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UPLIFT 700 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base (Black)

item#: UPL710

The UPLIFT 700 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base easily attaches to virtually any size desktop to create a height-adjustable ergonomic workstation. Part of the UPLIFT desk series recommended by The Human Solution, UPLIFT 700 Bases consist of two sturdy steel legs connected to an electric motor. The crossbar-free design allows for no-hassle installation of your preferred desktop and an ergonomic keyboard tray. The base legs provide a 225 lb. lifting capacity and a height range of 20". The legs are actuated using an intuitive one-touch keypad controller, allowing users to go from a sitting to a standing position with ease.

UPLIFT Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk
List Price: $899.00
Our Price: $639.00
UPLIFT 950 3-Leg Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Base
List Price: $1,139.00
Our Price: $769.00
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The Human Solution recommends the UPLIFT 700 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base for users seeking the benefits of an ergonomic desk. Featuring sturdy and slim steel legs and a crossbar-free design, the UPLIFT 700 base can be paired with virtually any desktop. The base is designed for extreme customization, as users can attach the individual legs to the preferred spot underneath the desk surface. The UPLIFT 700 base allows users to access the many health benefits of an ergonomic sit-stand desk, including increased energy and productivity, a reduction in back pain, and more calories burned throughout the day.

Features - UPLIFT 700 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base

  • Crossbar-free design allows for customizable, quick and easy desk setup and keyboard tray installation
  • Height range of 26 inches to 46 inches
  • Slim and sturdy desk legs together offer 225 lbs of lifting capacity
  • Electric motor adjustment provides infinite stop positions
  • Height adjustment is smooth and quiet
  • Intuitive control system actuates leg height adjustment with one touch
  • Base offers efficient two inches per second height adjustment rate
  • Foot length is 22" long x 2.75" wide. It is recommended that your desktop be at least 22" deep so the feet will not protrude.

UPLIFT 700 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base Specifications
    Height range 26" - 46" (without desktop)
    Travel speed 2"/second
    Weight capacity 225 lbs
    Warranty 2 years on motor, 5 years on base

    Have You Seen the UPLIFT 920 No-Crossbar Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Base?

    If you are looking for a crossbar-free desk base to install with a top that is 43" or larger, you might want to consider the UPLIFT 920 Electric Sit-Stand No-Crossbar Desk Base. As you can see from the image below, the UPLIFT 920 desk leg offers a longer bracket, for better support and an increased weight capacity, as well as the same compatibility with a keyboard tray that has a track long enough to completely stow under the desk.

    Comparison Between Legs

    In addition, the UPLIFT 920 offers an increased height range and is available at a lower price. However, not every desk is wide enough to fit on an UPLIFT 920 base. If you are using a desktop smaller than 43" wide, we recommend an UPLIFT 700 base, since the leg bracket is much smaller and will allow users with smaller desk tops to still mount a keyboard tray with a longer track.

    Video Review - UPLIFT 700 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base

    Check out our video review of the UPLIFT 700 base below.

    Customer Reviews

    UPLIFT 700 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Base (Black)
    4.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
    Paul Martens
    5 Stars

    UpLift 700
    June 18, 2013
    The product looks, performs and functions as shown/described. My wife works in a tier 1 law firm that has matching high-end furniture in a very quiet office. Her main desk was separate (not built-in) from the other furniture in her office so I removed the original legs and installed the UpLift 700 system. The high-end furniture is very heavy (even just the top of the desk by itself), but the UpLift 700 handles it "like butter." We also upgraded the pad and like others wish a button could be touched for the desk to automatically move to a specific height, but after calling Customer Support they explained that it was a function of safety so the desk can be stopped immediately if something or someone interfered with the movement of the desk.

    tom b
    4 Stars

    uplift 700
    August 4, 2012
    These look great and work beautifully. Not sure they needed to be quite so heavy. They are extremely robust for home office use. That may be a good thing in the long run. I bought the upgrade control pad hoping I would be able to just press a button and the desk would go to the pre-set height, but the button must be held until the select height is reached. Minor but a little disappointing. Given the downsides, this is the best product of it's type on the market and the price is reasonable.