Deciphering Ergonomic iPad Arm Choices

Deciphering Ergonomic iPad Arm Choices

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 23rd 2013

Apple iPads are great for small business. They’re used every day by hipster entrepreneurs, proprietors of food trucks or cool boutiques, and even artisans offering unique, high-quality products or services. But how do these forward-thinking business people charge customers for their products and services when they don’t have a dedicated point of sale machine, or a traditional cash register? Option one: accept cash only? Not feasible when most people rarely carry cash anymore. Option two: get an iPad and download the card-swiping app. Presto!

OK, now that we’ve established that iPads can be a small business owner’s best friend, let's take a look at the best ways for mounting your iPad to your desk or countertop.

The new UPLIFT iPad Holder and Articulating Arm is a budget-friendly choice for iPad users. It attaches easily via a clamp mount up to 3” thick and offers up to 180 degrees of swivel and 30 degrees of tilt. We find that this is more than enough for most people. Most people don’t need their iPads moving every which way. (However, if you do, keep reading...)

We also offer an extremely popular series of Innovative Secure iPad Holders. These iPad Holders are truly great for those aforementioned hip entrepreneurs. The holder itself comes with a built-in security feature and key to prevent unsavory customers from running off with iPads, and bartering with them on the black market.

The Innovative Holder is also offered with a variety of mounting options to support business needs. The Innovative Secure iPad Holder with EVO Pole Arm Mount is a traditional pole mount iPad Holder that gives plenty of adjustability. The Innovative Secure iPad Holder with Wall Mount is a standard wall mount. The Innovative Secure iPad Holder with Through-Counter Mount securely fastens to your desk with a bolt mount. While it doesn't offer as much adjustability as the pole mount, it has a sharp look and is extremely sturdy.

If you are looking for an iPad arm with maximum adjustability, the Workrite iPad Holder with Willow Articulating Arm is the unit for you. The high-end arm is fully articulating so you can change height, angle, and extension with minimal effort. Attachment is via clamp or grommet mount.

Just one year ago, iPad ergonomics were a veritable undiscovered country. Now the market is exploding and we're proud to offer an extensive selection of the most popular iPad Holders, value iPad Holders, and performance iPad Holders to fit all home or business needs.

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