. For users who do not currently have a keyboard tray, add an UPLIFT Large Keyboard Tray for a complete stand-up keyboard tray system.

Features - Neutral Posture Stand Up Keyboard Tray

  • Retrofits with Neutral Posture and most other keyboard tray systems
  • Promotes healthy changes in posture throughout the workday
  • Increases respiration and reaction alertness
  • Improves user comfort by up to 26%

Neutral Posture Stand Up Keyboard Tray Conversion Kit Specifications

Keyboard platform 20" W x 11.5" D
Height range 8.5" - 2.5" above the track - 6" below
Tilt range 0° to -15°
Track 6" W x 23" D
Weight 12 lbs
Warranty Lifetime warranty
Goldtouch Low Stress Mouse Pad (Mousing Platform) Blue GT6-0003 & Black GT6-0017
Original Price: $21.95
Our Price: $19.95
GoldTouch Gel Filled Palm Support Set
Original Price: $19.95
Our Price: $17.95
Humanscale Mouse Pads
Original Price: $25.00
Our Price: $20.00

Customer Reviews

Neutral Posture Stand Up Keyboard Tray Conversion Kit
4 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
4 Stars

Neutral Posture Keyboard Tray
August 27, 2012
A worthwhile investment and cost-effective alternative for those who would like to vary between standing or sitting while at the computer. It should be noted that it does not come with a keyboard tray, so be sure that the keyboard tray that you have would be a compatible fit. Overall, it is a clever design and very practical.

4 Stars

Raising the Ergonomic Bar
February 1, 2012
This allowed me to make my standing Front Desk setup ergonomic for my shortest staff to my tallest. We fitted to an existing desk and my staff no longer have to hunch to work. Thank you!

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