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UPLIFT Balancing Exercise Disc

item#: UPL003

The UPLIFT Balancing Exercise Disc improves core strength throughout the day by forcing you to subtly shift your weight. By combining this item with a sit-to-stand desk, it's never been easier or more fun to stay active during the work day. UPLIFT Balancing Exercise Discs are sold individually.Read More...

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The UPLIFT Balancing Exercise Disc has a variety of uses: use it as a chair cushion, lay with one on the floor or stand on it with one or both feet. This is a great solution for those who suffer from chronic back pain. Use it to add a new dimension to sit-ups, lunges, bends, push-ups, leg lifts and weight training. The UPLIFT Balancing Exercise Disc is one of the best core stabilization devices around.

Features - UPLIFT Balancing Exercise Disc

  • 14'' diameter inflatable balancing exercise disc
  • Comes pre-inflated, but more pressure can be added with UPLIFT Needle Nose Pump
  • Equally effective if used with smooth or textured surface
  • Great for push-ups, lunges, sit ups, knee bends, leg lifts and weight training
  • Activates core muscles
  • Used for sitting, laying on floor and standing

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

The UPLIFT Balancing Exercise Disc serves a dual purpose. In addition to offering a balancing surface for exercise use, you can also place these inflatable exercise discs on your uncomfortable chair for a little extra padding. Two ergonomic functions in one! Professor Ergo approves.

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UPLIFT Balancing Exercise Disc