Ergonomic Chair Review: Knoll Chadwick Chair

Ergonomic Chair Review: Knoll Chadwick Chair

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 20th 2012

The Knoll Chadwick Chair features a slim design and a flexible mesh back that will keep the user feeling cool and supported all day.

The Knoll Chadwick Chair is a unique and comfortable ergonomic office chair made by one of the most recognizable and lauded furniture companies in the world. The Chadwick is one of Knoll’s popular office chairs that features a slim profile, easy adjustments, and supportive mesh that keeps the chair cool and flexible.

I recently spent a few days in this chair, trying it on for size, and I'm impressed. It's not a huge chair, but I was able to adjust the seat depth and height to a level comfortable enough for me at 6' 2''. The Chadwick Chair is lightweight, but it feels sturdy and supportive where it counts, like in the seat and lumbar region. The mesh seat and back offer good support and stay cool and breathable. I was especially pleased with the tension adjustment knob, which allows you to increase or decrease the amount of force required to recline the chair.

The coolest feature of this chair is the magnetic lumbar support, which comes in two pieces that attach to both sides of the mesh back. To change the height of the lumbar support, you will remove the two halves of the magnetic support pad and replace them where support is needed. This is a very pronounced lumbar support, owing to the fact that it's located outside of the seat back, whereas the lumbar support on most chairs will be buffered by some amount of cushioning.

The Knoll Chadwick Chair is a great chair for a wide variety of users. We recommend it for all day use, especially for those looking for a slim, flexible and breathable chair that is GREENGUARD certified, made up of 41% recycled content and is healthcare use friendly.

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