An Ergonomic Prescription for One of the Messiest Offices in Journalism

An Ergonomic Prescription for One of the Messiest Offices in Journalism

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 30th 2013

Mike Allen is a respected journalist. The head of Politico and famous for his presidential coverage (including breaking George W. Bush's secret trips to Baghdad during his presidency), Allen is a renowned member of the press. You can read an interesting profile on his work in The New York Times.

He also has one of the most depressing and dismal offices we have ever seen. So much so, that people have been writing about it all over the Internet! Gawker put out a request for photos from anyone with access, and blogger Jim Romenesco wrote some commentary on his blog about the image that surfaced.

I am in no position to judge, of course. I have old artwork in my car, clothes that need to be donated or thrown out, and whole lot of organizing to do in my bedroom closet. And to boot, the president doesn't know my writing (I assume), let alone wake up to it every day. But we all can benefit from some well-meaning constructive criticism, right? And although I may not be able to garner the attention of the president's cabinet (again, I assume), I do think I can help prescribe Mike Allen with some simple ergonomic solutions to his deeply concerning office "situation" (again, no judgment!).

There are office accessories that might help Mike stay organized and productive, if he chose to invest in some new solutions. Perhaps if he set some aside a day to clean and reorganize his office, it might maximize efficiency long term! Think of the journalistic heroics that could be accomplished, Mike, if you just take one day to clear out the mess!

Here are some useful products I think would greatly help anyone with organizational challenges:

The Innovative Dual Monitor and Tablet Arm will free up a lot of space and help keep the desk area clear. It may also help the writing process!

The Posturite Multirite Document Holder is great because it angles papers ergonomically to ease your transcription/reference process, and also helps minimize clutter.

The Humanscale CPU555 CPU Holder helps manage desktop real estate by securing your CPU under your desk. It even has security features, which are helpful if you're worried sneaky politicians might try to steal your evidence in the middle of the night!

If you have an adjustable height desk, or if you just have a ton of wires hanging out everywhere, our Uplift Advanced Wire Management Kit can provide an easy solution for an annoying eyesore and space eater.

These may not solve the huge pile-up of everything in the pictured office, but they will certainly help a person stay organized and focused!

For more solutions to your cluttered workspace, check out

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