Balancing Work and Health: The Fitterfirst Active Office Board

Balancing Work and Health: The Fitterfirst Active Office Board

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Oct 18th 2017

You know those 3D puzzles that you find occasionally at the bookstore, or more likely online in the suggested buys section of whatever website you’re browsing? No, I don’t mean the ones that actually build something. I mean the weird convoluted ones that turn something as simple as an apple or a star into some sort of puzzle box nightmare that somehow succeeds at being both cathartic and infuriating. Yeah, the Fitterfirst Active Office Board is not one of those things but if you flip it over you may find yourself reminded of something similar. Thankfully this one’s not built to be challenging.

Active boards are starting to catch on a bit and after playing with a few of these it’s actually kind of impressive just how much one can improve on a single concept. There’s pretty much everything from the convex skateboard design to the half medicine ball, and now with the addition of the Fitterfirst, a cross between a sliding tile puzzle and something functional. The Fitterfirst is yet another balance board that takes the concept of a standing platform that keeps you active and gives it a few interesting little bumps here and there. From above, the Fitterfirst just looks like a lovely piece of wood. It’s not particularly remarkable in shape but what it lacks in crazy shape designs it makes up for with its beautiful Baltic birch wood finish. The really fun stuff is actually underneath.

The underside of the Fitterfirst looks pretty zen for lack of a better descriptor. There are 4 horizontal slots that run the full width of the board. In those slots are four legs. Though honestly they’re fairly short so it may be more accurate to compare them to feet. The reason I compared this model to a sliding tile puzzle is because of the neat things you can do with the feet. They move around. A lot. You can pretty much configure them however you want to provide less stabilization in some areas and more in others. Put all the feet in the middle and span the whole board width-wise. Congratulations! You can now rock back and forth from front to back and back to front. Take two feet off and put the other two in the middle spanning from front to back. Now you can do the same thing but from side to side. You can even move one to each corner and have what is essentially a super short stool or put them all in the middle and have your life flash before your eyes (in a good way). After you realized how much more awesome life could have been with a balance board you’ll wish you’d have had one all along!

But fret not. It’s never too late to make a change and if a balance board is the kind of change you feel that you need in your life, we are here to help. Contact our team at 800-531-3746 and we will help you find some balance in your workday!

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