Custom Monitor Mounting Solutions: Grow Your Workstation With Modular Monitor Arm Systems

Custom Monitor Mounting Solutions: Grow Your Workstation With Modular Monitor Arm Systems

Posted by Human Solution on Aug 2nd 2012

Single computer monitor setups are quickly going the way of the dinosaur. More and more businesses are providing two or even three monitors for every employee to help enhance productivity. At home, hardcore gamers are now beginning to take advantage of emerging technologies, such as AMD’s Eyefinity, to utilize more viewing space than ever before across up to six monitors. Naturally, even more productivity benefits can be gained by mounting these monitors on articulating monitor arms.

For the regular office worker who only has one monitor at the moment, upgrading a monitor arm setup can be a daunting challenge. Luckily, there are a number of modular monitor arm solutions from Humanscale that can provide a clean, simple mounting solution for one monitor now, and expand to support your growing display array over time.

One of our most popular monitor arm systems, the Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm, was originally designed to support heavier LCD monitors weighing up to 40 lbs. While you’ll now be hard pressed to find a single monitor that pushes the M8 to its operational limit, that increased weight limit makes it an ideal candidate for multi-monitor expansion. By adding the optional crossbar conversion kit, the M8 can easily accommodate two monitors weighing up to 20 lbs. each. With a maximum monitor separation of 24” (measured from mount point to mount point), the M8 is a great choice for someone who plans to use a maximum of two monitors.

However for some people, two screens aren’t nearly enough. For the hardcore gamer who wants to make the most of his AMD Eyefinity-capable graphics cards for games like Medal of Honor and Battlefield 3, three is likely to be the minimum number of screens needed to properly extend the game’s field of view (FOV). In some cases, a six monitor setup consisting of two rows of three screens may be used. With a six-monitor setup, options are even more limited (and expensive) than usual. How can one make the most of three monitors now without having to buy a whole new mounting system down the line for six-screen goodness?

Humanscale once again has the answer in the form of the HumanscaleM/FlexMonitorArmSystem. Capable of supporting anything from a single monitor to a six-screen eyestravaganza and everything in between, the M/Flex is the ultimate in modular monitor arms. While the M8 is more than adequate for two monitors, the M/Flex utilizes a modular post-based system for a unique and highly customizable solution. Capable of supporting a total weight of up to 120 lbs. and available in a bewildering array of different arm styles and colors, the M/Flex lives up to its name as one of the most flexible monitor arm systems on the market.

Of course, there’s a ton of different monitors out there, and chances are that the best solution for everyone else won’t necessarily work for you. Be sure to read last week’s post on how to select a monitor arm to make sure you’re buying the right kind of arm for your workstation before placing an order. If you plan to mount multiple monitors, be sure to check with your desk manufacturer as well to ensure your desk can support their weight, or check out our great selection of adjustable height desks for a work surface as sturdy as it is convenient. Still not sure what products you need to make the most of your workstation? Call us, chat with us, or send us a monitor arm recommendation request and we’ll be more than happy to help you pick out something that works hard to help you work better!

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