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Chair Dancing and the Steelcase Leap Chair

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

In all the important considerations that go along with picking an ergonomic chair, one is often overlooked: chair dancing. Does your chair back support those moments when your jam comes on and you simply must cut loose without leaving your seat? The Steelcase Leap does.

With LiveBack technology, the Steelcase Leap ergonomic office chair flexes with you as you teach your coworkers how to Dougie. As a bonus, it also supports your entire spine, promoting good posture and comfort during a long work day. The back also features adjustable lumbar support and tension. Good stuff, but that’s not all.

Steelcase Leap chairs also have some of the best arms of any chair we offer. They adjust in height as well as pivoting, sliding forward and back and sliding in and out. This makes it a chair great for average-sized people and slender users, who often have trouble find chair arms set narrow enough for them.

With classic Steelcase design, these chairs also make you look even better while grooving (or filling out paperwork).

So whether you’re re-enacting last week’s “Dancing with the Stars” for Jennifer from accounting, or simply want an office chair that is as comfortable as it is stylish, the Steelcase Leap fits the bill.