An Anti-Fatigue Mat Will Keep You Comfortable at Your Standing Desk

An Anti-Fatigue Mat Will Keep You Comfortable at Your Standing Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Aug 8th 2013

I'll admit that a standing desk mat doesn't seem like the most exciting topic in the world, but every once in a while, a super special mat comes along, one that deserves high praise and its own blog post. We have recently acquired such a mat, and want to share the good news with you.

Why is the UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desk Mat such a big deal? There are a few things that make it unusual. First, it features a soft layer of foam that will keep you comfortable while standing for long periods of time. Second, other standing mats don't allow for a chair to be used on top for the times you're sitting. Instead, you have to move your mat back and forth between sitting and standing. True, that's not the end of the world, but we're all for anything that makes the workday go by more smoothly.

The UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desk Mat is available in a 3" x 5" size, large enough to accommodate your chair. So when you're ready to stand, simply roll that chair out of the way, and up you go! Keeping your mat in one place makes it easier to change postures throughout the day, which is Ergonomic Principle Number One.

Ladies, if you've done any mat browsing, you'll know that standing mats can't be used with high heels, as the mat isn't strong enough to prevent puncturing. Not so with the UPLIFT mat. It's extremely durable, so even your pointiest high heels are no match for its puncture-proof surface. Half of us run around in bare or socked feet here at the laid-back Human Solution, a luxury not afforded to most of the working world. If they're cruel enough to make you wear shoes at your office, now you can be both stylish and comfortable.

Underneath the durable surface is a double-sponge foam layer that makes for the most comfortable anti-fatigue mat I've ever used. And strangely, I think I've used more standing mats than your average person at the various jobs of my youth, from food service to retail to factory work to cashiering. (In my several years of teaching, I certainly stood a lot, but with no mat, and I won't be doing that again, that standing-with-no-mat nonsense.) Even with its sturdy exterior, the UPLIFT mat is soft enough to absorb much of the force that comes from foot-to-floor contact and your vertical weight. Using a mat thus reduces the back, leg, and foot discomfort that can result from long-term standing.

The days of being stuck in your chair all day at work are fortunately on their way out. Grab yourself an UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desk Mat and join the ranks of happy sit-standers everywhere!

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