Dress Your Ergohuman for Success: New Fabric Options

Dress Your Ergohuman for Success: New Fabric Options

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Nov 10th 2017

In the world of affordable ergonomic chair options, the Raynor Ergohuman has been a popular one for years. They come with a lot of the standard ergonomic adjustments and are probably one of the better-known options for mesh upholstery. In fact, their only real downside is the lack of options for aesthetics. While black is a very sleek and sexy color, it does have its limits when it comes to décor. If you want your Ergohuman in a color other than black, you’re pretty much stuck with the mesh version of the chair. And even then you only have about 6 options for colors. That's better, but not great. Fortunately, you can now order the Ergohuman with the seat upholstered in fabric which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Well, we say fabric but there are options for leather as well, recycled leather if going green is your thing but you also like feeling luxurious. If you count the options for mesh colors, this more than triples your options for making your chair look as awesome as it feels. Speaking of, it’s probably worth going over the features for those that are just researching the Ergohuman for the first time.

The Ergohuman features a height-adjustable back that can be raised or lowered using the switches located on the back of the back support roughly where the shoulders would be. Just press them to unlock the back support and lift or lower as needed. Then just release to lock in place. The arms are also height-adjustable and work via a ratchet. You move the arms up incrementally to change the height. When you want to lower the arms again, just raise them to the max height to unlock and then the arms will go to their lowest position. The arms are also able to swivel, giving you the ideal amount of support while you work. Moving on to the seat, the chair has a waterfall seat design designed to keep your blood circulating ideally. No longer will you be forced to endure the sting, prickle, pain, etc. of sleepy legs and feet. There’s even seat depth adjustment for taller users. But the Ergohuman doesn’t stop at keeping your feet happy. The headrest, should you choose to get a model that has one, has some adjustability as well to give your neck and head a break while you sit.

There are a couple of features that the Ergohuman possesses which are a bit more technical and both have to do with the seat mech, the part underneath the seat pan that holds all of the controls and mechanics that make your chair function. You have a seat height adjustment which is pretty standard among ergonomic chairs but the Ergohuman also has a tilt tension control, which adjusts the amount of force needed to recline the chair back. Basically, this allows you to choose how easily you would like to be able to recline in your chair. The mechanism itself is what is known as synchro-tilt, which essentially means that the chair's back and seat adjust in a preset ratio when you recline the chair. This gives the chair more versatility when it comes to potential users.

To recap, the Raynor Ergohuman Mesh Chair with Fabric Seat and Headrest CU4ERG is the same Ergohuman that we’ve all come to know and love. The only difference is the ability to change the upholstery of the seat to either a fabric or leather. All of the new options can be viewed on our site but if you find yourself with still more questions, call (800)531-3746 and talk to any of our reps. They’re sure to have the answer for you!

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