All In One: The Humanscale 500 and 550 Big Board Systems

All In One: The Humanscale 500 and 550 Big Board Systems

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 1st 2011

From shampoo & conditioner to surf & turf to Peaches & Herb, sometimes putting two good things together makes something great. And sometimes it makes Pert Plus.

But for some people, having their mouse and keyboard on the same adjustable platform provides just the ergonomic function they want. For them, I present the Humanscale 500 and 550 big board keyboard tray systems. They work just like all Humanscale keyboard trays, using the same adjustable height mechanisms and providing negative tilt for proper wrist positioning. However, unlike some models, 500’s and 550’s are not designed to use a separate mousing surface. The platform is simply large enough to accommodate a keyboard and a mouse on it. Thus, your mouse rests at the same height as your keyboard, reducing the strain of reaching or raising and lowering your arm.

For mechanisms, you may choose between the newest and most functional 5G and 6G, or Humanscale’s tried and true 2G and 4G. There are also specialized options for people with especially high desk surfaces or narrow mounting spaces. If you have questions, feel free to call us. Most people choose the 500 board, but for those needing something narrower due to space constraints, the 550 is only 25” wide as opposed to 27”.

This design your own setup is among our most popular and I highly recommend it with one minor aside: since the keyboard and mouse rest on the same surface, tilting the platform to get good wrist position while typing can cause the mouse to slide off. Therefore, this is a solution best for people not interested in an extreme tilt angle. Those who would like a separate mousing surface that remains

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