Contest Winner Compares Old Workstation to Tower of London Torture Racks!

Contest Winner Compares Old Workstation to Tower of London Torture Racks!

Posted by Human Solution on Mar 6th 2013

Back in February, we ran a contest asking people why we should send them a free Steelcase Think Chair. We got some interesting responses. Of those interesting responses, one of the most interesting was by far this entry from contest winner Nathan Perricone of East Setauket, NY.

Kudos to Nathan for maintaining the complex rhyme scheme and for comparing his un-ergonomic workstation to the torture racks in Tower of London. We used to feel your pain, Nathan. Hope you enjoy your brand new chair!

From Nathan’s contest entry:

Torture racks in London Tower
Pulled strength from limbs in twisting pain.
Beds of roots in nature’s bower
Make victims’ reprobations vain.

Stocks of wood bound up in chain
Left people sprawled like newborn colts.
Chairs of infamy, board-stiff, restrain,
Send popping arcs of lethal volts.

And may I be struck by such bolts
Before I claim such woeful tales
But I have known some bitter jolts
Brought by a crooked body’s ails.

Shoulders ought open like clippers’ sails
Full of sunlight and Westerly breeze.
Not drifting down like beachside trails
Wave-washed and battered by rough seas.

Necks should elevate like an oak trunk,
Pedestals for both mind and soul.
Not turned earthward like an old monk
Whose burdens have taken their toll.

A simple wish, a heartfelt goal:
To rise straight up from a Think chair!
Not tilting forth, a fishing pole,
But proud! And straight! Such is my prayer.

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