Bike to Work? Here are Some Tips for Commuting and Working in Style

Bike to Work? Here are Some Tips for Commuting and Working in Style

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 13th 2013

My love of bike-riding has become a common joke in the office. I am admittedly obsessed, but up until recently I still drove my car the measly 6 miles to work every day (for shame!). I always imagined that if I were to bike in, I'd spent my 8-5 hours torturing my coworkers as a sweaty, sloppy mess.

As it turns out, you don't have to be disgusting all day if you want to take the scenic route to work. Last week I figured out a couple of simple logistical swaps that make biking to work a piece of cake. It takes 5 minutes of foresight, a backpack, and (if it's hot like it is here in Texas) possibly a small towel. On a typical day, I throw on a pair of simple khaki shorts and a tank top for the ride to stay cool. Once at work, all I do is add a blouse, some heels, and presto! I am in business attire. These two items are simple to either keep at work, or to throw in your bag in the morning.

The market is catching on, too. Major cycling brands are now offering stylish pants and tops that are easy to move in, breathable, and professional.

I should also mention two added bonuses I didn't expect: First, lunch errands are a lot easier and faster to run if you bike instead of drive around town. I was breezing by traffic on back roads and short-cuts! Second, just riding outside allows some time apart from the stress of being in a car or in the office. I can think through and prepare for the day ahead, and in moments of particular clarity, I can actually appreciate the world around me.

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